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Realsports Boxing
RealSports Boxing

ATARI(C) 2600(TM) Game Manual

RealSports(R) Series

   You've got incredible heart and a live right lead.  Show 'em your staying
power!  Punch Iron Fists around the ring for the total seven rounds.  Or rain
blows on Macho Man 'til you've got him up against the ropes.  A flurry of
payoff punches puts away Jabbin' Jack.  And Lefty O'Leary goes down with a
body blow inside and low.
   It's a capacity crowd tonight - and you've got top billing!  Take the Boxing
title on a decision or go for the knock out.  Duke it out!

Getting Started
1. Plug the RealSports Boxing cartridge into your Atari 2600 or 7800(TM).  For
one player, connect a joystick to the left controller jack.  For two players,
connect a second joystick to the right controller jack.

2. In one-player games, use the left difficulty switch on your console.  Move
the switch to the "A" or left position to fight an opponent who's strong and
challenging.  Move the switch to the "B" or right position for an opponent
who's weaker and easier to beat.

3. Turn on your TV, then press [Power] to turn on your console.  The game
screen appears and shows a demonstration fight.

4. Press [Select] to view your game options.  ONE PLAYER appears at the top
of the screen.  Press [Select] again if you want to change to a TWO PLAYER
game.  In a one-player game, you play against the computer; in a two-player
game, players fight each other.

5. Move the joystick handle to make different boxers blink, and press the
joystick button to select a blinking boxer as your player.  (If you're using
a 7800 Pro-Line joystick, press either button.  They both work the same way.)
The selected boxer disappears.  Now select another boxer as your opponent.  In
a two-player game, player 1 selects a boxer first, then player 2 selects a

6. Once the bosers are selected, the game begins automatically.  During a
match, press [Reset] to start a new match, or press [Select] to return to the
options screen.

Duke It Out!

Action              Joystick Control

Cover Up            Press button, move handle away from opponent.
Jab                 Press button, move handle towards opponent.
Body Blow           Press button, pull handle back.
Payoff Punch        Press button, push handle forward.

Playing the Game

   At the bell the match begins.  Move your boxer out of his corner and around
the ring by moving your joystick handle forward, back, left, and right. (Player
1 controls the boxer in the left corner; the computer or player 2 controls the
boxer in the right corner.)  Move your joystick handle and press the button to
make your boxer jab, cover, land body blows, and throw payoff punches.
   Cover up to defend yourself.  Blocking an opponent's punches scores points
and minimizes your strength loss.  When covering up, you're still in danger of
a technical knock out if your opponent lands 12 successive punches before you
can retaliate.
   Jabs are quick punches thrown with the leading arm that score points and
weaken your opponent.  Jabs can be thrown in a rapid "flurry."  A jab scores
least of all the punches and weakens your opponent least, but a flurry
accumulates points and damage done to the opponent faster than any other
punch.  Jabs use little of your own strength and you can throw three times as
many jabs as payoff punches in the same amount of time.
   Body blows are punches strategically placed to weaken your opponent.
Though not as powerful as payoff punches, body blows can be flurried faster
than payoffs.  Landed body blows score higher than jabs and cost less strength
than payoffs.
   Payoff punches are thrown with the non-leading arm in an attempt to knock
out the opponent.  Payoff punches take a lot of strength, so you can't throw
successsive payoffs as fast as you can throw jabs.  When landed, payoff punches
score high.
   Boxers tire as they move around the ring and throw and take punches.  The
amount of yellow showing in a fighter's strength bar indicates the strength
lead he has over the other boxer.  Weakened boxers move slower, their punches
are separated by longer delays, and their reaction to joystick commands are
   Rounds are timed, and the time counts down in the lower center of the
screen.  When the time runs out the round is over.  Boxers take their corners
to rest and regain some strength.  Between rounds the score boxes display
total points earned in the round just fought.

Knock Downs

   A boxer's strength bar starts blinking when he's gained a considerable
strength lead over his opponent.  A blinking bar is a boxer's cue to go for a
knock down.  To knock down his opponent, a boxer must land the correct punch
from the correct position.
   At a knock down, the standing boxer goes to a neutral corner and the ten
count begins.  If the downed boxer has enough strength, he'll get up at the
nine count.  (In a two-player game, push you joystick forward to get your
boxer up at the nine count.)

Knock Outs

   The best way to knock out your opponent is to land as many payoff punches
as possible, while protecting yourself from taking any blows.  This increases
your strength lead while weakening your opponent.  When your strength bar
starts blinking, give him the knockdown punch.  Your opponent might get up
after several knock downs but he gets weaker all the time.  Finally, the right
punch from the right position will put him away.

[Picture shows the box which has the Round Time, Strength Bars, Score Boxes
and Round Number]

Technical Knock Outs

   To earn a technical knock out (TKO) a boxer must land 12 punches without
his opponent landing a punch, getting away, or covering up.  If the opponent
retaliates in any of those three ways, the punch count returns to zero.  Once
the opponent covers up, if the aggressive boxer then lands another 12 punches
without the opponent landing a punch or getting away, a TKO is called.

And the Winner Is...
   When a boxer knocks out or TKOs his opponent, he wins the match and the
fight is over.  If a match goes seven rounds, a decision occurs and the boxer
with the most points is declared the winner.  (At the end of the seventh
round, the score boxes show total points earned by both boxers during the
   When a fight is over, the winner dances around the ring, then the game
returns to demonstration play.  Press the joystick button or [Reset] to
start a new match, or press [Select] to return to the options screen.


   The best way to out-point your opponent is to land punches and run, so he
can't retaliate by hitting you.  If you can't run, throw a punch then
immediately cover up.
   To punch effectively, get toe to toe with your opponent, a little above him
but still within reach so your punch connects.
   The best time to flurry with payoffs is early in the fight when your
reaction time is quickest.
   Be careful when blocking a flurry so you don't get TKO'd.
   To throw a flurry, press the joystick button, then immediately select the
punch with the joystick handle.  Release both the button and handle, then
immediately repeat the sequence.
   Minimize the effect of your opponent's blows by covering up or countering
with an equally effective punch to pass along the strength loss.
   Whenever you throw a punch you lose strength, so make your punches count.
   Running around the ring costs you strength.  If you're weak, stay in one
area and make your opponent come to you.


   Points are scored according to a boxer's strength, the type of punch landed,
and the punch position.  For instance, the highest scoring combination is a
payoff punch thrown by a boxer in top strength and landed from an optimum
   The payoff punch is the highest scoring punch; the body blow is next
highest, and the jab is the lowest scoring punch.  Covering up earns a point
value for defensive boxing.  A boxer can earn 99 points maximum in any one
   A match can last a total of seven rounds.  A knock out or TKO anytime
during a match wins the fight.  If a match goes seven rounds, the high-point
boxer wins.  If the match ends in a draw, both boxers dance around the ring.

The Contenders

   Each boxer has a weak spot.  When your strength bar is blinking, use the
correct punch in the right position to knock down your opponent.

Iron Fists has tender ribs.  A toe-to-toe body blow knocks him down.

Jabbin' Jack has a glass jaw.  Get above him, then knock him down with a
payoff punch to the chin.

Lefty O'Leary has a weak stomach.  Get below him to knock him down with a
low body blow.

Macho Man is tough, but he'll go down with a toe-to-toe payoff punch.

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