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Hey Pengo! Isn't it cold work racing around that ice rink, rearranging huge ice squares? Why do you keep trying to line up those three jewel embedded blocks? What's that? You say you do it for a fortune in bonus points? Sounds like a neat nest egg! Can I help too?

Insert the PENGO cartridge as explained in your ATARI 2600 Video Computer System owner's guide, and turn on your console. 

Plug a joystick controller into the LEFT CONTROLLER Jack for a one-player game. Plug a second joystick into the RIGHT CONTROLLER jack for a two-player game. Press the left joystick fire button or push the joystick in any direction to view the game options screen.

Press SELECT to choose a 1 PLAYER or 2 PLAYER game. Use the left joystick to change the round number (1 = easiest, 10 = hardest). Push it up to increase the round number; pull it back to decrease the round number.

The LEFT DIFFICULTY switch controls the PENGO theme song. Set it at A to play the song and at B to turn off the song.

Press the fire button to start the game. During a game, press RESET or SELECT to return to the game select screen. During intermission, press the fire button to continue play.

Use your joystick to move Pengo up, down, right, or left on the ice field. When Pengo comes up against an ice block, press the fire button to kick the block across the playfield, or to crush it if it's trapped against a wall or another block.



You start the game with five Pengo lives. Your current lives are displayed as red boxes at the lower left. You lose a life when a Sno-Bee touches you. You have approximately two minutes to complete a round. Each round ends when you destroy all the Sno-Bees, when the last one escapes, or when time is up. The game ends when you lose your last Pengo life.


Sno-Bees smash ice blocks to get at you. You lose a life if a Sno-Bee catches you. Nix the SnoBees first by squashing them with ice blocks, crushing them before they hatch, or running over them or squashing them with ice blocks when they're frozen. Watch out for smart Sno-Bees that can walk throughout ice blocks.
You can freeze Sno-Bees that are near the ice field walls by pressing the fire button to make Pengo kick a wall until all walls vibrate. Any Sno-Bees touched by a vibrating wall will temporarily freeze. Also, Sno-Bees automatically freeze for a few seconds after you align all three jewel blocks. Run over the frozen Sno-Bees or, for more points, squash them with ice blocks.


The ice blocks that blink at the beginning of each round contain SnoBee eggs that can hatch as play progresses. Destroy these quickly for bonus points. The yellow boxes at the lower right indicate the number of unhatched Sno-Bee eggs on the field.


The Jewel blocks are indestructible blocks with colored jewels inside. Your task is to line them up horizontally or vertically until they touch. You get 10,000 points for lining them up inside the playfield and 5,000 points for aligning them against a wall.



In two-player games, players alternate each time a Pengo life is lost. When the game ends, either player can push the fire button or move the joystick to return to the options/select screen. Player 1 may then restart a game at the highest round either player completed, at a lower round, or at any round up to 10.


After each round, a bonus screen displays the number of seconds you took to complete that round. If you cleared the playfield of Sno-Bees in less than 60 seconds, you'll receive special bonus points. (See SCORING.) Press the fire button to continue play.


When you lose a life, the round screen displays the player who's up next and the round coming up. Press the fire button to continue.


Your score appears at the bottom center of the screen. You can score a total of 999,999 points before the score rolls back to zero.

Crumbling an ice block 30
Squashing Sno-Bees between ice blocks:
1 Sno-Bee 400
2 Sno-Bees at once 1600
3 Sno-Bees at once 3200
Destroying a frozen Sno-Bee by:
Running over it 100
Squashing it with an ice block 400
Crushing an ice block containing a Sno-Bee egg 500
Lining up jewel blocks:  
Against a wall 5,000
Inside the ice field 10,000

Time-Bonus Points for Destroying Sno-Bees
Note: On the scoreboard your time is rounded down to the nearest ten seconds.

Seconds* Points
0 to 19 5000
20 to 29 2000
30 to 39 1000
40 to 49 500
50 to 59 10
60 or more no bonus

*Times are approximate


Eliminate as many SnoBees as possible with a single ice block, for potential time bonus points.

If Sno-Bees are chasing you and you come up against an ice block, don't lose time--run around it!

Try to put a block between you and pursuing Sno-Bees. Then use that block to crush the little nasties.

For higher points, remember to crush frozen SnoBees with ice blocks rather than by running over them.

The best strategy for lining up jewel blocks is to make a wall out of the regular ice blocks, then push the jewel blocks against that wall.

Each time you begin a new round, analyze the maze. If it's easy to line up the jewel blocks, do that first. If not, destroy the Sno-Bees first.

Remember that regular ice blocks are worth 30 points each. So after aligning the jewel blocks, start crushing the regular blocks for extra points. But don't destroy them all before you kill off the Sno-Bees, or you'll have no weapons left!

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