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Spy Hunter - Sega - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Spy Hunter
Spy Hunter

You are a world-class spy, driving for your life in your ultra-equipped 
turbo-charged spy mobile. The road is crawling with enemy agents bent on 
your destruction. They'll stop at neither can you !

Maneuver your car with all the speed and skill you can, always watching 
for the Road Lord, the Switch Blade, the Enforcer and other enemy agents 
as they try to stop you cold on land and water. You must destroy them 
before they destroy you!

To play Spy Hunter on your game system, you must use the Dual Control Module 
which enables you to join your two joysticks together in one unit. 
This is necessary because Fire Buttons on both joysticks are needed to 
play Spy Hunter.

1. Holding the Dual Control Module with the cable openings in the position 
   shown in diagram #1, guide joystick cable A through the opening closest 
   to you. (Bottom right) 
2. Peel back the paper covering on the Velcro attachment and as you pull 
   up the cable slack, press the #1 joystick firmly into place with the 
   joy stick's Fire Button in the upper left hand corner as shown in 
   the diagram. 
3. Now guide cable (B), the second joystick, through the cable opening 
   at the upper left hand corner of the Dual Control Module. Make sure 
   Fire Button is in the lower left position. Peel the paper covering 
   the Velcro attachment. Again, as you guide the cable all the way 
   through the opening, press the #2 joystick firmly into place inside 
   the Dual Control Module. Make sure that the Fire Buttons on the 
   joysticks are side-by-side toward the front, according to the diagram.
4. Plug the cable for joystick #1 into joyport #1. (Left)
   Plug the cable for joystick #2 into joyport #2. (Right)
5. When playing Spy Hunter, you use only joystick #1 to maneuver your 
   Spy Car. Both Fire Buttons are used for activating your Spy Weapons.


1. Insert the game cartridge while power is OFF.

2. Turn the power ON and select either Game #1, the more challenging game, 
   or Game #2, the easier game, by using the left difficulty switch. 
   Position "A" --------------- Game #1 
   Position "B" --------------- Game #2
   Game #2 runs on a timer that gives you 90 seconds to complete the 
   first leg of the course. You have an unlimited number of Spy 
   lives (cars) during this time. During the 90 second time period, 
   although you have an unlimited number of cars, you earn extra cars 
   that will be applied to your game after the 90 second period. You 
   earn one car at 7,000 points and another at 10,000 points and one 
   for each 20,000 after that. Game #1 also starts with an initial 90 
   second run. However, game difficulty is increased.
   Press the Fire Button to start game.

3. You'll hear the Spy Hunter theme as the Weapons Van pulls onto the 
   side of the road, letting your Spy Hunter car roll out the back and 
   onto the road.

4. Use your left joystick control to maneuver your Spy Car through the 
   dangers of the road and waterways of Spy Hunter in the following way:
   UP: Increase Speed
   DOWN: Decrease Speed
   Left: Turn Left
   Right: Turn Right

5. Spy Hunter's special Dual Control Module enables the player to activate 
   both Fire Buttons easily. Only the left joystick effects the maneuver 
   of your Spy Car. However, both the bottom and top Fire Buttons are 
   used to activate weapons. (See Weapons Section.) The bottom Fire Button 
   activates forward firing weapons. The top Fire Button activates rear 
   firing weapons. (See Weapons Section.)


Your Spy Hunter adventure starts as the Weapons Van rolls up from the 
bottom of the screen and pulls over to the shoulder of the road. 
The van stops and your Spy Car rolls out the back, armed with machine 
guns. You then maneuver your car onto the road as the action begins.

The road will branch and fork as you go. You must be careful as you 
dodge and chase enemy agents not to swerve off the road. If you do, 
you'll lose one of your Spy Cars. When you lose a Spy Car and you still 
have Spy Cars in reserve, a Weapons Van appears from the bottom of the 
screen and pulls onto the road shoulder to let the new Spy Car roll out 
the back and onto the road for more action. If you have no remaining 
Spy Cars, the game is over.

The terrain will change as you traverse the course. Screen backgrounds 
will change color as indication of a new terrain. As the course continues,
you'll come to a waterway. Here your Spy Car enters a boathouse and 
automatically becomes a Spy Boat and skims along the surface of the 
water Don't think you're safe. The water is teaming with other Enemy 
Agents. You can pause the game by stopping your Spy Car when 2 trees 
are on the screen at the same time.

Each time you enter a new terrain, the Weapons Van appears on the road 
ready to supply your Spy Car with the appropriate new weapon. Here's 
how to activate your various weapons:

Bottom Fire Button activates Machine Gun and Missiles 
Fire Button activates Smoke Screen and Oil Slick 
You can also use your Spy Car to ram some enemy agents off of the road to 
destroy them for points.

The Spy Car faces various Enemy Agents along the course. 
Each Enemy Agent except the Road Lord, has its own unique weaponry. 
They are:

The Road Lord (Bullet Proof)... Must be rammed off road by Spy Car
Switch Blade...  extended buzz-saw hubcaps to s ash tires 
The Enforcer... fires a shot gun
The Copter (Mad Bomber)...drops bombs onto Spy Car
Barre Dumper...dumps oil barrels in water ahead of SpyBoat
Doctor Torpedo...fires torpedos at Spy Boat

On land, Enemy Agents are blue. 
On water, all are the Enemy.

This manual typed by Steve Reed, [email protected].

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance