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Suicide Mission - Starpath - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Suicide Mission
How to Play



How to Supercharge your Video Game System.

* Set up your Atari(R) Video Computer System(TM) (or
just about any game system that takes Video Computer
System(TM) game cartridges) according to manufacturer
instructions.  The game uses joystick control.

* Make sure the power switch is OFF, and insert the
Arcadia(TM) Supercharger(TM) with label up.  Be
careful not to force it or insert crookedly.

* Connect the plug on the end of the Supercharger(TM)
cable to the earphone jack of any cassette recorder/
player.  The earphone jack may also be labeled
"monitor," "mon.", "ear," or "output."*

* Turn the power switch of the game system ON.  The TV
screen should read "REWIND TAPE, PRESS PLAY."  If not,
turn the power off and check to make sure the system
is properly hooked up and the Supercharger(TM) fully

* Insert the SUICIDE MISSION(TM) cassette, label side
up, into the cassette player.  Turn the volume and
tone controls about halfway up.

	* If you use a large cassette deck with a
	  "phone" type earphone jack, you may purchase
	  an adaptor at most electronics specialty

* Press REWIND and wait until the tape stops moving.
Now press PLAY.

* In a few moments, you will hear the sounds of the
game loading and see colored panels fill the screen.
A moment later "STOP TAPE" will appear, and you'll be
able to play SUICIDE MISSION.

If you have trouble...
* If the tape player makes a screeching noise, you
have not plugged the Supercharger(TM) cable into the
"earphone" jack.

* If the tape doesn't move, the batteries in the cassette
player may be too weak.

* You may have forgotten to rewind the tape completely.

* If everything else seems OK, try turning up the TONE
and VOLUME controls on the cassette player.  If the
screen remains unchanged, remove the cassette, turn it
over (label side down), rewind it, and press PLAY.


The Battleground: A growing abscess, perilously close to
the human heart.  An invasion of lethal virus, multiplying
faster than the body's warrior leukocytes can destroy them.

Your Mission: Shrink down, down, down.  Smaller than a
speck of dust.  Board a microscopic submarine.  And navigate
through the bloodstream until you encounter your deadly
foes.  Any volunteers?

A Million to One: Those are the odds against you.  Even though
you're fast, tough, and smart.  You're simply outnumbered.
And the enemy is tough.

The Bad Guys: Fiendish virus.  Tough to kill, too.  A direct
hit with a penicillin torpedo divides the colony.  Hit
again, and they divide into creepy little virus.  A third
blast pulls their plugs for good.

Most of them just cruise along attacking their host's cells.
But watch out for a particularly nasty number who goes
straight for your throat.

Starting A Game

Press select to choose the number of players and the easy,
medium, or hard options.

The DIFFICULTY SWITCHES determine shooting style.  "A"
gives you single torpedoes.  "B" gives you salvoes.  The
left difficulty switch is for player number one, the right
switch for player number two.

To start the game press game reset.

Tugging back on the joystick turns screens on.  But in so
small a submarine, the screens only last a few seconds.  Hold
them on too long, and they will heat up causing you to
vaporize all of the virus--along with yourself!  To avoid
this, allow the screens to cool between use.

Difficulty Options

Easy	This is the place to start.
Medium	Your screens will heat up faster.
Hard	The current keeps your ship always moving.


Viral Colony	30 Points

Sub Colony	60 Points

Creepy Crawling Virus	100 Points

Deadly Little Virus	150 Points

Bonus Submarines

Easy	One for every 20,000 Points
Medium	One for every 80,000 Points
Hard	One for every 20,000 Points

Game Previews

To get a preview of other great Arcadia(TM) games, follow
these simple instructions:

* When loading SUICIDE MISSION(TM) be sure to push the STOP
button as soon as the TV screen fills with colored panels
and the "STOP TAPE" message appears.

* Don't rewind the tape.  When you're ready for a preview,
flick the power switch on the game system OFF, then ON again.

* The TV screen should read "REWIND TAPE, PRESS PLAY."  Don't
rewind the tape.  Simply press PLAY.  As soon as the "STOP
TAPE" message appears, press STOP.

* You'll see a "self-play" preview of one exciting Arcadia(TM)
game.  You can't actually play it (so don't bother pressing
any more switches), but you can appreciate the great graphics
and game action.

* To see the next game preview, simply repeat the above
instructions.  When no more games appear, you have seen all
the previews on your cassette.

Repair Service
Should your SUPERCHARGER(TM) require service after this ninety
day limited warranty period, a charge of $15 will be assessed
to restore it to full working condition.  Send the
SUPERCHARGER(TM) unit, shipping prepaid, to:

324 Martin Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95050



Atari(R) and Video Computer System(TM) are trademarks of
ATARI, INC.  ARCADIA CORP. is not related to ATARI, INC.

(C)1982 ARCADIA CORP. Printed in USA.
(C)1982 ARCADIA CORP. (Game Program)

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance