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Super Baseball
ATARI(R) 2600(TM) Game Manual


Batter Up!

   The late-summer sun sits high above the ballpark.  The centerfield flags
are barely moving.  You can feel the sun's heat reflecting off home plate.
The crowd behind you murmurs, afraid to break the spell.  It's the bottom of
the ninth, the score is tied, and the pennant is on the line.

   You have a runner on base and only one out.  The pitcher tries to stare
you down.  But you know he's getting tired, and his sinker ball is starting to
creep up into the strike zone.

   Finally he makes the throw.  Your whole body moves into the swing.  With
the crack of the bat still ringing in your ears, you head for first.  As you
round the bag at first, you look up in time to see a fan in the centerfield
bleachers make the catch.  You head for home, and the crowd goes wild!

   You've just won the pennant with a two-run homer.  Now on to the

Getting Started

1. With your television turned on, insert your Super Baseball cartridge into
your Atari 2600 (or 7800) as explained in your Owner's Manual, and then turn
on your console.  The Super Baseball title screen appears.

2. Plug a joystick into the left controller port for a one-player game; plug
a second joystick into the right controller port for a two-player game.

3. If you are using an Atari 2600, select either color or black and white with
the TV-type switch.

4. Press [Select] or push the joystick handle up or down to choose a
one-player/first up, one-player/second up, or two-player game.

5. Press [Reset] or the left joystick fire button to begin the game.

Playing the Game

   The home team takes the field, and the first batter enters the batter's

Up at Bat

   To hit the ball, press and hold the joystick fire button while moving the
joystick.  The direction in which the joystick is moved determines the type
of swing.

Swing Type         Joystick Direction
bunt               up
right field        up/left
left field         up/right
fly/right          down/left
fly/left           down/right

   If the swing results in a hit and no one is on base, the runner
automatically moves to first base.  If the batter gets a hit and there are one
or more runners on the bases, press the joystick button and use the joystick
to move the runner(s) along the baseline.

   If the batter hits a solo home run, the runner automatically runs the
bases.  If there are one or more runners on the bases when a home run is hit,
press the fire button on the joystick to run the bases.

   To have a runner steal a base, push the joystick handle towards the base
the runner is on.  To return the action to the batter, pull the joystick
towards you.

   Strikes and balls are displayed on the bottom of the screen, and outs are
are displayed at the top of the screen between the teams' scores.

   After three outs, the team at bat takes to the field.

In the Field

   When your team is in the field, first select your pitch by moving the
joystick.  The direction of the joystick determines the type of pitch.

Pitch              Joystick Direction
fastball           up
intentional ball   down
riser              left
sinker             right
curve/left         up/left
curve/right        up/right

   Once you have selected the pitch, hold the fire button down and move the
joystick handle down quickly to release the pitch.

   To throw the ball from one player to another, move the joystick handle to
select the direction of the throw; then press the joystick fire button to
release the ball.

Throw Direction    Joystick Direction
home plate         down
pitcher            center position
1st base           right
2nd base           up
3rd base           left


Playing Tips

   The fielder closest to the ball automatically makes the play.  Begin moving
the fielder into position, using the joystick handle, as soon as the ball is

   If the ball is thrown away, the runners don't advance.  Play is delayed
until the appropriate fielder picks up the ball and throws it back to the

   When throwing the ball to an infielder, picture the joystick as sitting in
the middle of the baseball diamond.  When the handle is in the center
position, pushing the fire button throws the ball to the pitcher; home plate
is down from the pitcher; first base is to the right of the pitcher; second is
up from the pitcher; and third base is to the left of the pitcher.

   Remember to select a pitch before you release the fire button.  If you
release the fire button without having selected a pitch, it's counted as an
intentional ball.

   As in a real baseball game, the team with the highest number of runs after
nine innings wins the game.  However, if the game is tied at the end of the
ninth, it could be a long day at the old ballpark.

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Copyright (C) 1988, Atari Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA 94086.  All rights
reserved.  9.1988.N.C. ATARI

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Document typed by [email protected].

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance