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Golf - Atari - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   


Use your Joystick Controllers with this ATARI Game Program. Be sure
the Controllers are firmly plugged into the LEFT and RIGHT CONTROLLER
jacks at the rear of your ATARI Video Computer System. Hold the
Controller with the red button to your upper left toward the
television screen.

Use a Joystick plugged into the LEFT CONTROLLER jack for one player
games. See Section 3 of your Video Computer System Owner's Manual for
further details.

Note: Always turn the console power switch OFF when inserting or
removing an ATARI Game Program. This will protect the electronic
components and prolong the life of your ATARI Video Computer System.


This Golf Game Program is patterned after the traditional game of
golf. There are nine "holes" in which you must succeed in hitting the
ball into a "cup." Each time you hit the ball in an effort to reach
the cup it is called a "stroke." Although the number of strokes you
take to hit the ball into the cup is unlimited, each hole has a
designated "par." Par represents the number of strokes you are
ideally supposed to take to complete the hole.

Total par for this course is 36. The par for each hole is displayed
at the top of the screen, next to the hole number. (See VIDEO
REPRESENTATION KEY diagram #2, 3) When playing a one-player game, try
to match or beat par. In twoplayer games, the player with the least
amount of strokes is the winner.


Console Controls

Depress the game select switch for a one or a two-player game. A 1
will appear in the upper left corner of the screen for a one-player
game; a 2 will appear for a two-player game.

To begin a game depress the game reset switch. This will also reset a
game to hole number one when depressed during a game.


Use the Joystick to walk the golfer around the course, as well as to
swing the club and hit the ball. (The left or single player uses the
Joystick plugged into the LEFT CONTROLLER jack. The second or right
player in a two-player game uses the Joystick plugged into the RIGHT

Moving the Joystick in the directions shown in the diagram moves the
golfer in the same directions on the screen. The golfer's club always
points toward the ball. The golfer will walk in all vertical,
horizontal, and diagonal directions in accordance with the Joystick's

To start the golfer's backswing, press the controller button. The
longer you hold the button the longer the backswing, and the farther
the ball will travel when hit. When you release the controller button
the golfer starts the forward swing. If any part of the club (or the
golfer) hits the ball while the forward swing is in progress, the
ball will be set in motion.

Positioning the Golfer

As noted before, the golfer's club always points toward the ball. To
change the angles of the club (in relation to the ball), position the
tip of the club over the ball and "walk" the golfer around the ball
using the Joystick. When you find the position you want, leave the
tip of the club over the ball and press the controller button to
start a backswing.

Once hit, the ball will travel in a perpendicular direction away from
the club.

The direction the ball travels is set the moment the backswing
begins. You may not change the direction once the swing has started
in motion. Move or walk the golfer away from the ball and take a
practice swing to confirm the direction of the swing when in doubt
about a shot. There is no penalty stroke when you take a practice


When the ball hits a tree without sufficient momentum it will bounce
directly backward. When the ball lands in a water hazard, it will be
returned to the fairway closest to the point of entry, and a one
stroke penalty will be added to your score.

Balls that land in sandtraps are temporarily stuck. The ball loses
momentum when hit while in a sandtrap. It also becomes invisible when
caught in a sandtrap. You can locate the ball by noting which
direction the club is pointing. Notice in the diagram that although
the ball is not visible the club is pointing in a specific direction.
Move the golfer and club through the sandtrap and note which
direction the club is pointing, as well as when the golfer slows
down. With these two clues, it should be relatively easy to find the

Given enough power or momentum and a certain distance, the ball can
fly over (or pass through) trees, water hazards, and sandtraps. When
the ball stops on the green, a green close-up view will be shown on
the screen instead of the "fairway" view. With an accurate shot
however, you can enter the cup directly from the fairway view without
going into the close-up view.

Whenever the ball enters the rough it will stop, or lose power and
become invisible depending on the position of the difficulty switch.
(See DIFFICULTY SWITCHES.) When hitting the ball from the rough it
starts with one-half the normal momentum. It takes twice as much
power as on the fairway or green.


The left difficulty switch is used by the left player in a two-player
game, or the only player ion a one-player game. The right difficulty
switch is for the right player in a two-player game.

The a position for each difficulty switch corresponds to an advanced
skill level. The b position represents a beginning skill level. When
the switch is in the b position, the cup for each hole will be large
and the ball will stop at the edge of the "rough." The rough is the
blue area on the screen which surrounds each fairway or green.

In the a position, each hole will be smaller in size. Also, the ball
will travel off the course and into the "rough" if hit too hard. The
ball loses power while traveling through the rough. When hit from the
rough, the ball starts with one-half the normal amount of power. The
ball is invisible when in the rough. (When searching for the ball in
the rough, remember that the club will always point toward the ball.)

NOTE: The golfer moves at a reduced speed when traveling at a close
distance to the ball in order to help you position the golfer and club
more accurately.


The left player starts and plays the entire hole. Then the right
player shoots the same hole, followed by the left player (or first
player) shooting the second hole, etc.


Scoring is done automatically by the computer. Each time your golfer
hits the ball, one stroke is recorded by the computer. Your objective
is to have a low score, or to match or beat the "par" for each hole,
and ultimately the par for the entire course.

The left player's score is displayed at the upper left corner of the
screen; the right player's score is shown at the upper right side of
the screen. In a single-player game, your score is displayed at the
upper left.

Hole No.  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  TOTAL
Par       3  5  4  4  4  5  4  3  4  36
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This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance