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Keystone Kapers - Activision - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Keystone Kapers

"Officer Kelly reporting for duty. Leaping Leprechauns!! If it isn't Harry
Hooligan...up to his old shenanigans. That blunderous hoodlum is robbing
Southwick's. And on a Sunday at that! C'mon then...lend a hand. We've got to
catch the krook, recover the loot and be careful to boot! Listen up! Don't
get KO'd by wild shopping carts, beachballs or biplanes. And get moving!
There's not a moment to lose!"


1. Hook up your video game system. Follow manufacturer's instructions.

2. With power OFF, plug in game cartridge.

3. Turn power ON. If no picture appears, check connection of your game
system to TV, then repeat steps 1-3.

4. Plug in the left Joystick Controller (right Controller is not used).

5. The difficulty switches and game select switches are not used.

6. THE JOYSTICK CONTROLLER is held with the red button in the upper left
  - Keystone Kelly will run to the left or right when you push the Joystick
    left or right.
  - Kelly will jump when you push the red button. For a long, running jump,
    press the red button while pushing your Joystick left or right.
  - Kelly will duck down when you pull the Joystick back.
  - Kelly will step into an open elevator when you push the Joystick forward;
    he'll step out when you pull the Joystick back.

7. THE BONUS TIMER is beneath your score. It starts to count down as soon as
the game begins. When only 10 seconds remain, it flashes. Be warned!

8. SCORING. Points are earned each time a Krook is apprehended. The sooner
you catch him, the more points you'll get. Krooks 1 through 8 are worth 100
times the amount left on Bonus Timer. Krooks 9 through 16 are worth 200 times
the amount left on Bonus Timer. After your 16th arrest, each Krook will be
worth 300 times the amount left on Bonus Timer. Also, every recovered moneybag
and suitcase is worth 50 points.

9. BONUS KOPS. Every time your score increases by 10,000 pints, a Kop is added
to your reserve squad, up to a maximum of three on-screen at a time.

10. TO START, press the game reset. The timer will immediately begin to count
down. You'll begin with Keystone Kelly on active duty and three Kops on

11. THE GAME ENDS when all of your Kops are gone. Any of the following will
cause you to lose a Kop:
  - Colliding with a biplane (see "Look Out" under "Special Features").
  - Running out of time.
  - Allowing a Krook to escape off the roof.


ELEVATORS AND ESCALATORS. The elevator can take Keystone Kelly up and down
to any floor except the roof. Place Kelly in front of it and wait until the
door opens. Then push your Joystick forward to move Kelly into its green
interior. Pull Joystick back to exit. Kelly can also ride up on an escalator
just by touching it. An escalator is the only way to get to the roof.

SOUTHWICK'S SECURITY SYSTEM. Lucky for you, Southwick's has security cameras
scanning the store. The display at the bottom of the screen gives you an
overview of all floors, from the bargain basement to the rooftop. Kelly is
the black dot, the Krook is the white dot. The elevator is the moving grey
square in the middle and the escalators are the black slashes on either end.
Using the Security System, you'll know which way Kelly should run to catch an
elevator, an escalator or a Krook.

LOOK OUT!!! You must JUMP to avoid a rapid onslaught of shopping carts,
beachballs and cathedral radios. If you collide, a valuable 9 seconds will be
deducted from your time. As your score rises, toy biplanes whizz by. DUCK to
avoid them. With each collision, you'll lose a Kop. However, DON'T avoid
moneybags and stolen suitcases. You'll earn 50 points each time Kelly picks one


If you're a new recruit to Kelly's force, some basic training is all you need.
First of all, practise your jumps - running jumps and jumping in place. Perfect
timing is the real key here. Another thing, Harry Hooligan is no dope. He's
pretty crafty at switching floors when Kelly takes the elevator. So, when you
hop on, watch Harry on the Security System Display (he's the white dot). Don't
get off until you're as close to that Krook as possible.


It all started at O'Shaunessey's Grille. After a hard day of crimebusting,
Keystone Kelly and the Koppers would gather in the Bowery joint to share hot
tips and potatoes. They called themselves "The Billy Club", and you can join
with a score of 35,000 points or more. O'Shaunessey's is gone, but the club
lives on.

Send us a photo of the qualifying score on your TV screen, along with your name
and address, and we'll send you the official Billy Club emblem.


Cops weren't always "cops". They didn't get the nickname until after 1845, when
the first police badge was issued. The main ingredient? Copper.

The old-fashioned, helmet shaped hats were made of felt, and used until 1906.

When not ready-in-hand, the wooden billy club, or nightstick, hung in the frog,
its own special holder. This was attached to a thick leather belt worn over the
jacket and buckled with the police department's insignia.

Thumb cuffs were an early version of handcuffs. The suspect's hands were put
behind his back and this small, wooden restraint was screwed tightly around the
thumbs. Yoww!!



Garry is a top-notch designer with a great variety of interests. Besides
playing video games, Garry likes to read fiction and draw with pencil and
charcoal. He's a natural at ping-pong, too, and loves to travel. We're glad he
found his way to Activision(R).

Hi gang. I'll begin by saying one thing: DON'T GET STUCK ON THE ROOF!!
Because - surprise! - you can't get back down! To avoid this embarrassing
predicament, stay behind the Krook and don't go to the roof until he's up

As your score rises, the beachballs bounce higher. Forget about trying to jump
over them. Instead, DUCK! Also, the biplanes and shopping carts start coming in
waves, so learn their rhythms and do the "Keystone Strut". To the tune of the
shopping carts it's, " two two steps..etc." To the
biplane beat it's, " three three steps...etc."
Learn to adjust to changing rhythms

And, to save yourself a few steps, have Kelly JUMP onto the escalators. He'll
be halfway up already. Now, go out and get those guys! And, when you take a
break, write to me. I want a FULL report!

  - Garry Kitchen

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