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Squeeze Box
                                 SQUEEZE BOX

                              US Games  VC2002

                            US Games Corporation
                   A Subsidiary of The Quaker Oats Company
                              1515 Wyatt Drive
                        Santa Clara, California 95054

>> Squeeze Box

Squeeze Box is a single player, full color game designed to be played on the
Atari Video Computer System or the Sears Video Arcade. There are six game
variations to test your skill and judgment.

Squeeze Box is the ultimate escape game. Our pistol packin' jailbird has got
to shoot like crazy to knock out an escape route through the walls... before
they close in on him. The longer it takes, the faster they come, so aim
carefully. But don't rush out too fast because the next room is worse, and
you're getting points for each block you shoot out.

Test your endurance! Wait too long and you might touch the wall. Three
touches and its all over - except for the hottest finish you have ever
encountered in a video game.

                      [picture of game screen omitted]

>> Set-Up Instructions

 1. Connect the Atari Video Computer System or Sears Video Arcade following
    the manufacturers instructions.

 2. Install the left joystick control. The right joystick is not used.

 3. Insert the cartridge making certain that the power is OFF.

 4. Move the POWER switch to ON.

 5. Select the game of your choice.

 6. Press the red fire button on the joystick to start the game.

 7. Push the RESET switch any time to start a new game.

 8. After the game is over, a new game be started by pressed the fire button
    on the joystick.

 9. The LEFT DIFFICULTY SWITCH selects fast or slow bar speed:
        Position A = Fast Bar Speed
        Position B = Slow Bar Speed

10. The RIGHT DIFFICULTY SWITCH selects automatic fire:
        Position A = Manual fire
        Position B = Automatic fire

>> Controls

o   Use left joystick control.

o   Move joystick left and right or up and down to control movement of 

o   Adjust the angle of your shooting by depressing the fire button (in
    either auto-fire or manual mode) and holding joystick either up or down
    depending on desired angle of shot. Angel will then stay as set, until
    moved to another position.

>> Game Variations

Game 1      The squeeze bars randomly grow in from both sides of the room.
            You must shoot them back and attempt to get out of the room. The
            bars will begin moving faster and faster as time goes on. If you
            succeed in leaving the first room, you enter the next room with
            faster growing bars.

Game 2      The squeeze bars only grow-in from one wall. The other wall is
            stationary. The object is to turn all the moving color bars white
            by shooting them all the way back. When this happens, the screen
            automatically clears and you are in the next room. As the game
            becomes faster, it is less desirable to stay in the room, and it
            becomes harder to turn all the bars white.

Game 3      Once again, the squeeze bars grow-in from only one wall, but the
            other wall now begins to move in on you. Shooting back the
            growing bars rolls up the score. Shooting back the flashing bars
            rolls up bonus points. As the game goes on, it becomes faster.
            The faster it is, the harder it becomes to shoot a pathway out.

Game 4      Game 4 is identical to Game 1 except there are twice as many
            horizontal color bars.

Game 5      Game 5 is identical to Game 2 except there are twice as many
            horizontal color bars.

Game 6      Game 6 is identical to Game 3 except there are twice as many
            horizontal color bars.

>> Scoring

    Games 1 & 4     Each color bar                       10 points
    Games 2 & 5     Each color bar                       10 points
                    Each white bar                        0 points
    Games 3 & 6     Each color bar                       10 points
                    Each blinking bar                    20 points
    All games       Shooting a path and walking off     100 points

Special bonus - Games 1 & 4 - shooting all bars off screen and leaving room
gives you an extra star (3 maximum).

>> Play Hints

o   The longer your shot, the more time available for the walls to move in on
    you. Stand as close as possible to the advancing bars so your gun will
    fire more frequently, but be careful!

o   Try to completely shoot away one wall of bars first and then reverse to
    the opposite wall. Remember, if you clear away all bars (both sides) you
    gain an extra turn (star - 3 maximum).

o   Change the shooting angle as seldom as possible as this takes up time
    allowing the bars to advance. Now get out there and blast away those
    walls or you'll be trying to hotfoot your way to freedom!


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This cartridge is manufactured for the ATARI Video Computer System, Model 2600
by U.S. Games. ATARI Video Computer System, and 2600 are trademarks of Atari,
Inc. U.S. Games is not affiliated with Atari, Inc. Video Arcade is a
trademark of Sears, Roebuck & Co,

VC2002          (c)1982 U.S. Games Corporation.         Printed in Taiwan.

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance