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Grand Prix - Activision - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Grand Prix
                Activision Grand Prix Instructions

You're about to enter the race of your life. Nothing stands between you and
victory except the clock, the road and the other drivers out to beat you to 
the finish line. So take a little time with these instructions, and you
may emerge as the Grand Prix world record holder!


1. Hook up your video game system. Follow manufacturers instructions.

2. With power OFF, plug in game cartridge.

3. Turn power ON. If no picture appears, check connection of your game 
system to TV, then repeat steps 1 - 3.

4. Plug in left Joystick Controller. (It's the only one you'll need). When
playing, hold the controller with red button at upper left.

5. Difficulty Switches have no effect.

6. Select game with game select switch.

        Game 1: Watkins Glen
        Game 2: Brands Hatch (1 Bridge)
        Game 3: Le Mans (2 Bridges)
        Game 4: Monaco (3 Bridges)

7. To begin play. Press game reset. Your racer will be in position at the
startig line. Press the red button on your Joystick, and the race begins.

8. Gaining speed. The red button on your Joystick is your accelerator. Press
it down to accelerate your racer. Shifting is automatic. The longer you
keep the buttton depressed, the faster your racer will go until it reaches
top speed. 

9. Slowing Down. Releasing the red button on your Joystick will slow down 
your racer. To apply the brakes, move your Joystick to the left.

10. Steering. Pushing your Joystick moves your racer toward the top of the
track' pulling it back moves it towards the bottom.

11. Object of the game. To complete a race circut in the shortest possible


Oil Slicks. Just a little extra test of your reflexes. They won't slow you 
down, but they may send you sliding off into another car. Slicks are best
avoided, but, when you need to pick up time, and there's no other car text to
you, you can risk steering a straight course through them.

Crashes. They will happen, but should be avoided if at all possible. Crashes
with other cars reduce you to a speed slower than that of the car you hit. To
really cut your speed and avoid a crash, release the red button while moving
your Joystick to the left to apply your brakes.

Steering Response. As in a real racing car, your steering becomes more 
responsive the faster you go; expept your car to react faster when you push
the Joystick at high speeds. Your speed is slightly reduced every time you
steer; to achieve the fastest time, keep steering adjustments to a minium.

Bridges. On the Brands hatch, Le Mans and Monacco courses, after each mile of 
the race, you'll cross a bridge over blue water. As your car enters the bridge,
your elapsed time to the bridge is displayed and help. Normal time display is
resumed as your race car leaves the bridge. If you scrape the side of the
bridge, you'll hear it, and your car will slow down. If you crash into a 
bridge, your car will stop altogether, and you'll have to steer around to 
cross it, while the clock continues to run.


We suggest you take it easy at first. A couple of slow practice runs through
the courses will help you get the "feel" of the track.

You'll find that, just as in real racing, the faster your car is going, the
easier it will be to lose control. That's why "pacing" is so important. Try
to think ahead and anticipate what's coming up.

When you pass another car, you'll almost never have to worry about it catching 
up with you. So, keep your eyes on the road ahead. That's where the action will

                Tips from David Crane, designer of Grand Prix.
David Crane is an award-winning Senior Designer at Activision. His games
include Dragster, Fishing Derby, Laser Blast, and Freeway.

"Just as in a real Grand Prix race, feel and control are very important in
Grand Prix by Activision. The better you know your car and its responses,
the better you'll do.

Here are some tips. When steering the car up and down the track, applying a
slight pressure to the right on the joystick will eliminate any accidental 
braking. This pressure must be kept light to allow for quick braking in the
event of an emergency.

"The more you play the game, the more keenly you'll anticipate the appearance
of other cars. To some extent, tyou'll be able to memorize the traffic 
patterns and plan moves in advance. If you don't, the slowdown will happen 
for you in the form of a crash, and you'll pay for it with a loss of valuable

"The cars ahead of you have left a lot of oil on the track near the bridges,
so, when you see a lot of oil slicks, watch for bridges ahead.

"Knowledge of the course is very important. Learn where you are and what's
coming up ahead for each course. That way, time is on your side, which is
exactly where you want it to be.

"And drop me a line between races. Good Luck!"

(C) 1982 Activision AX-014-03

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