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Word just arrived that the notorious Criminal Brain had kidnapped 
the President's daughter.  The Criminal Brain's ransom demand 
is completely unacceptable--give him total control of the entire 
world or the First Daughter dies.  The President's voice shook 
with emotion as he called you personally.  You, the Electrocop,
are the only one capable of rescuing the President's daughter 
before time runs out.  If you fall, the Criminal Brain will assassinate 
her without pity or remorse.

It's up to you to penetrate the Criminal Brain's technoid stronghold,
the Stell Complex.  Inside you will encounter explosive traps,
electrified floors, and hordes of criminal driods.  With a little 
luck, you may also find powerful weapons to help you defeat the enemy.

You will find computer terminals throughout the complex.  The computer 
will help you open doors, relieve stress with video games, or 
understand the dastardly ways of the evil mastermind.  But the 
computer will not give you the quick reactions and good judgement 
you will need to survive.  For that you must rely on your own abilities.

Do you have what it takes to rescue the President's daughter and 
serve justice to the world's most evil criminal?  Or are you destined 
to be just another victim of the Criminal Brain's frightful plan? 
The world is relying on you. Perform your sworn duty as an officer 
of the law.  But remember, this rescue mission is not as straight-
forward as it sounds.

Getting Started

Electrocop is a science fiction action adventure game for one player.

NOTE: To PRESS a button, press and release quickly.  To HOLD DOWN 
a button, hold the button down for at least one second.

Follow the steps listed below to start the game. 
1. With your system switched off, insert the game card as described 
WARNING: Do not touch the game card connector pins.  Do not expose 
the contacts to static or extreme heat.  Do not bend, crush, or 
attempt to clean the game card. 
2. Press ON.  The Electrocop title screen appears. 
3. To begin your mission, press A or B. 
4. To enhance play, the following optional game controls allow you 
to modify the display, control music output, pause, and restart the game: 

To flip the screen 180 degrees and reverse the controls, press 
OPTION 2 and PAUSE at the same time. 
To pause the game, press PAUSE.  Repeat to resume play. 
To toggle music on and off, press OPTION 2. 
To return to the title screen and restart the game, press OPTION 
1 and PAUSE. 

Playing the Game

Infiltrate the Criminal Brain's Stell Complex and rescue the President's 
daughter before time runs out.  Maneuver through the mazes and 
avoid deadly traps.  Beware of the evil denizens of the Criminal Brain!

Use the joypad to move Electrocop as you rush through the hallways 
of the Steel Complex.  Look for more powerful weapons to help 
you battle the Criminal Brain's evil guardians.

As you move through the hallways, look for openings and doorways 
in all directions.  Many doorways cannot be found unless Electrcop 
faces toward you. Walls and creatures between Electrocop and the 
screen appear transparent.

There are many obstacles to avoid.  These include robots, electric 
doors, and others you will discover for yourself.  Most obstacles 
damage you and your weapons.  Keep a close eye on the health bar 
on the left side of the screen.  If your health gets low, find 
the nearest computer fast.

The same goes for your weapons.  Watch the display for each weapon 
on the right side of the screen.  The top bar shows the weapon's 
charge.  More powerful weapons have a greater charge.  The yellow 
bar shows the weapon's status.  If the yellow bar gets short, 
the weapon is damaged and must be repaired.  If you fail to repair 
a weapon in time, you will lose that weapon.

Watch for the white floor squares on some levels.  Stepping on a 
white square causes Electrocop to slide and spin out of control. 
This is especially dangerous when enemies are nearby.

Moving and Shooting

To fire a smart bomb, press OPTION 1.  Smart bombs destroy all nearby 

Drop a weapon by pressing OPTION 2.

To fire a weapon, press A.

Control the direction of movement by pressing the joypad in the desired 

To make Electrocop duck or stand up from his ducked position, press 
B.  Hold down to jump.


Use the computer often.  It will save your life.

Look for exit signs, but beware.  Some exit signs transport you to 
the next level, but others will take you where you don't want 
to go.  Keep track of exits you may want to avoid in the future.

Learn to recognize and use the different kinds of weapons.  Also,
remember where to find the weapons.  If you lose your weapon,
you will need to find another as quickly as possible.

Don't waste valuable time waiting while the computer searches for the
correct door codes.  If you continue working in the halls, then return
to the door later, the copmuter remembers and acknowledges the code.

Using the Brain's Computer

You will need to use the Criminal Brain's Computer often.  Face the 
computer terminal, then press A or B.  The computer displays a 
menu with six options:
Press the joypad up or down to highlight a selection, then press A.

Select for information regarding robots, weapons, and utility programs. 
Follow the menus to select the desired information file. 

Select to run a program.  There are two programs to choose from, STASIS
and ICE BREAKER.  Use the INFORMATION directory to learn about the programs. 

Play one of three classic computer games.  These games take time to
play and will not help you find the President's daughter, but they
are a good way to releive the stress caused by your dangerous quest.
Press either Option button to quit any of the three games. 

Enter the secret code to unlock the door.  HINT: One of the computer 
programs will search for the code, but this takes time. You 
do not need to wait around while the computer searches for 
the correct code.  There's work to be done!  Of course, if 
you know the code, you can open the door without waiting. 

They say that time heals all wounds, but you don't have much time 
and the computer does the job a lot quicker.  Keep track of 
the computers' locations so you can hurry back after a furious 
battle. You do not want to become dust during a frantic search 
for a MED PACK. This option may not always appear on the computer. 
Each computer has only one MED PACK.  Once you use it, it's gone. 

The computer instantly repairs your weapons.  Use this option often 
to avoid losing your weapons because you forgot to repair them. 
This option may not always appear on the computer.  Each terminal 
can only repair weapons once. 


You score by destroying evil guardians, exiting a level, and opening 
doors.  You receive 1,000 points for each door you open with a 
code.  You receive bonus points when you exit a level.

The following table lists the number of points received for each 
evil robot guardian.

Walker......... 125 points
Python......... 250 points
Mine........... 375 points
Wall Cannon.... 500 points
Virus.......... 625 points
Stringray...... 750 points

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