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Pit-Fighter - Atari - Atari Lynx     HTML Manual   

Your karate abilities, boxing skills, and wrestling techniques will be put to 
the test as you battle the roughest fighters ever to enter the pit. You and your 
tag team must defeat a series of opponents on the road to the championship. 
There�s no such thing as fighting dirty when there are no rules, so do whatever 
you have to do to win. If you see a barrel near the pit, pick it tip and throw 
it at your opponent. When your opponent is down, nail him. Everything counts. To 
win, you must give your opponent a worse beating than he gives you. Make no 
bones about it, your opponent will hurt you. But you must hurt your opponent 
even more.
Getting Started:
1. Insert your Lynx Pit Fighter card(s) in your Lynx machine(s).
2. If two people are playing, connect the Lynx machines with the Comlynx cable 
as shown in your Lynx Instruction Manual.
3. Press ON.
4. Press A or B. The title screen and demo sequence begins.
5. Press A or B. The fighter selection screen appears (Screen I). (See the 
Gallery of Game Screens at the end of this manual).
6. Press the joypad right or left to select a fighter. If only one player is 
playing, use the fighter window at the top left of the screen. If two are 
playing, Player 2 uses the fighter window in the tipper right.
7. When you�ve chosen your fighter(s), press A or B to start the game.
Playing the Game
The object of Pit Fighter is to knock your opponent out before he knocks you 
out. There are many ways to knock out an opponent. You can kick, punch, and 
throw things such as barrels, chairs, even motorcycles. You can even find 
weapons in the pit and use them against your opponents. The player who gets 
knocked out loses. The winner proceeds to the next round.
The game screen (Screen 2) contains important information. The top part of the 
screen is the status area. The status area shows a picture of each fighter, 
their names, and information about their records, including the amount of money 
won and the number of knockouts.
Below the picture on the left is the Hit meter. The Hit meter shows the amount 
of strength remaining before the fighter is knocked out. The left-side meter is 
for Fighter I, and the right-side meter is for Fighter 2. If you are fighting 
against two opponents at the same time, another meter appears beneath the 
picture on the right. In that case, the lower right meter and the lower left 
meter are for the opponents. When the red is gone from a Hit meter, that fighter 
is knocked out.
The bottom of the screen shows the amount of time since the round started, the 
number of credits remaining, the name of your opponent(s), and the knock-out 
record. If you knock out your opponent(s) fast enough, you will set a new record 
When your fighter is knocked out, you lose one of your credits. A message 
appears under your fighter's name, telling you to press start (Screen 3).
Press A or B, then use the joypad to choose one of your three fighters to 
continue where the knocked out fighter left off. Play continues until all 
credits are used up.
Control your fighter�s motion by pressing the joypad right or left to move right 
or left, and up or down to move away or closer to the front of the screen. In 
addition, the following buttons and combinations have the listed effects:
A: kick; B: punch A and B together: jump
Option 2: evade your opponent
Option 2 plus joypad down: When standing close to an object or opponent, pick up 
the object or opponent. Press B to throw whatever you are holding.
Option I plus joypad down: duck.
Option 1 plus joypad up: attack two opponents at the same time, if you are 
standing between them. If you are not between two opponents, this combination 
defends against attack.
Any button: tap quickly to stand tip after being knocked down. A and B plus 
joypad right or left: jump kick.
If the screen is flipped, Option I and Option 2 are reversed.
NOTE: Holding down Buttons will enable a rapid hitting
In addition to these moves, each fighter has his own super move:
Buzz: Body slam
Ty: flying kick (Screen 4)
Kato: dragon punch
Press Option I to use a super move. Super moves arc very powerful, But they take 
a little more time to execute, and they use up some of your fighter�s strength, 
leaving him open to repeated attacks.
When your opponent is on the ground, Use the A and B buttons to kick and punch. 
This keeps the other fighter down and moves you closer to a knockout (Screen 5).
If you move too close to the edge of the pit, a spectator will push you Back 
into the action. Some spectators can actually hurt you {Screen 6), So be alert 
when you are at the edge of the pit. Of course, you can also hit spectators if 
they are annoying you.
At various times during the tournament, you will fight in a grudge match. You 
win the grudge match if you knock your opponent to the floor three times. You 
lose if he does it to you first. Time is limited, so don�t waste any
Each opponent has different skills. Learn to anticipate your opponent�s moves 
when you attack.
When you get knocked out, choose a fighter whose abilities work Best against the 
type of opponent you are fighting. If your opponent is close to being knocked 
out when you go down, choose a fighter who will do well against the next 
Learn to evade your opponent. There is no shame in staying alive. But you�ll 
have to get close to knock someone out.
Pick up weapons and items whenever possible. These will help your knock out your 
opponent faster. Don�t miss the Power Pill hidden in one of the items. It will 
provide your fighter with superhuman strength for a short period of time!
Learn how and when to use the super moves. Generally speaking, it is best not to 
use a super move when you are in your opponent�s face. The time it takes to 
execute a super move allows your opponent to get in a few shots. Of course, if 
you connect with a super move, it is all worthwhile.
At the end of each match, you receive money for winning the match. You also 
receive a brutality bonus for being especially cruel and a knockout Bonus for 
knocking out opponents. If your score at the end of the game is greater than the 
high score at the top of the screen, the new high score will display.
If your score is high enough to make the Hall of Fame, a message appears in your 
fighter�s status areas. Use the joypad to enter three initials by moving right 
or left to select a space and up or down to choose a letter. When you are 
satisfied with your initials, press A or B and your name will appear on the Hall 
of Fame board.