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Smurfs: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle - Coleco - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Smurfs: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle
                                                            Guide No. 78139A

                                       (c) Peyo
                      Rescue in Gargamel's(tm) Castle

                           CARTRIDGE INSTRUCTIONS

For use with the Atari(tm) 2600 Video Computer System(tm) and Sears Video

                          [smurfy cover picture]

o  For one or two players       o  Select from four skill levels

A rescue adventure featuring TV's popular Smurfs(tm)



                         [another smurfy picture]

In Coleco's SMURF(tm) RESCUE IN GARGAMEL'S(tm) CASTLE, treacherous
Gargamel(tm) has captured Smurfette(tm).  He keeps her trapped on a shelf high
above his laboratory floor.  To reach the castle laboratory, nimble-footed
Smurf(tm) must run and jump through fields, woods and caverns.  That's not
all, either!  He must climb, tall mountains and duck dangers in the forest
paths.  Help Smurf(tm) dodge the hawks, snakes, bats and scary spiders
Gargamel(tm) sends from the castle!  Once in the laboratory, Smurf(tm) jumps
to the bench, to the table, to the chair.  He must even jump to the shelf to
free the captive Smurfette(tm)!  Can you make all these jumps and Smurf(tm)
the day?


o  Make sure the Video Computer System(tm) is connected to the T.V. And the
   power supply is plugged in.
o  Be sure that you have plugged the controller into the jack at the rear of 
   the Video Computer System(tm)
o  Insert cartridge as shown, then turn On/Off switch to ON.


ATARI(r) 2600 Video Computer System(tm)

 [smurfy picture of 2600 and all components and plugs and such smurfy stuff]


               [smurfy picture of classic 2600 joystick]

NOTE: For a one-player game, use the left controller.  For a two-player game,
Player One uses the left controller; Player Two uses the right controller.

1.  Control Stick: Use the Control Stick to make Smurf(tm) run, duck and jump.
     Push the Control Stick left or right to move Smurf(tm) in that direction.
     Push the Control Stick down to make Smurf(tm) duck.
     Push the Control Stick up when Smurf(tm) stands still to make him jump in 
     place.  Push it up while Smurf(tm) is running to make him jump forward.  
     Push it up again immediately after Smurf(tm) lands from a jump to make 
     Smurf(tm) do a bigger jump forward.
2.  Red Button:
     Press the Red Button on Player One's controller to begin a new game.


Choosing up.
When you turn the game on, one Smurf(tm) head, representing one player, and
the words, "Skill 1" appear at the top of the screen.  (This indicates the
Skill 1, one-player game option.)  If you want to play a higher Skill Level or
a two-player game, press the Game Select Button until the Skill Level and
number of players (as shown by one or two Smurf(tm) heads) you want appear
onscreen.  Then press the Red Button to complete your choice.

NOTE: If you are playing a two-player game, players take turns.  Player 1
begins, and each turn lasts until the player's Smurf(tm) gets tired.

Smurfing(tm) after her.
Your first Smurf(tm) appears near his mushroom home in the woods. 
Smurfette(tm)--held captive by Gargamel(tm)--is far, far away to the right.

Help Smurf(tm) travel through woods, fields and mountains, even through dark
and creepy caverns, on his way to the spooky castle.

These forests can be quite dangerous for travelers.  But Gargamel's(tm)
creatures and tricks make the journey even more difficult!  Magic fences
sometimes appear and disappear and snakes can cross water.  When a fence
disappears, there's no need to jump over the empty space!  (Skill 1 games are
a little easier.   In these there are no creatures to chase you.)

If you see dangers, you can ravel back toward home to escape!  It's okay to
outsmart Gargamel's(tm) evil creatures by running and jumping back the way you
came.  But stay alert!  The creatures can follow you.  You get n points for
jumping hazards that you've jumped before.

Remember, when creatures come out, Smurf(tm) has to make the right kinds of
jumping and ducking moves to escape them.

                    WHERE DID SMURFETTE(tm) GO?

                       [smurfy screen shot]

Smurf(tm) be nimble!  Smurf(tm) be quick!
Smurf's(tm) nimble feet must jump him past dangers everywhere.  Short jumps
bounce Smurf(tm) straight up so he can dodge hawks and bats.  Walking, then
jumping quickly lets Smurf(tm) make a bigger jump.  Jumping quickly twice in a
row makes the second jump the biggest of all!  Learn to take just the right
size jumps (big or small) to take him over picket fences and streams, even up
he steep mountains.  And remember to duck when bats or Gargamel's(tm) pet
hawks swoop low.

If Smurf(tm) falls or is knocked down by a snake, bat, hawk or spider, he
feels too tired to travel farther.  Then another Smurf(tm) must try to rescue

                     IT'S A ROCKY RESCUE JOURNEY!

            [Yes, yet another smurfy B&W screen drawing]

Keep Smurf's(tm) energy up!
Watch the Energy Level Indicator on your screen.  It drops low when Smurf(tm)
gets tired in his travels.  But the moment Smurf(tm) enters a new land (woods,
fields, mountains, caverns or Gargamel's(tm) laboratory), he feels better and
his energy level goes right back up!

Smurfing(tm) into the dreary castle
Smurf(tm) crosses the last of the fields, moving closer and closer to
Gargamel's(tm) castle.  Just a few jumps and Smurf(tm) is inside!

Oh no!  How big the chairs and table seem!  And high on a shelf stands brave
Smurfette(tm), guarded by the castle bat.  (Sometimes mean Gargamel(tm) even
makes her disappear momentarily!)  Can you help Smurf(tm) jump to save her and
Smurf(tm) the day?


      [Screen drawing of Gargamel's creepy, yet smurfy, laboratory]

Starting Over
When your game is done, you can play again by pressing Player One's Red
Button.  If you want to change the Skill Level or the number of players, press
the Game Reset Button and then the Game Select Button until the Skill Level
and number of players you want appear on the screen.  Then press the Red
Button on Player One's controller to start your game.


     Smurf(tm) Action                               Points Scored
    Smurf(tm) jumps over fence, stream,
    rock or other obstacle............................400 points
    Smurf(tm) frees Smurfette(tm)....................1000 points

If you earn 10,000 points in a game, you win a bonus Smurf(tm)!


This instruction booklet will provide the basic information you need tot
started playing SMURF(tm) RESCUE IN GARGAMEL'S(tm) CASTLE, but it is only the
beginning!  You'll find that this cartridge is full of special features to
make SMURF(tm) RESCUE IN GARGAMEL'S(tm) CASTLE exciting every time you play. 
Experiment with different techniques--and enjoy the game!

    Coleco warrants to the original consumer purchaser in the United States of
America any video game cartridge it manufactures, that the cartridge will be
free of defects in material or workmanship for 90 days from the date of
purchase under normal in-house use.

    If you cartridge fails to operate properly DURING THE FIRST 90 DAYS AFTER
PURCHASE, return it postage prepaid and insured, with your name, address,
proof of the date of purchase and a brief description of the problem, to the
Factory Service Station as listed.  If you cartridge is found to be factory
defective during the first 90 days, it will be repaired or replaced at no cost
to you.  If the cartridge is found to have been consumer damaged or abused it
therefore will not be covered by the warranty, then you will be advised in
advance of repair costs.

    Coleco's sole and exclusive liability for defects in material and
workmanship shall be limited to repair or replacement at its authorized Coleco
Service Station, and Coleco shall in no event be liable for incidental,
consequential contingent or any other damages, (some stated do not allow the
exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above
limitation or exclusion may not apply to you).  This warranty does not
obligate Coleco to bear the cost of transportation charges in connection with
the repair or replacement of defective parts.

    This warranty is invalid if the damage or defect is caused by accident,
act of God, consumer abuse, unauthorized alteration or repair, vandalism or

    This warranty is made in lieu of any other express warranty, and except
for the foregoing warranty which is exclusive, there is no other express
warranty being made.

    This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other
rights which vary from state to state.

                        CARTRIDGE SERVICE POLICY
    If your cartridge requires service after expiration of the 90 day Limited
Warranty period, Coleco will service the cartridge and put it in working
condition or replace it with a reconditioned unit (at our option), on receipt
of your cartridge, postage prepaid and insured, with your check in the amount
of $10.00 payable to Coleco Industries, Inc.

For service information regarding your Coleco cartridge call 1-800-842-1225. 
This service station is in operation from 8:00 a.m. To 4:30 p.m., Eastern
time, Monday thru Friday.

    Coleco's service obligation does no apply to defects arising from abuse,
misuse or alteration of the cartridge.  If the cartridge is found to have been
consumer damaged or abused it therefore will not be covered by the warranty,
then you will be advised in advance of repair costs.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for repair and return.

All returns must be directed to:
        Coleco Industries, Inc.
        Consumer Electronics Department
        P.O.  Box 47
        Amsterdam, New York  12010
        Attention: Consumer Quality Manager



SMURF(tm), SMURFETTE(tm) and GARGAMEL(tm) are the trademarks of Peyo,(c) 1982. 
Licensed by Wallace Berrie & Co., Van Nuys, CA.

Atari(r) and Video Computer System(tm) are trademarks of Atari, Inc.

Sears Video Arcade(tm) is a trademark of Sears, Roebuck & Co.

Package, Program and Audiovisual(c) 1983 Coleco Industries, Inc. Amsterdam,
New York  12010

                           Printed in U.S.A.

Manual typed in laboriously by Dr. Inferno (Jason Dante Bardis) on 5/27/96
[email protected]

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance