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Adventures of Tron

Adventures of TRON

(For 1 Player)

The object of the game is to keep your man, TRON, alive and scoring points. Keep him moving from side-to-side and floor-to-floor. Send him up the elevators. Jump him down a floor. Or slide him down the center INPUT/ OUTPUT beam. Wave after wave of Master Control Program attackers must be avoided - deadly Recognizers and Grid Bugs, even cannon-firing tanks. At the start, TRON has 4 lives, 1 on the screen, 3 in reserve.


ADVENTURES OF TRON is a trademark of and used under license from Walt Disney Production. Game suggested by TRON, the futuristic adventure Motion Picture from Walt Disney Productions


You'll play one man at a time. Alone, your man TRON must avoid attackers on a grid with four floors. Keep him moving, keep him healthy - riding up the elevators, jumping down floors. Have TRON hitch a ride on a Solar Sailer! Points are scored my maneuvering TRON into position to intercept flying "bits" floating by overhead. Top floor points count extra. Stay alert! There's no place to hide.


Use your joystick controllers with this game. Be sure the controller cables are securely plugged into the back of your game console. Each player holds the controller so that the red FIRING BUTTON is to the UPPER LEFT.

  • Push joystick LEFT to make man run toward screen left.
  • Push joystick RIGHT to make man run toward screen right.
  • Press RED BUTTON to...
    • make man jump.
    • make man drop off the Solar Sailer.
  • Push joystick FORWARD to...
    • move man up the elevator
    • to slow down his fall on the INPUT/OUTPUT BEAM.
  • Pull joystick BACK to...
    • to SLOW elevator's upward move
    • to fall FASTER on the INPUT/OUTPUT BEAM.
    • to JUMP down a floor. (hold down LONGER & jump down more than one floor.)

IMPORTANT: Elevators will NOT work unless TRON CROSSES the I/O BEAM at the center of your screen. On the ground floor just walk him across. On the upper floors you must make him JUMP across the center I/O BEAM. (Try to walk him across and TRON will FALL DOWN the INPUT/OUTPUT BEAM!)


Only the LEFT Difficulty Switch makes any difference in game play. In "B" position, all the various levels of play go SLOWER. (Game gets harder - cannon-firing tanks appear as more points are scored.)

"A" Difficulty position is for experienced players ONLY. Everything speeds up dramatically in position "A". (Tanks appear at once and everything comes in from different sides.)



Turn game on...

1. Depress console RESET button.

2. TITLE will appear on TV Screen.

3. Push either JOYSTICK and PLAY BEGINS! Use RED button to make man jump. Use JOYSTICK to maneuver.


  • When game starts, you have FOUR lives to lose. One man on your screen at a time. The grid has FOUR floors.
  • All it takes is ONE enemy contact and your man is eliminated. (Until ALL four lives are lost, man is automatically replaced.)
  • You must avoid 3 KINDS of MCP attackers: RECOGNIZERS, GRID BUGS and CANNON-FIRING TANKS (in the more difficult levels.)
  • MCP attackers appear on the TOP FLOOR first. They move across the screen horizontally until they reach an edge. They then DROP down one FLOOR and move horizontally in the OPPOSITE direction. Attackers snake their way downward until they exit on the GROUND FLOOR. (In harder game levels, attackers alternate the side they enter by.)
  • ELEVATORS UP or the I/O (INPUT/OUTPUT) BEAM DOWN are good ways to dodge enemy action. Elevators go up one floor only. And you must CROSS the center I/O BEAM before they work. You CAN CONTROL how fast your man moves up or down the elevator or I/O Beam by using the Joystick. Sliding down the I/O Beam also activates the elevators for a trip back up.
  • You can jump your man down any number of floors, depending on HOW LONG you pull joystick BACK and hold it. (See previous page.)
  • Don't forget the Solar Sailer! It's another way out of danger. Make TRON jump up and hitch a ride.
  • Points are won by maneuvering TRON into position to intercept (capture) floating "BITS". EXTRA points for upper floor captures. (See "SCORING," below.)
  • When you have captured ALL 7 floating "BITS", SCREEN WILL TURN BLUE. Survivor will then get a free trip up the Input/Output Beam, right off the screen. (I/O Beam may be entered from ANY floor.) Now you are into a NEW SCREEN. PLAY BEGINS AGAIN at a faster, more difficult level. Score 2,000 BONUS POINTS for each new screen.
  • If MCP attackers take all four lives, the GAME IS OVER! DEPRESS RESET SWITCH & START A NEW GAME.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to turn your game unit OFF when not in use.


DESCRIPTION                                           POINTS

Bit intercepted on the 1ST FLOOR (Bottom)                   100

Bit intercepted on the 2ND FLOOR                            200

Bit intercepted on the 3RD FLOOR                            400

Intercepting each Bit on the TOP FLOOR                      800

BONUS each time a NEW SCREEN appears                      2,000


FOLLOW the MCP attackers with your man instead of leading them. It's safer with RECOGNIZERS & GRID BUGS. What's more - TANKS CANNOT shoot backwards!

DON'T TRY to jump over a RECOGNIZER or a TANK on the upper 3 floors! It's hard! (On the ground floor jumping over tanks & Grid Bugs is easier!)

WATCH the screen edges! Don't get blind-sided. Attackers have a very nasty habit of entering a floor above or below just when your man arrives up the elevator!

PRACTICE COORDINATING the JOYSTICK & RED JUMP BUTTON. Do this enough times until it's second nature.

ALWAYS start your man on the GROUND FLOOR and work up gradually. You'll have more time to get your bearings, pick up the easier scoring bits as you move him up.

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance