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Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em - Mystique - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em
Game: BEAT'EM & EAT'EM by Mystique



  Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em is an "adult" electronic
video game based upon an ancient ritual
that has been passed down from generation-
to-generation as part of the culture's oral
  The object of the game is to eat 'em every
time he beats 'em. You score one point for
each and every drop you swallow without a
miss. But should you miss, shame on you. You
lose one turn. After all, it could have been a
famous doctor or lawyer.
  You have four turns at the outset of the
game. Small squares in the lower left-hand
corner of the screen indicate the remaining
number of turns at any point in the game.
  You can earn "bonus turns" for every "69"
points you score; however, you may
accumulate no more than 6 turns plus the one
in play at any given time.

          Good For the Complexion

  With the power shut off, gently insert your
Mystique video game cartridge into your
Atari 2600 Video Computer System in the
same manner as you would with any
compatible game cartridge. Turning the
switch "on" will activate the "foreplay" mode.
This is very similar to the "attract" mode seen
on many arcade games.
  Select your choice of games (see "Menage
a Trois") by depressing the "game select"
switch on your console. Start the game by
merely depressing the red "fire" button on
your left paddle control (plugged in to the left
socket). There's no need to get up or reach for
the game reset switch on the console unless
you wish to restart the game before you
complete the one in play. Depress the red "fire"
button again and you will notice our
tellywhacker standing on the rooftop amusing
himself by abusing himself, complete with
sound effects that most men will surely recall
from their days of youth.


  Using your paddle control -- as opposed to
your self control -- you, too, must take matters
in hand and quickly maneuver our lady-in-
waiting (or ladies, as the case may be) to
where she (or they) can catch the falling
objects one by one. You'll hear a computer
"slurp" with each catch. If you catch all of the
drops from each "shot", the female computer
image will lick her lips to the sound of music.
  Remember to go after the lowest drops first
because once you miss and one splats on the
ground, you lose that turn.
  Incidentally, you'll know it when you miss
because you'll hear the splat and see it too!
You lose your turn, and the female computer
image(s) lets loose with the world's first
breaking of a computer wind.

               Menage a Trois

  Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em consists of two game
versions. Game number 1 offers the swinger
types a chance at twin female computer
images. Double your pleasure, and see what
fun; turn the paddle-wheel knob and catch
all the ---. Game number 2 is more difficult in
that there is only one female computer image
to do all the catching. The number of the game
selected appears on the stripe at the bottom
of the screen before you start the game.


  When you reach "69" points, you earn a
bonus turn. You receive additional bonus turns
for each multiple of 69 points that you earn
(138, 207, etc.). To help you celebrate this
wonderful achievement, the lovely ladies
dance across the screen to the tune of Pop
Goes the Weasel, and the skyline glows
with glee.

            Difficulty Levels

  Use the "difficulty" switch on your console to
control the difficulty of play. In the "A" position,
you have made a successful catch if you
intersect with the falling object before it
reaches the hip level of the female computer
image. In the "B" position, you must intersect
with the falling object before it reaches
shoulder level.

          You've Said a Mouthful

  Remember, each time you don't lose a
doctor or lawyer (see "foreplay"), you get a
free turn. You have 4 turns plus any free ones
you earn to prove that the Swallows do in fact
return to Capistrano. Gulp! But once you lose
all your turns, lightning will strike, thunder will
roar and the game will return to the "attract"
mode. Depressing the red "fire" button on the
paddle control will then start a new game.

                 After Play

  The world of electronic video games is a
most exciting concept. It uses computer
generated images to challenge the player's
imagination; to create a fantasy situation that
offers a challenge.
  Until Mystique, video games have been
considered by many to be "child's play"
(because they usually beat the adults). But
here's a game kids can't play (so you stand a
chance of winning).
  We at Mystique feel that it's time for video
games and their adult players to come out of
the closet, away from the kids, and deal with
ADULT fantasies. After all, grown-ups have
been known to be imaginative and
competitive, as well as have fantasies.
  We have designed our "Adult" games to be
whimsical, entertaining, challenging, naughty
and FUN. Our own team of design engineers
has developed a line of games that don't just
stop at "Adult", but push the Atari console to
the limit. You'll see graphics of a quality that
you probably have never seen before. You'll
hear music and sound effects where you've
come to expect only an occasional "bleep"
before. Nearly every bit of capability of the
Atari 2600 is used.
  It is our desire to provide you with not only
the finest in adult video games, but with a
level of quality -- play, graphics, effects and
humor -- rarely found in any video game --
adult or not. We want you to laugh, smile a lot,
have a challenge and enjoy! Any suggestions
for improvement are welcome. Compliments
are adored. However, we'd love to hear from
you either way.
  So let your smile be your umbrella; sing in
the rain; let raindrops fall on your face and
have a great time playing Mystique's Beat
'Em & Eat 'Em.

Typist information removed by request of typist. :-D

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance