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Sprint Master
ATARI 2600 TM Game Manual

Sprint Master

Ready, Set, Go!

     Speed into the Sprint Master hall of fame! Choose your
track, from practice-caliber squares to the curvaceous
championship courses. Rev up at the starting line, and take off!

     Keep a good grip on the controls. You'll need a delicate
touch and a cool head to avoid sliding into the wall on those
arcing curves.

     Watch your time. Take advantage of the bonus speed and
traction boxes at the necessary moments. Grab the lead on the
first lap, or let your challenger outpace you and then make him
eat dust in the final laps.

     Outrace an opponent, or go at it again to beat your own
time. Sprint to the finish and win!

Getting Started

1.   With your Atari 2600 or 7800 set up, insert the Sprint
     Master cartridge into the console.

2.   Use the left difficulty switch on your console to change
     your steering. Move the switch to the "A" or left position
     for more difficult control (less traction). Move it to the
     "B" or right position for easier control (more traction).

3.   Plug a joystick into the left controller port for one
     player. Plug a second joystick into the right controller
     port for two players.

4.   Turn on your television or monitor and press the [Power]
     key to turn on your console. The Sprint Master title screen

5.   Press [Select] or push the joystick handle in any direction
     to choose a one-player or two-player game. (In a one-player
     game, you race against the computer.) When the choice you
     want is flashing, press [Reset] or the joystick button.
     Then do the same to choose whether the cars will bounce or
     crash when they collide with something and how many laps
     (up to 50) the cars will run.

6.   Press [Reset] or the joystick button to get to the raceway.
     The currently selected track appears, with a grid of all
     track selections above it.

7.   Press [Select] or push the joystick handle in any direction
     to see each track selection. When the track you want is on
     screen, press [Reset] or the joystick button.
8.   Press [Select] or push the joystick handle in any direction
     to choose a blacktop, dirt, or ice track.

9.   Press [Reset] or the joystick button to begin.

Playing the Game

     Both cars are positioned at the starting line. Then it's
ready, set, go! Accelerate with your joystick button and steer
with your joystick handle. Push the handle left or right to turn
in that direction. Pull the handle back for an emergency brake.
Release the joystick button to slow down.

     Laps and times appear at the top of the screen.

     Drive over the blue box on the track to gain traction. Drive
over the red box for a spurt of speed. Hitting an unpredictable
tar slick makes you speed up or slow down. Colliding into a wall
costs you time, so move back into position and get going! The
race car that completes the required laps in the fastest time

     After a game, press [Reset] or player 1's joystick button
to run the same race again. Press [Select] or move player l's
joystick handle in any direction to return to the title screen.

Racing Tips

     Pick up momentum in the straightaways. Keep to the inside
track on curves.

     On blacktop, make for the red boxes to gain as much speed
as you can.

     On ice, head for the blue boxes for extra traction.

     Stay on the track. You can take shortcuts across the grass,
but you may bump into invisible barriers and lose valuable time.

     Watch the track. Some tracks have barriers that appear and
disappear and could cost you time. You can also use these gates
for shortcuts, but you need to make sure you get through before
the gate closes.


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G. C. 4. 1992               C300016-155 Rev. A 

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