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European Soccer Challenge - Telegames - Atari Lynx     HTML Manual   

European Soccer Challenge


The 'European Soccer Challenge' is a game for one or two players. 

1. With your Lynx system off, insert the game card  as described 
in the Lynx Owner's Manual. 

2. Press ON.  The 'Telegames' and 'European Soccer Challenge'    
opening screens appear, followed by the Game Setup display 
Press A or B at any time to skip the introductory screens. 

Note: To press a button, press and release the button quickly.  To 
hold down a button, hold the button down for at least one second. 


Shows one or two Lynx', if you want to enter more than one team into 
the Cup, or play a 2-player friendly match, you need to connect 
2 machines on this screen.

You can return to this screen at any time during the game by pressing the
"pause" and option 1 buttons together. To continue press button A or B.


Most Lynx products contain a standard feature that causes the game 
to turn itself off if left unattended after 5 minutes on batteries,
and after 1 hour on the AC power supply.

Since Soccer has many rounds in the Challenge Cup mode, it was decided 
that this feature could interfere with advanced levels of play 
and it was therefore removed.

Please remember, your Lynx will not turn itself off if left unattended!


Move the balls with the direction buttons to select the items from 
the menu.  Press button A or B to choose an item.


Allows you to resume a competition from the point where the password 
was given.  Use the following method to enter the password.

Move the cursor around with the direction pad. 
Holding down button A you can change the letter under the cursor.
(Left/Right steps through letters one at a time, Up/Down steps 8 at a time) 
Pressing button B clears the character at the cursor. 

OPTION-1 will use the password you have entered.  If you 
have entered it correctly then you will move onto the         
competition menu, if you have made a mistake then a message 
will appear at the bottom of the screen. 

OPTION-2 will return you to the Main Menu Screen and ignore the password. 

NOTE:  Passwords which were displayed when 2 machines were linked 
and more than one team was entered into the competition will be disallowed 
if only one machine is being used.

When a password is correctly entered the options are not restored 
from the previous game so you need to set up the options before 
entering a password.


Move cursor up and down to the option you want to change and move 
left or right to change it.


This affects your level of control over the players' actions during 
the match. 

Easy--Tackles are made automatically when your player is within
range of the opponent who has posession.  Pressing Volley/Header
button will only cause your player to react, if he can get the ball.

Normal--The computer will still automatically tackle if you go very
close, but you can use the tackle button to attempt a tackle from
further way, and you can succeed in gaining posession or kicking the
ball away from your opponent.  The Volley/Header button will attempt
the manouver however far way the ball is.

Hard--All tackles need to be made by press the button. 


Allows you to alter the time taken for each match between 4 minutes 
and 90 minutes.


Allows you to change the function of the buttons during the match. 
You choose which buttons are used for high kicks and low kicks. 
The buttons also have other functions depending on the situation.

High Kick Button (Default-Button B) will also do a sliding tackle,
if your player does not have the ball.

Low Kick Button (Default-Button A) will attempt a tackle if your 
opponent has the ball or will attempt a volley if the ball is 
free and low down.  It will attempt a header if the ball is in the air.


Press button A or B on exit to return to the main Menu Screen.

(*Another mistake) NOTE:  When you restart a game by pressing pause 
and option 1 together the option will return to their default settings. 


Allows you to play a game against a computer controlled team or against 
another player (if you have 2 machines connected).

You are asked to choose two teams, each team must be from a different 
country.  The first team chosen will be the home team.

To choose each team, first select the country by moving left or right 
with the cursor over the country name near the top of the screen. 
Then press down to move the cursor over the team name and select the
team by pressing left and right.  Press button A or B to use that team.

Next you will be asked to select the formation for your team.  If 
there are cursors on your screen next to the formation then your 
machine will control that team.  You can change formation by pressing 
left and right.  If you have linked 2 machines and you want your 
machine to control the other team, then you can press option 1. 
When you (and your opponent on 2 machines) are happy with your 
choice then press button A or B to start the match.


This will start a new championship.  If you have two machines linked 
then you will be able to choose how many teams are to be controlled 
(if you have only have one machine then you can enter one team).

Next you will have to choose the teams which you want to be controlled. 
Each of these teams must be from a different country.

After selecting the teams you will be presented with the competition menu.


From here you can examine the current state of the draw, look at 
the password so that you may resume the contest at a later date 
or play your next match in the Cup.


This will show you the password which can be used to return the state 
of the competition to its current situation.  You should enter 
the password exactly as it appears on this screen.


This shows the matches to be played in the current round of the Cup 
Competition.  The match at the top of the screen is the next one 
to be played.  Teams which are being controlled will be highlighted.

In rounds which are played over 2 legs (ie the 1st 3 rounds) the 
results of the first leg will be displayed during the second leg matches.

You can scroll the list of matches up and down with the direction 
pad. Press button A or B to return to the Competition menu.


Players names are generated by the computer and do not intend to 
represent actual players or teams.


This start the next match in which a conrolled team is involved. 
You will first be asked to choose your teams formation.

The player who pressed his button on the Play Next Match option will 
be controlling the team, if both teams in the match are controlled,
the player who pressed the button will control the home team 
(the one at the top) by either player pressing option 1 during 
formation selections.

You can select the formation for the team that you control by moving 
left and right.  When both players are happy with their formations 
press A or B to start the match.

NOTE:   If both playing teams have similar colours, the away     
team usually changes to its away playing strip. 


Here is a description of how the game is played.  See also the descriptions 
of "Difficulty" and "Control Method" in the options screen section. 

You control the player on your team with arrows pointing under 
his feet. 
Run around using the direction pad. 
When you have the ball and you want to kick it, how down either 
button A or B (for high or low kick).  The player will continue 
running in the same direction while the button is pressed,
choose the direction you wish to kick with the direction     
pad.  The londer the button is held down, the more power the
kick will be.  Release the button to kick the ball. 
For a quick powerful kick you can use a quick "stab" at the button. 
To put curl on a kick, move the pad in the direction that you
want the ball to curl towards immediately after you have kicked
it.  So if you had just kicked to the left and held the pad
down, the ball you curl down the screen.
If your team has a corner, free-kick or thow-in then a cross-hair
cursor will appear.  Move this cursor with the direction pad
to the point you want the Kick/Throw to aim then press A or
B to take the shot. 
If your team has a penalty then you control where the ball is
aimed.  Imagine you are standing behind the player taking the
kick, hold the direction pad left, right or centrally for
the side of the goal to aim for.  If you want to keep the
ball low then you must also hold the direction pad down.  
Press the button (A or B) to take the kick. 
If your team concedes a penalty, then you control the direction
in which your goalkeeper will dive.  Imagine that you are
standing begind the goalkeeper, move the direction pad in
the direction you wish him to dive.  When the ball is struck 
the goalkeeper will make his dive. 
The game can be paused and restarted with the pause button.    
Only the person who paused the game can restart it. 


You will be taking pard in the European Cup.  32 teams take part,
one from each of 32 European Countries.  The competition takes 
the form of a knockout contest.

The first 3 rounds are played over 2 legs, one home leg for each 
team. At the end of the 2nd leg the winner is decided on the Aggregate 
Score.  If this is equal, the winner is decided on which team 
scored the most goals in their away leg.  If the teams are still 
tied, extra time is played (2-15 minute periods of extra time). 
Matches which are still equal after extra time will be decided 
on a penalty shootout, each team takes 5 penalties and whoever 
scores the most is the winner.  If after 5 penalties each, the 
score is still equal they continue taking penalties until one 
team scores and the other misses.

The semi-finals and finals are played over only 1 leg on neutral 
territory.  If it's a draw after 90 minutes then again extra time 
and penalties will be used.


During the Arcade game the following information appears on the screen. 

Displayed at the top of the screen.  The team defending 
the left goal has their score printed on the left. 

During the 2nd leg matches, the aggregate score is 
shown below the match score. 

Near the bottom left hand side of the screen the
set piece will be shown (ie corner, free kick etc). 

The time played in the current half is shown in the 
bottom right of the screen. 


As in the real game different stadiums, pitches and crowd support 
can create unusual or exceptional action - watch out for wind-
assisted kicks;  ball bouncing off uneven pitch; abandoned game 
due to weather or pitch deteriation, game also may be stopped 
if too many fouls are made by any team.

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