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Frogger - Parker Brothers - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

                A Video Game Cartridge from PARKER BROTHERS 
        F R O G G E R (tm*)  under licence from Sega Enterprises, Inc.
        (tm*) designates a trademark of Sega Enterprises, Inc.  
        Rules (c) 1982 Parker Brothers, Beverly, MA 01915.  Printed in U.S.A.


        Leapin' Frogger!  Home may look like it's only a hop, skip, and a jump
        away, but looks can be deceiving.  First, there's a dangerous highway 
        to hop across, full of fast-moving cars and trucks.  Then there's a
        swirling river to leap, full of frog-eating creatures.  How's Frogger
        going to get home safely?  By letting you hop him on his way.  Guide 
        Frogger safely through this perilous journey, and you'll jump for joy!

        The object of the game is to hop as many frogs to safety as you can -
        and to score the most points along the way!

        1. To select a game number (see Game Selection Box), press down on the
           GAME SELECT switch.  The game number will appear at the top of the 

        2. Set the DIFFICULTY switch:
           Position A:
           You'll lose Frogger if he's carried off-screen on a floating object.
           Position B:
           Frogger can be carried safely off-screen on a floating object. 
           He'll then reappear on the other side of the screen so you can 
           continue play.  However, Frogger can't hop off-screen.

           In a one-player game, use the left DIFFICULTY switch.  In a
           two-player game, the 1st player uses the left DIFFICULTY switch and 
           the 2nd player uses the right DIFFICULTY switch.

        3. Press down the GAME RESET switch - and you're ready to start the

        Make sure you plug the Joystick controllers firmly into the jacks at
        the back of your video system.  Use the LEFT controller jack for 
        one-player games.  

        Use the Joystick to jump Frogger forwards, backward, left, and right.
        In games 1-4, move the Joystick "once" in the direction you wish 
        Frogger to jump.  Frogger will make "one jump" in that direction.  You
        "must" do this each time you want Frogger to make one jump.  In games 
        5 and 6, Frogger becomes "Speedy" Frogger!  As long as you hold the 
        Joystick in one direction, Speedy Frogger will jump again and again in
        that direction.

        [figure of Joystick showing "Forward, Backward" and "Left, Right"

        This illustration shows the journey Frogger has to make - from sidewalk
        to home bay:

        [picture of game screen (mention of the other six pictures is omitted as
        they are all virtually the same)  The picture shows the "Home Bays" to 
        be five blue squares at the top of the screen which are extensions of 
        the river.  The river follows filled with five rows of brown logs and 
        blue and red circles representing turtles.  The "Riverbank" is then in 
        the middle of the screen shown to be yellow, follow by the black road 
        filled five rows of automobiles. The "Sidewalk" is next similar to the
        riverbank.  The green Frogger is shown to be on the sidewalk.  The 
        "Time Band" is represented by a black band at the bottom right of the 
        screen, while your "Remaining Frogs" are represented by white dots on 
        the bottom left.]

        You'll start the game with 5 frogs.  The first frog is shown on the
        sidewalk below the traffic.  The remaining frogs are shown as white 
        squares on the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

        You have only 30 seconds to move Frogger from the sidewalk and into a
        home bay, one of the blue, open-ended squares squares at the top of the

        Time is monitored by the time band, the black line located in the lower
        right-hand corner of the screen When you have only 5 seconds left to get
        Frogger into a home bay, you'll hear a warning sound and see the line 
        turn red.

        If you run out of time before you get Frogger home, you'll lose him. 
        When this happens, you'll hear a "sploosh" sound and see a green "X" 
        where Frogger was when his time ran out.

        Frogger starts his perilous journey on the sidewalk, facing 5 lanes of
        cars and trucks.  When the music stops, you're ready to start Frogger 

        Try to get Frogger through the lanes of traffic.  Traffic travels in
        alternative directions and at different speeds, so be careful!  Frogger
        will get "splooched" if he touches any part of a vehicle or is run over.

        Because Frogger can't swim in the river (the current is too strong),
        hop him from one row of logs, turtles, or alligators onto the next in 
        order to cross it.

        1. Logs: Frogger can hop from side to side on a log; he can also jump
           forward and backward onto another floating object.  But he'll land
           in the river if he leaps to the left or right off a log.

        2. Turtles: The red circles that float on the river are the turtles. 
           Frogger is safe on their backs as well as in the water area between
           a set of them (2 or 3 turtles in a row).  He can jump forward and 
           backward from a turtle onto another floating object.  But he'll land
           in the river if he jumps to the left or right off either of the end 

        3. Diving Turtles: These tricky turtles can float on the water and dive
           under the water!  When they're red, it's safe for Frogger to jump on
           their backs.  But once they turn light blue, watch out!  That means 
           they're getting ready to dive, so hop Frogger onto another floating 
           object fast!  If you're not quick enough, Frogger will get 

           But these turtles can't stay under water forever.  When you see a
           set of light blue turtles suddenly appear on the screen, this means 
           they're coming up for air.  They'll soon be changing from light blue
           to red, so Frogger will be safe on their backs until they they dive 

        While crossing the river, here are some other things to watch for:

        1. Lady Frog: Occasionally you'll see a white "lady" frog hopping
           frantically along a log.  If you hop Frogger onto the log to rescue 
           her and take her home, you'll score bonus points.  Just hop Frogger 
           close enough to her so she'll jump onto his back.  You'll hear a 
           high-pitched sound when she does.  Now, try to get Frogger - and 
           the lady frog - home to safety.

        2. Alligators: Alligators swim among the logs from time to time. 
           You'll see them snapping their jaws open and closed, just waiting 
           for a tender Frogger morsel to jump their way!  Frogger is safe on 
           an alligator's tail and back.  But Frogger is a goner if he jumps 
           into its jaws!

        3. Floating Off-Screen: Frogger gets "splooched" in DIFFICULTY Position
           A if he's carried off-screen on a log, turtle, or alligator.  This 
           doesn't happen in DIFFICULTLY Position B.

        4. Snakes: Snakes will appear on the riverbank and logs as the game
           gets more difficult.  You can hop Frogger onto a snake's back, but 
           he'll get "splooshed" if he hops too close to a snake's mouth.

        Successfully hop Frogger into a home bay, and he's safe and sound! 
        You'll score points each time you bring Frogger home, and get bonus 
        points each time you bring 5 froggers home!

        When leaping Frogger into its home bay, here are some things to watch

        1. Jumping Home: Hop Frogger into a home bay when he's directly in
           front of it.  If Frogger hits any part of the green shrubbery on 
           the sides of the home bay, he'll land in the river

        2. Occupied Home Bay: Frogger can't jump into a home bay that's
           occupied by another frog.

        3. Alligator's Head: If an alligator's head is showing in a home bay,
           it's not safe for Frogger to jump in.  However, if the head is just 
           beginning to surface, Frogger won't be harmed.

        4. Fly: If you hop Frogger into a home bay while a fly is showing,
           Frogger gets a free meal - and you score extra points!

        Each time you bring 5 frogs home, you'll hear a short tune.  Then the
        game will continue at a more difficult level with your remaining frogs.
        The traffic will be more difficult to cross.  There will be fewer 
        floating objects on the river, and the speed of these floating objects
        will vary fast to slow.  Frogger-eating snakes will also appear on the
        riverbank and, in progressively more difficult levels, on the logs.

        The game ends when no frogs are left.

        To Play Again: In a one-player game, press the red button on your
        Joystick to play again at the same game number.  In a two-player game,
        both players press the red buttons at the same time to play again at 
        the same game number.  To play at another game number, use the GAME 
        SELECT switch.

        [Warranty information omitted]

        Frogger has 6 game variations.  Games 1, 3, and 5 are one-player games;
        2, 4, and 6 are two-player games.  See the Game Selection Box for game 
        number variations.

        Two-Player Games: Games 2, 4, and 6 are two-player games.  The left
        player goes first; players then alternate turns.  Your turn ends when 
        you lose a frog; you begin your turn again with your remaining frogs. 
        Each player's score is displayed throughout his or her turn at the top
        of the screen.  The game ends once both players have lost all their 

        Your score is displayed at the top of the screen throughout the game. 
        Points accumulate as follows:

        Successfully jumping Frogger forward . . . . . . 1 point
        Successfully jumping Frogger home . . . . . . .  5 points
        Successfully jumping 5 frogs home . . . . . .  100 points
        Taking a lady frog home . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 points
        Eating a fly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  20 points
        Extra points for time left . . . . . . . . . . . 2 points
                                             per remaining second

        Every time you score 1,000 points and have fewer than 4 frogs left,
        you'll get another Frogger!  When this happens, you'll see another 
        white square on the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

        When you select a game number, one of these symbols will appear in the 
        home bays at the top of the screen.

        [Note: The F's in the diagrams, actually look like green frog faces.]
        ___   ___   ___   ___   ___
        |  |__|  |__|F |__|  |__|  |    indicates a one-player game
        ___   ___   ___   ___   ___
        |  |__|F |__|  |__|F |__|  |    indicates a two-player game

------------                 -----------
one-player      two-player
1               2            Easiest
3               4            More Difficult
5               6            "Speedy" Frogger


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This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance