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Star Fox - Mythicon - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Star Fox by Mythicon
Mythicon Inc.

S T A R   F O X   Instructions  tm
Label & Program (c)1983 Mythicon, Inc.
PATROL COMMUNIQUE 4024/8:  Friendly robot freighter downed on planetoid
Beta-7 in your quadrant.
CARGO:  Valuable trimetalisium energy crystals.  Enemy star cruiser with
fighter drones enroute to confiscate these highly valuable blue energy
MISSION:  Recover as many crystals as possible.  Destroy all enemy
fighter drones you encounter.  Intelligence reports that enemy is
combat testing new models of these drones and will periodically
replace them during melee.
MISSION STATUS:  Critical.  Expect extreme danger when penetrating orange
atmosphere of Beta-7 planetoid.  The energy crystals have ionized the
gases to such an extent that your horizontal drives will be useless: you
may not be able to move left or right at low altitudes.  No further
communication authorized.  Good Hunting.
G E T T I N G    S T A R T E D
1. Plug in Joystick or Ball Controller
2. Turn power OFF, insert game cartridge.
3. Turn power ON.
4. DIFFICULTY SWITCHES are not used with STAR FOX since the enemy
automatically becomes more aggressive as your score increases.
5. JOYSTICK CONTROLLERS move your space ship in any direction.  When you
enter the orange atmosphere your landing gear will automatically deploy.
You will not be able to move left or right while in the planet's
atmosphere.  The red button on the joystick fires your laser cannon.
6. BALL CONTROLLERS work very well with STAR FOX.  Higher scores should
be possible.
7. GAME SELECT SWITCH will allow you to choose the
difficulty level and whether one or two players will be playing.
Man + Happy Face + Blank      Practice mode - One player only, no scoring
Man + Blank      + Blank      First Level One Player - Scoring for
                              successfully shooting or ramming enemy and
                              for recovering crystals.
Man + Blank      + Man        First Level Two Players  - Play alternates
                              starting with left controller.

Man + Diamond    + Blank      Second Level, One Player - Scoring for
                              successfully shooting enemy and for recovering
                              crystals.  Colliding with enemy will cause
                              you to loose a life.
Man + Diamond    + Man        Second level, Two Players
8. BEGIN PLAY by pressing the game reset button or by pressing the red
button on your controller.  After each loss of a life, a controller symbol
will appear at the top of the screen.  Pressing the red button on your
controller will restart the game.
Once you have pressed the read button, you are free to being searching
for crystals.  They are always located just off the screen to the left
or right.  Flying in one direction then turning around and flying in
the other direction is the best way to find crystals.
9. SCORING is done by destroying enemy fighters and recovering blue
trimetalisium crystals.  To destroy a fighter drone you may shoot it
with your LASER or ram it.  Be careful in the second level of difficulty;
your ship is destroyed if you ram the enemy.
Ram enemy            10 points
Shoot enemy         100 points
Recover crystal     200 points
10. LIVES remaining in addition to your current life are displayed at the
top of the screen.  You have a total of four lives at the beginning of
each game.
11. DIFFICULTY is determined automatically.  As your score increases the
enemy becomes faster.  Your opponent is replaced automatically every 2000
points or so, depending upon the tactics programmed into the enemy.  All
but the most difficult enemy drones are available in the practice mode as
well.  In this mode, pressing RESET switch will return you to the easiest
enemy.  Each successive fighter drone is more difficult to shoot than the
last.  Only the best players will get a chance to see some of the most
aggressive units.

Your search for crystals will be greatly reduced by flying rapidly to the
right or to the left.  If you do not come across a crystal within a few
seconds reverse direction.  This will generally being a crystal into view
almost immediately.
You are most vulnerable when within Beta-7's atmosphere while recovering
the trimetalisium crystals.  Since trimetalisium possesses an extraordinary
amount of energy, they float above the surface of Beta-7.  To reduce the
time you must remain within the atmosphere wait until the crystal is near
the top of the gaseous layer.  It is also helpful to dive into the
atmosphere at an angle instead of dropping straight down.  Since your
landing gear will deploy automatically as soon as your ship's sensors
detect Beta-7's atmosphere gases you will decelerate very rapidly.
Pick-up the crystal and ascend to thinner air.
G A M E   F E A T U R E S
STAR FOX by Mythicon has a high level of computer intelligence built in.
The enemy is very smart and always knows where you are.  It has an
automatic tracking system which tells at what altitude you are flying,
what airspeed your are maintaining and your rate of acceleration and
Because of the extraordinary sensing devices aboard, a fighter drone is
capable of detecting your every motion, except when bombing.  It will
attempt to evade your LASER cannon and reestablish an attack position
behind your ship.  Its sensors will also detect your entry into Beta-7's
atmosphere.  While you are recovering the trimetalisium crystals it will
assume a bombing mode since it is not constructed to survive the ionized
gases of the atmosphere.  In this mode it will detect your location, hover
above you, and release tactical bombs.  When you rise out of the atmospheric
level, it re-assumes its attack mode and the firing of its missiles.
O N E   Y E A R   L I M I T E D   W A R R A N T Y

[information deleted]

STAR FOX tm   is a trademark of Mythicon Inc.
(c) 1983 Mythicon Inc.
Printed in U.S.A.