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Pac-Man is back for his most dangerous mission yet.  He must avoid 
deadly ghosts and perilous obstacles to help the beautiful fairy 
princess Buttercup find her way through Pac-Land.  If he can find 
the mysterious Power Pellets, he will have the strength to defeat 
the ghosts and complete his quest.  But where are the Power Pellets? 
And does Pac-Man have enough time to find them?


1. Plug in your Lynx and insert the Pac-Land game card as described 
in the Lynx Owner's Manual. 

2. Turn on the Lynx. 

3. Press A to clear the title screen. 

4. Press A for a one-player game.  Press B for a two-player game. 
If you select a two-player game, both players will share the 
same Lynx. The game will tell you whose turn it is. 

5. Use the joypad to select a trip.  Trip 1 is the easiest.  Trip 5
is the toughest.  After you select your trip, the game starts. 


Though the landscape of Pac-Land is full of rolling hills and green 
trees, all is not well.  Dangerous ghosts lurk around every bend.

When the game starts, Pac-Man is walking down the street in Pac-Town. 
The screen shows the current score, the high score, the number 
of Pac-Men remaining and the number of time tablets left.  Pac-
Man must complete each level before the time tablets disappear. 
Pac-Man can walk slowly through Pac-Town and enjoy the beautiful 
scenery.  If he does this, though, he will not survive long.  
Press the joypad twice to make Pac-Man run.

Along the way, Pac-Man will see many obstacles.  Press the A button 
to make Pac-Man jump over obstacles.

When Pac-Man comes to a pool, he must jump at the end of the jumping 
ramp.  Pump the joypad as fast as you can to give Pac-Man enough 
power to clear the dangerous waters!  Pac-Man can't swim, you know.

Sometimes, jumping on an obstacle will reveal a hidden treasure to 
help Pac-Man on his way.

Pac-Man can even push some things to find special treasures.  If 
he pushes the right objects, he can find hard hats that protect 
him from falling baby ghosts, invisible powers so he can run through 
ghosts unharmed, balloons for bonus points, even a special warp 
to take him to more advanced rounds!

Pac-Man's favorite food is fruit.  And Pac-Land is full of delicious 
cherries and strawberries!  But he's got to find them, so keep 
your eyes open as you run through Pac-Land.

Yellow Power Pellets make Pac-Man invincible for a few seconds.  
That means he can munch ghosts, especially Sue, for big points.

Sure is the purple ghost who always chases Pac-Man everywhere he 
goes. If Pac-Man can catch her, after catching the four other 
ghosts, a timer capsule will appear awarding him points for his 
remaining time and giving him a new time bar.

But don't be fooled.  Like the other ghosts in Pac-Land, she'll be back!

If Pac-Man survives long enough, he takes Buttercup to her home. 
Then, one more round and Pac-Man will see his own Pac-Family.

Of course, Buttercup will get in trouble again.  Then Pac-Man must 
go on another rescue mission.  Unfortunately, every rescue mission 
is a little more dangerous than the last.

It takes skill and nerves of steel to cross the rolling logs.  Careful,
one false step and it's curtains for Pac-Man!

So prepare yourself to face the ghosts of Pac-Land again and again and again!

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