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Kaboom! - Activision - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   


Prepare yourself for a supreme test of reflexes, coordination, and
agility.  You're about to face the world's most unpredictable and
relentless "Mad Bomber."  He hates losing as much as you love winning.
So, to keep him frowning, take a minute to read over these instructions.
Then, grab your buckets and bomb away!



1. Hook up your video game system.  Follow manufacturer's instructions.

2. With power OFF, plug in game cartridge.

3. Turn power ON.  If no picture appears, check connection of your game.

4. Plug one set of Paddle Controllers into left player controller
   connector.  Select game with game select switch.

5. Select game with game select switch.

   Game 1: You vs. the "Mad Bomber."
   Game 2: You and a friend, taking turns vs. the "Mad Bomber."

6. Set difficulty switches at b(down) to begin.

7. Use of Paddle Controller.  Hold Paddle Controller with button at upper
   left.  By turning your Paddle Controller clockwise, you move your 
   buckets of water to the right.  Turning the Controller counterclockwise
   moves buckets to the left.

8. To begin or start a new game.  Press game reset.  Then, press the red
   button on the Controller to start bombs dropping.

9. Difficulty switches.  With the difficulty switches in the b(down)
   position, buckets are full size.  With switches in the a(top)
   position, buckets are half size(only advanced players should attempt
   this setting).  The left difficulty switch is used by the first
   player, the right switch by the second player(Game 2 only).

10. Scoring.  Each time you catch a bomb in one of your buckets of water,
    you score points.  The point value of each bomb depends on how fast
    that bomb is falling and which group that bomb is in.  There are 8
    separate groups of bombs, as shown by the following chart.

                          KABOOM! POINT SYSTEM

# of Bomb  # of Bombs  Point Value  Point Value   Cumulative Score
Group      in Group    of Each Bmb  of Group      
   1          10            1          10               10
   2          20            2          40               50
   3          30            3          90              140
   4          40            4         160              300
   5          50            5         250              550
   6          75            6         450             1000
   7         100            7         700             1700
   8         150            8        1200             2900

Bomb Group 8 is the highest level.  Once you reach this level, all
bombs that follow will fall at the same rate of speed and are worth
the same points as bombs in Group 8(unless you miss a bomb--see the
next page).

11. When you miss a bomb, all bombs explode and you lose a bucket.  
    Lose all three buckets and the game is over.  To start over after
    a miss, press the red button on your Controller(see "Special

    The object of the game is to catch as many bombs as you can and
    get as close as possible to the 999,999 maximum points.

12. Two Player Games.  Game 2 is for two players, who take turns
    against the "Mad Bomber."  The score for the first player will
    be in yellow, and, for the second player, in red.  Players alternate
    turns until both have lost all buckets.  The player with the highest
    score at the game's end is the winner.

Note to owners of Sears Tele-Game Video Arcade system: Difficulty
switches are called skill left(or right) and a(up) is expert and b(down)
is novice.


Sooner or later, it's going to happen.  You'll miss a bomb.  When you do,
all bombs on the screen explode, you lose a bucket, and the "Mad Bomber"
expresses his happiness.

Then, depending on which bomb group you're in when you miss, the level of
difficulty of the next bombs dropped is affected as follows.  There is NO
change in difficulty when you miss at Bomb Group 1; your next bombs will
still be in Group 1.  If you're in Bomb Group 2 or above when you miss, 
you will re-start play at a level one group LOWER than where you were
playing when you missed.  But, you'll only need to catch one-half the
number of bombs normally in that level before making it back to the level
at which you missed.

Here's an example: You miss a bomb in Group 4, so you re-start play in
Group 3.  But you only need to catch 15 bombs(half the normal amount
for Group 3) to regain the Group 4 level.  Refer to the Point System


For every 1000 points you score, you will be given a new bucket(if one
or two are missing).  However, you may never have more than three
buckets, and no additional buckets are awareded if you reach another
1000 points with no buckets missing.


There's a method to this madness!  And, the more you play, the more
you'll see it.  Bombs fall a certain way.  But DON'T try to aim and
line-up your buckets under each bomb.  Instead, try to get the feeling
for the bomb patterns that develop.  After a while, you'll be able to
anticipate where bombs will fall.  That's when you can get the jump
on the "Mad Bomber."


If you succeed in scoring 3000 or more points at Kaboom!, send us a
picture of the television screen, along with your name and address,
and we will enroll you in the Activision "Bucket Brigade" and send
you a special membership emblem.  If you ever reach the maximum
999,999 points, please send us a photo!  Such a remarkable achievement
must be recognized.

Tips from Larry Kaplan, designer of Kaboom!

Larry Kaplan is also the designer of Bridge by ACTIVISION.  A senior
member of the Activision Design Team, Larry is a well-known expert in
the field of video game design.

"To do well at Kaboom!, you'll need all the reflexes, endurance, and
concentration you can muster.  Don't be frustrated if things don't go
well at first.  It takes a fair amount of practice, especially to
catch the bombs at higher speeds.

"You'll notice that you'll be improving in stages.  The first plateau
is the 1000 point mark.  Mastery at Bomb Groups 5 and 6 is necessary
to do well here.  Conquering Bomb Group 7 will place you at the 2000
point level.  As you develop the stamina and concentration needed to
progress, you'll conquer Bomb Group 8.  From then on, it's a matter of
fine-tuning your skills and extending your endurance to improve your

"If you hit the 10,000 point level, that really impresses the "Mad
Bomber," and he'll show his appreciation.  Watch for it.

"Here's one special trick we have discovered to help build up your
score while maintaining some control of the game.  If you have all 3
buckets and you're just about to cross a 1000 point level(1000, 2000,
3000, etc.), miss one of the bombs on purpose!  You will lose your
bottom bucket, but you will start over at the next lower difficulty
level.  And that'll give you a few bombs to catch at a slower speed.
Then, after you've gone over the 1000 point level, you will get your
bucket back anyway, so you haven't lost a thing.  Since you will be
plahing for a while at a slower speed, it gives you a breather, but
keeps you in the game.

"If you really become good at Kaboom!, try it with the difficulty
switches set at a(up).  Since the buckets are only half the regular
size, you'll really have to be quick.

"Please take time out from your bomb chasing to drop me a line.  It
would be great to hear from you."

Larry Kaplan

Look for more Activision video games wherever you buy video game 
cartridges.  Drop us a note and we'll galdly add your name to our
mailing list and keep you posted on new Activision game cartridges as
they become available.

Activision, Inc..
3255-2 Scott Blvd.,
Santa Clara, CA 95051

(C)1981 Activision

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