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Radar Lock
Radar Lock

			Copyright (c) 1988, Doug Neubauer.  
			Copyright (c) 1989, Atari Corporation.



You're locked in fight-to-the-death air combat with the
enemy!  You may be outnumbered -- somehow you've been
separated from your buddies -- but this is far from your first
mission.  You've been flying your trusty little delta-wing
fighter for more months than you care to remember.

Suddenly you sight an enemy interceptor at 12 o'clock!
These babies are a piece of cake.  You sneak up from
behind and zap it with a few rounds from your machine gun.

Just when you're feeling a little cocky from your last
successful hit, an enemy Bomber appears out of nowhere.
This one's not so easy.  Not only is its tail gunner an expert
shot, but the Bomber is surrounded by a fleet of Escorters,
and you can't even get at it with your guided missiles.

It's going to take all of your expertise, along with your
arsenal of ammunition, proximity missiles, and guided
missiles, just to stay alive.  Any minute you could be sabotaged
by a cagey patroller or the unsuspecting victim of a
sneaky Stealth Fighter.

Prepare for the dog fight of your life.  It's going to be a killer!


1.  With your television turned on, insert the Radar Lock cartridge
into your Atari 2600 (or 7800) as explained in your Owner's Manual.

2.  Plug a controller into the left port.  Plug another controller
into the right port for optional weapons selection in a one-player
game or to play the game with two players.

3.  Switch on your television.  Then push the console's [Power]
switch to the ON position.  The Radar Lock title screen appears.

4.  Press [Select], or move your controller left or right, to
choose a one-player or two-player game.

5.  Press [Reset] or the left fire button to begin the game.

6.  During play, press [Reset] to restart the game.

7.  To pause during a game, move the TV-type switch on the Atari 2600
to B/W; to resume play, move the switch to COLOR.  On an Atari 7800, 
press and hold [Pause] to pause the game.


The object of the game is to use your state-of-the-art delta-wing
fighter to defeat the enemy fleet in air combat.  Your fighter plane
is equipped with guided missiles, proximity missiles, and rapid-fire
machine guns.  The game consists of five missions of increasing difficulty.

When the game begins, your jet starts up, increases speed, and takes off
from the air field.  The scene then switches to the combat screen.

At the end of each mission, you must refuel in flight.  Use the left
controller's fire button to control your speed during the in-flight
refueling sequence.  Hold down the button to accelerate, and release
the button to return to normal flying speed.  Using the long-range 
radar and missile lock, fly to the fuel tanker.  When you are close
to it, the tanker will lower its fuel hose.  Once the nose of your jet
is locked into the fuel hose, your mission is complete.  You receive
bonus points for your remaining fuel and weapons and then advance
to your next mission.

[picture:  roughly triangular plane with four dots on it in a diamond pattern,
with a solid line descending from it ending in a larger dot.]

[picture:  Combat Screen.  Score and ammunition on top, enemy jets, horizon
and your jet in the middle, fuel, lives counter, missile-lock radar (the
crosshairs), long-range radar (the 90-degree-angle thing at right) and
guns counter at right.]


Use the controllers to operate your delta-wing fighter.  Move the left
controller to maneuver your jet in flight.  Move the right controller to
select the weapons you wish to use.

Left Controller				Right Controller

	Dive					Machine Gun
	  ^                                         ^
	  |                                         |
Bank  <--(o)--> Bank                     Guided <--(o)--> Proximity
Left      |     Right		        Missiles    |     Missiles 
          v                                         v
        Climb				         (blank)


The instrument panel is located at the bottom of the screen.  The 
missile-lock radar is located in the center of the instrument panel,
and the long-range radar is to the right.

Use the long-range radar to locate enemy jets and the refueling tanker
when they are not visible on the screen.  The small dot in the middle
of the radar screen marks the location of the jet.  Enemy jets will
appear in front of or behind your jet.

The fuel gauge is shown to the left of the missile-lock radar.  When you
are low on fuel, the gauge will begin to flash and you will hear a warning
tone.  You must reach the tanker and refuel before your fuel runs out

The number of lives you have left is shown in the lower left-hand corner
of the instrument panel.  The number of rounds you have left in your
machine gun is shown on the right.

The weapon you have selected is shown at the top of the screen, just 
below the score.


In one-player games, the pilot controls both the firing of weapons 
and the jet's flight.  Press the fire button on the left controller
to fire the selected weapon.  To increase your jet's speed, hold down
the fire button on the right controller.

NOTE:  When the currently selected weapon runs out of ammo, it will
automatically change to the next available weapon.  Move the right 
directional control if you wish to select a different weapon.


In two-player games, the flight officer uses the left controller to fly
the ship.  The weapons officer uses the right directional control to
select weapons and the right fire button to fire them.


Your jet starts out equipped with five guided missiles and about 2550 
rounds of machine gun ammunition.  In Missions 3, 4 and 5, your jet also
carries three proximity missiles.


If you wish to fire guided missiles, you must change your weapon selection.
Move the right controller to the left.  Your missiles remaining display 
across the top of the screen.

The primary function of guided missiles is to destroy enemy bombers.
When an enemy jet is within range, the missile-lock radar will turn
bright blue and you will hear a beeping tone.  Steer your jet until the
locked-on enemy jet is in the cross-hairs.  The missile-lock radar will
then turn deep-red, and you will hear a steady tone.  Fire your missile
immediately to destroy the enemy jet.

NOTE:  When an enemy jet is not within range, the missile-lock radar will
be light blue if the jet is in front of you and violet if the jet is
behind you.


In addition to the guided missiles, your jet is equipped with rapid-fire
machine guns.  You begin your missions with this weapon ready to fire.
The number of rounds remaining is displayed in the bottom right-hand corner
of the screen.  Use the machine guns to destroy all enemy jets except for
bombers; it takes 25 hits from a machine gun to destroy a bomber.


In Missions 3, 4 and 5, your jet is equipped with proximity missiles.  Press
the fire button to launch the missile; release the fire button to detonate it.
When you detonate the missile, all visible enemy jets other than bombers 
will be destroyed.

WARNING:  Do not release the fire button too soon, or you will risk detonating
the missile too close to your own jet and destroying it.


As you fly missions against the enemy, you will encounter different enemy
aircraft.  Similar in appearance, these aircraft differ in their basic
color and their capabilities.

*  Drones appear only in Mission 1.  They are red and look like Interceptors,
   only they can't shoot.  Drones are easy to hit and make good target 
   practice for higher missions.

*  Interceptors first appear in Mission 2 and are the basic enemy jet.
   They are also red and are the easiest of the fighter jets to destroy.
   They are not equipped with a tail gunner, so they can't hit you when
   you are behind them.

*  Patrollers first appear in the second wave of Mission 2 and are yellow.
   In Mission 2, they follow assigned patrol routes.  In higher missions,
   Patrollers can sneak up from behind and shoot you.

*  Escorters first appear in Mission 3 and are blue.  Their primary purpose
   is to protect enemy bombers, and they tend to fire quickly.

*  Stealth Fighters first appear in Mission 4 and are black.  Stealth Fighters
   can jam your long-range radar so you don't know exactly where they are.
   They can sneak up behind you and fire on you, although they are not as
   aggressive as Patrollers.

*  Bombers are large, white delta-wing jets that are very difficult to 
   destroy.  They first appear in Mission 3.  The Bomber has a tail gunner
   so that it can also fire behind itself.  Proximity missiles cannot harm
   a Bomber, and it takes 25 machine gun hits to destroy one, so guided
   missiles are your best bet with these.  Bombers usually follow
   assigned routes.

*  Super Bombers are the most dangerous enemy jets.  They appear only in
   Mission 5.  They are blue and red delta-wing jets, and guided missiles
   are the most effective weapons for destroying them.  Super Bombers fire
   a barrage of missiles at once, making them especially lethal.

NOTE:  Some of the enemy jets will fire at you from behind.  When they have
you in their sights, you will hear a warning tone and see the message
"BEHIND YOU" displayed at the top of the screen.


There are five missions in this game.


Mission 1 is the easiest of the missions and offers good target practice
against the Drones, who can't shoot.  Start with this mission to practice
maneuvering your jet, shooting your weapons, and refueling.


Wave 1:  Interceptors are the primary enemy attack jet.  They can shoot
only what is in front of them.

Wave 2:  Patroller jets follow assigned routes.  Use your long-range radar
to locate the Patroller squadron.  After you have identified them, use
thrusters (or after-burner) and quick maneuvering to bring them into
your sights.  Use your thrusters when you want quick acceleration.
When you have completed Mission 2, you earn a spare life.


Wave 1:  In Mission 3, Bombers follow assigned patrol routes.  They shoot
from either the front or the back and are difficult to destroy.  They are
also protected by Escorters.

Wave 2:  The Patrollers will try to sneak up and shoot you from behind.
When you have completed Mission 3, you earn a spare life.


Wave 1:  In Mission 4, your ship has the ability to roll.  This makes it
much easier to maneuver, and the game moves much more quickly at this point.

Wave 2:  Enemy Stealth Fighters appear.  They can jam your long-range radar
and sneak up behind you, so you need to move quickly to avoid being hit.
When you have completed Mission 4, you earn a spare life.


Wave 1:  You get one last warm-up round of Interceptors before the 
Super Bombers appear.  

Wave 2:  Your final mission is to destroy five Super Bombers, which are
escorted by Patrollers, Stealth Fighters, and Escorters.


You have only five guided missiles.  Use them wisely.

Proximity missiles are especially effective for destroying the escort fleet
that protects an enemy bomber.


Drone.....................50 points
Interceptor..............100 points
Escorter.................250 points
Stealth Fighter..........400 points
Patroller................500 points
Bomber...................950 points
Super Bomber............2000 points

At the end of each mission, you score bonus points as follows:

Each gallon of fuel remaining........1 point
Each bullet remaining................1 point
Each missile remaining............350 points
Completing the mission............801 points

You earn a bonus jet after completing Mission 2, Mission 3, and Mission 4.

---end of manual---

				typed up by Jeff Coleburn, [email protected]


This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance