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Ghostbusters - Activision - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   



* Insert cartridge into you video game system with power OFF.
  Then turn power ON.
* Plug joystick into the left controller port.
* Press GAME RESET to begin.
* Left and right difficulty switches may be in any position at
  this time.


The bank has loaned you $5,00 to start your own Ghostbusters
franchise. Earn enough money busting ghosts before their dangerous energy
emissions (PK energy) reach critical mass at 9999. Otherwise, your business
will be foreclosed.


The first screen you see after pressing the GAME RESET is the
equipment selection screen. Move the arrow up and down by moving the
joystick up and down. Buy equipment to outfit you ghostbusting vehicle by
pressing the button when the arrow is pointed at the equipment you want.(The name
of each piece of equipement will appear at the bottom of the screen as you
point to it.) You being with $500 as shown on the bottom of the screen. Your
purchase selections may include the following items:

* IMAGE INTENSIFIER makes ghosts in buildings ("slimers") easier to see.(See
  You may only purchase on image intensifier. Cost: $800.

* BAIT prevents the Marshmallow Man from destroying buildings.
  Cost: $400 for an unlimited supply.

* GHOST VACUUM sucks up the "roamer" as you travel the street of the city.
  (See "THE STREETS.")
  Cost: $500.

* TRAPS are used to catch and store slimers. You MUST buy at least ONE trap.
  The maximum number of traps you can purchase is nine(if you have enough
  money). Each trap holds one ghost.(See "BUSTING GHOSTS.")
  Cost: $600 each.

Once you have purchased all of the equipment you want,move the
left difficulty switch. (If it was previously set to 'A' then move it to 'B'.
If it was previously set to 'B' then move it to 'A') You will now see
the map screen.


(A picture of the map screen appears here)

On the map of the city, Zuul's horrible temple (spook central)
can be found at the top of the screen, The Ghostbusters symbol
(representing your vehicle) marks your location. Any city block that is flashing read
indicates the presence of a slimer in the building.

* Guide your vehicle directly ABOVE or BELOW a red flashing
  city block by moving the joystick in the appropriate directions. Time is of
  the essence, so choose your route carefully! Freeze all roamers (ghosts
  heading for Zuul) by simply touching one of them.

* To get to the building directly ABOVE the street you're on,
  just press the red button. To get to the building directly BELOW the street
  you're on, pull back on the joystick and press the button.

NOTE: Ghostbusters Headquarters is the second complete block
form the left on the bottom row. When it's flashing yellow, you must go there
immediately. In fact, you can't go anywhere else! Once there, you will
automatically get new equipment and men.


You must have purchased the vacuum to capture roamers on the
streets. Steer the vehicles towards passing roamers (if you had proven any on
the map) and press the button to vacuum them up. This keeps them from
getting to the Temple of Zuul. The city's PK energy reading jumps 100 points for
each roamer that gets to Zuul.


When you arrive at the site of a ghostly disturbance, take the
following steps with the joystick:

* Direct the first ghostbuster (he automatically appears on the screen)
towards the center of the building, and push the button to deposit
the trap. Then move him to the far left of the screen by moving the joystick to
the left, turn him towards the trap by moving the joystick back to the right
and push the button again.

* The second ghostbuster will then appear. Direct him to the
far right of the screen, turn him towards the trap and push the button. Both
Ghostbusters will power on their negative ionizer backpacks. The energy streams
thrown from the backpacks are used to trap the ghosts,

* Move your ghostbuster gradually inward using the joystick
and trap the slimer between the streams. But do no - repeat, Do NOT - cross
the streams.

* When you have the slimer over the trap, press the button.
The trap will pull him in. (Be precise. If you miss, you'll get slimed.

* Every trapped slimer increases your earnings. The quicker
you catch each slimer, the more you'll earn. The amount of money in your
account is shown constantly on the bottom of the screen.

* Every slimer that escapes from a building increases the PK
level of the city by 300 units.

* When you run out of traps, get two of your men slimed or
cross your streams, you must go to Ghostbusters Headquarters to get new equipment
and men.


Periodically you will lose all control of your ghostbusters
while on the map screen. Your vehicle (Ghostbusters symbol) will freeze up!
Also you will notice that the roamers start moving considerably faster
towards Zuul. This means that the menacing, monstrous Marshmallow Man is quickly
approaching, Your only way out is to drop bait - if you bought any.

To bait the Marshmallow Man, move the right difficulty switch.
If it is on 'A' switch it to 'B'; if it is on 'B' switch it to 'A'.

* If you're fast enough, you'll bait the Marshmallow Man and
earn $2000. He'll appear on screen but quickly run off.

* If you're not fast enough, the Marshmallow Man will stomp on
one of your blocks and you'll lose $4000.


The game ends in one of two ways.

1. The city's OK energy level reaches 9999, and you do NOT
have at least $10,00. The game will instantly go into demonstration mode.
The amount of money you ended up with will remain on the screen for
approximately three minutes. To start over, press GAME RESET. You will begin
again, starting with $5000.

2. The city's PK energy level reaches 9999, and you DO have at
least $10,00. You will have the opportunity to continue playing with your
accumulated earnings.

But, first, you must try to sneak two out of three of your
ghostbusters safely past the jumping Marshmallow Man by going between his legs.

If successful you have conquered Zuul - for now. You'll see
two ghostbusters crossing their streams and you'll receive a $2000 BONUS. If
you do NOT sneak to of the ghostbusters past the Marshmallow Man, you can still
go on to the round of the game.

Either way, just switch the GAME SELECT or GAME RESET to go to
the selection screen. You will start the new round with your accumulated
earnings from the last round.

After you have again chosen you supplies and equipment, switch
the left difficulty switch as you did at the beginning of the first

To continue on to subsequent rounds, you will have to
accumulate at least another $10,000 in each round. If you don't make at least
$10,000 more, you'll have to start the game over from the beginning. This will be
true for all rounds following the first one.

NOTE: The $2,000 BONUS for sneaking two ghostbusters past the
Marshmallow Man will automatically be applied to your $10,000 goal in the next
round so you'll only have to earn an additional $8,000.

(Transcribers Note: These docs were transcribed from the game version
distributed by HES in Autralia. This version had the instructions inside the
game cover. I don't know if US versions were presented the same way)

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance