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Pitfall II: Lost Caverns - Activision - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Pitfall II

     We were all pretty worried about Pitfall Harry.  We sent him and his
     niece, Rhonda, along with Quickclaw the cat, on a treacherous journey
     to an underground cavern.  Well, not a word was heard from him--until
     today.  We now present you with Pitfall Harry's diary--the journal
     he's been keeping in the lost caverns.  It arrived this morning by
     carrier condor.  Typical of Harry.

Before you start reading, let's get your gear together.  Here's the basic 

.  Insert cartridge into your game system with the power OFF.  Then, turn power

.  Plug in the left Joystick Controller only.  This is a solo expedition.

.  The difficulty and game select switches are not used.

.  To begin a new game, press the reset switch.

.  To start the action, move the Joystick.

.  The Joystick Controller does many things.  Certain maneuvers really require

    * To move Pitfall Harry left or right, move the Joystick left or right.
    * To jump, press the red button.  For a running jump, press the red button
      while holding the Joystick left or right.
    * To descend a ladder, pull the Joystick back just before Pitfall Harry
      reaches the hole.  To ascend a ladder, push the Joystick forward.

    * When Pitfall Harry travels by balloon (see 'Balloons') the balloon will
      follow the left and right movements of the Joystick.  To speed it up,
      push Joystick forward; to slow it down, pull Joystick back.

.  There is no time limit.  You and Pitfall Harry can explore the lost caverns
   as long as you wish.

.  The journey ends the moment Rhonda, the Raj diamond and Quickclaw have all
   been found.

                         And now...the diary.

Lost Cavern,                                     Lat. 13.31 S, Long. 71.59 W
Machu Pichu, Peru


    Perhaps I've gone too far.  I'm in an underground cavern beneath Peru.  It
seems to be a complex maze, perhaps eight chambers wide and over three times as
deep.  Niece Rhonda has disappeared, along with Quickclaw, our cowardly cat.  I
am beset by all manner of subterranean creatures in this vast, ancient 
labyrinth.  And all because of a rock--the Raj diamond.  It was stolen a
century ago, and hidden here.
    Old friends, if ever you see this diary, I hope you'll read it and come to
my aid.  Help me find Rhonda, Quickclaw and the diamond.  On the way, let's 
also look for a stone-aged rat.  A large university wants it for research.
Finally, lots of stolen U.S. gold bars were ditched here.  The more bars we
recover, the more "brownie" points we'll get at journey's end.
    For the record, if I want a perfect evaluation (199,000 points), I must 
find Rhonda, Quickclaw, the diamond, all 28 gold bars, and the rat.  And never
fall victim to a single danger.  Again though, my contract only requires the
recovery of Rhonda, Quickclaw and the diamond.  Everything else is gravy.
    But oh...danger prevails.  Poisonous frogs, bats, condors, electric eels,
albino scorpions.  And leaps over dark voids that dare me to fall to their
fathomless depths.  All of these pitfalls must be avoided.  I'm not really sure
what'll happen, should I succumb, but it can't be good.  I'll check it out


    Red Crosses are as good as gold--go for them!  They'll never believe this
when I get back but it's like this:  whenever I succumb to any danger, I'm not
put out of commission, as one might think.  Instead, I'm magically transported
back to the last red cross I touched!
    Here's my theory:  these caverns are part of a land long inhabited by the
Incas.  This great civilization must have energized healing, and these ancient
crosses mark their locations.  Their magic is still potent.


    Today I was really out on a ledge.  Suddenly, a balloon floated overhead--
a perfect cross-cavern transport.  I wasn't about to ask questions, but I was
curious.  upon closer inspection, I discovered that these "balloons" were 
actually the specimen bags Rhonda was carrying.  She must've inflated them with
steam from an underground geyser, to signal that she was still alive.  Dear,
ever-resourceful Rhonda.
    Anyway, just jump up and hang on.  Float above the ledge you're headed to 
and wait for a bat to burst the balloon (that's the only way to let go).  
You'll gently fall onto the ledge.  Careful now.  You want the bat to get the
balloon.  Not you.
    Oh, yes--Balloons only appear up and down the length of one specific shaft.


    Courage and confidence may be necessary to leap across fathomless voids,
but believe me, youcan do it!
    When you want to cross a shaft, especially the one with no balloons, stand 
at a ledge's edge and jump diagonally down to the ledge across the way.  Press
the red button right before you jump and hold it down as you move the joystick
in the direction you're heading.  You'll float to the other side or bounce off 
the shaft walls.


    Sure, I love adventure.  But let's give credit where credit is due.  These
are the amounts I agreed to before I left:
    * We're given an advance of 4000 points as soon as we begin.
Thereafter, we'll receive:
    *  5,000 points for every gold bar
    * 15,000 points for the primitive cave rat
    * 20,000 points for the Raj diamond
    * 10,000 points for Rhonda's safe return
    * 10,000 points for Quickclaw's safe return

    Now hold on.  Each time I succumb to a hazard, I'll continually lose points
as I regress back to the last healing station (red cross) I contacted.  The 
longer the journey, the more points I'll lose.  Also, 100 points are deducted
for every unintentional fall.


    While floating on a balloon today, I realized that it is unfair of me to
take all the credit for what we do together.  I hereby establish the Activision
Cliffhangers--open to any co-adventurer who collects 99,000 points or more.  
Send me a photo of the TV screen showing your qualifying score, along with your
name and address.  I'll send the official Cliffhangers emblem.  Be sure to
write "Pitfall II" and your score on the bottom corner of the envelope.  O.K.?


    Since David taught me everything I know, I thought I'd share this letter:

Dear Pitfall,

Good luck in the Lost Caverns!  Here are some tips that'll help you out:

Time your approach to condors and bats so that you run exactly below their
highest elevation.

A free-fall down an entire shaft can be a short-cut to the river below.  This
particular jump must be timed, though, to avoid colliding with bats on the way

If you're unintentionally falling down a chute of ladders or past many levels,
hold the Joystick to the left or right.  The underground wind will slowly move
you in that direction.

Don't get discouraged if a bat gets you whenever you go from a ladder to a gold
bar.  Listen up.  Stay low on the ladder, wait until a bat is just over you,
then climb up quickly and run to the gold bar.  You'll barely miss the next 
bat, but miss it you will.

Finally, not everything you see is always easy to get to.  Some things can be
so close, yet so far away.  Like Quickclaw, for instance.  And the rat...who,
incidentally, can only be subdued from behind.

Good luck and don't forget to write.
                                        [David Crane]

     David Crane is one of the most highly awarded video game designers 
     in the world.  Born in Indiana, he now lives in California and is 
     an avid tennis player.  his numerous works include The Activision 
     Decathlon and, of course, the original Pitfall!

With that, I'll bid farewell, my friends.  I hope to see you soon!

                Pitfall Harry

P.S. Please write to David for me.  I've run out of paper!

ACTIVISION Drawer No. 7287 Mountain View, CA 94039

(c) 1984 ACTIVISION INC.  AB-035-03

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