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Super Off-Road

Getting Started

Super Off-Road is a game for up to four dirt grinding drivers. 

1 - With your Lynx system off, insert the game card as described 
in the Lynx owners Manual. 

2 - Press ON. The Telegames and Super Off-Road opening screens 
appear, followed by the game setup display. Press button A 
or B at the title screen to go to demo mode. 

3 - Press button A or B again to go to the log-in and truck selection 

Move the Joypad up or down to select each letter of your initials.
Move the Joypad left or right to go from one initial to another.
Press button B to change the truck colour selection. Press button 
A to go to the Speed Shop for purchasing truck options.

At the Speed Shop screen

Move the Joypad left/right, and up/down to move the selection box 
to a shop item.
Press button A to purchase a single unit of the selected shop item.
When you have completed your shopping, move the selection box to 
"start next race", and press button A.


With up to four machines connected, continue from the setup screen,
and enter each players initials and truck selection as previously 
described, then continue game play.

On-screen display

During the race, the on-screen display shows you the current race 
times, and each truck's position, plus the amount of nitro units 
available. Use these carefully, and to your advantage.


Win races to earn prize money, to enable you to buy improvements 
for your trucks for the next race.

At the race screen

Press button A and hold to accelerate and maintain speed.
Release button A to slow down.
Press button B to use a nitro burst unit.
Move the joypad left or right to steer your truck in the desired 

At the race results screen

Press button A or B to return to the Speed Shop, then repeat from 
the Speed Shop instructions.

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