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Robotron: 2084 - Williams - Atari Lynx     HTML Manual   

Copyright c 1983, Williams Electronics. All rights reserved.
Copyright c 1992, Shadowsoft Inc. All rights reserved.


The year is 2084. Technology and advancement are at a dangerous peak 
when man perfects the ultimate species. A species so advanced that 
man falls victim to his own creation - The ROBOTRON.

Guided by their infallible logic, the Robotrons conclude: the human 
race is inefficient, and must therefore be eliminated.

Due to a genetic engineering error, you possess Superhuman powers.

Your mission: to stop the Robotrons and save the last of the Human Race.

You are the only hope for mankind.

Getting Started

1. With your Lynx system off, insert the game card as described in 

WARNING: Do not touch the game card connector pins. Do not expose 
the contacts to static or extreme heat. Do not bend, crush, or attempt 
to clean the game card.

2. Press ON. The Robotron introduction screen will display, followed 
by the Robotron title screens.

3. Press A or B to start the game.

Game Controls and Options

Pressing OPTION 2 will toggle the title screen music on and off.

Pressing PAUSE and OPTION 2 will flip the screen 180 degrees and 
reverse the controls.

Pressing PAUSE and OPTION 1 will reset to the first title screen.

Pressing PAUSE and a DIRECTION ON THE JOYPAD will switch between 
the different title screens.

Pressing OPTION 1 will give you the GAME OPTIONS screen. Here you 
can set the Game control, Music and Skill Level. Use the JOYPAD LEFT 
and RIGHT to select which option to change. The current options have 
colored boxes around them and the option that is selected to be changed 
has a flashing box. Use the JOYPAD UP and DOWN to change the options 
as desired. Press A or B to exit.

Controlling The Game

Pressing PAUSE will pause the game.

Pressing PAUSE again will continue the game.

Pressing OPTION 2 and PAUSE will flip the screen 180 degrees and 
reverse the controls.

Pressing OPTION 1 and PAUSE will reset to the first title screen.

Use the JOYPAD to maneuver your man around the screen.

Game Control Types

CONTROL A: Pressing the A button will fire in the direction you are 
moving. As long as the A button is held down the firing direction 
will not change even if you change directions. Releasing the A button 
will reset the firing direction and the next time the A button is 
pressed a new firing direction will be set. Each time you press the 
B button while still holding the A button, it will flip the firing 
direction 180 degrees. If you are not firing, and you press the B 
button, it acts just like the A button except it will fire behind 
you. The A button works like the B button did when the A button was 
pressed first.

CONTROL B: Pressing or holding the A button will fire. You will fire 
in the current firing direction. Pressing the B button will cause 
your firing direction to rotate one position in a clockwise direction. 
Holding the B button will cause the firing direction to rotate slowly 
in a clockwise direction. Pressing the B button twice in rapid succession 
will cause the firing direction to instantly change to the current 
direction that you are moving in.

CONTROL C: Firing is automatic. Pressing OPTION 1 will toggle firing 
on and off. Pressing A button will rotate the firing direction one 
position in a clockwise direction each time you press the button. 
Pressing the B button will rotate the firing direction one position 
in a counter-clockwise direction each time you press the button. 
Pressing one of the buttons quickly will rotate the direction as 
fast as you press the button.  Pressing the A and B buttons at the 
same time will rotate the firing direction 180 degrees.

Playing The Game

Your man will always start in the center of the screen. After the 
robots are created, your man will implode in the center of the screen. 
While your man is imploding, you can move, fire, and you are indestructable. 
Although no robots can get created right next to you, it is wise 
to clear a path and maneuver your man to a safe place on the screen 
while you are indestructable.

Maneuver your man around the screen destroying anything that moves. 
Pick up the Humans to score bonus points. Humans cannot be killed 
by your shots so don't worry about shooting them.

You start the game with three men, and are awarded a bonus man for 
every 25,000 points scored. You lose a man if you come in contact 
with any of the Robotrons or their shots.

Your score and number of men remaining appear across the top of the 
screen. A maximum of 10 extra men will be displayed although you 
may have more than 10 extra men. At the bottom of the screen you 
will find a display of the current wave you are playing.

A Wave is completed by destroying all of the Robotrons on the screen. 
Progs, shots, and Humans do not count as Robotrons.

If your score is one of the five top scores, you will be able to 
enter your name. On the high score entry screen, use the JOYPAD UP 
and DOWN to select a letter. Use the JOYPAD RIGHT to enter the letter. 
When you have entered the fifth letter, the name will be entered 
and the high score list will be displayed. Use JOYPAD LEFT to erase 
the previous letter entered.

The Inhabitants of Robotron

Various flashing shapes that seem harmless enough. Destroy them quickly 
or you may find yourself walking into one in an attempt to avoid 
more dangerous foes. 

HUMANS: 1000-5000 POINTS 
The humans consist of Daddy's, Mommy's and Mikey's. Your mission 
is to save the humans. You score 1000 points for picking up a 
human. 1000 points is added each additional human you pick up 
to a maximum of 5000. 

The large green Hulk Robotrons are indestructable. Although they 
can't be killed they can however be slowed down and moved by repeatedly 
shooting them. 

These red pulsing circles move around the screen creating Enforcer 
Robotrons. Destroy them before they create too many Enforcers 
and disappear. 

These white Robotrons will move around the screen, either tracking 
you or in an erratic manner. They will fire spinning 'X' shaped 
shots at you. 

The Brain Robotrons will seek out Humans and reprogram them. If no 
Humans are left, they will seek out and destroy you. Beware, the 
Brain Robotrons also fire deadly Cruise Missiles. 

A Human that has been reprogrammed becomes a Prog.  A Prog is a flashing 
human followed by flashing shadows. Once a Human has been reprogrammed 
it can no longer be saved and should be destroyed. 

Fired by Brain Robotrons, these missiles seek you out and destroy 
you. Beware, only the white tip of the missile can be shot to 
destroy it. 

A Quark is a pulsing square, also known as a Cubeoid. Quarks move 
quickly and erratically around the screen creating Tanks. They 
will disappear if not destroyed or sufficient Tanks are created. 

Tanks move in a semi-tracking mode in order to seek out and destroy 
you. Although the Tanks themselves do not move fast enough to 
pose a real danger to you, they fire deadly Orbs that are. The 
Orbs fired by the tanks move very rapidly and will bounce off 
the walls. 

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