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Title Match Pro Wrestling - Absolute Entertainment - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Title Match Pro Wrestling
Title Match Pro Wrestling 

for the Atari 2600

  ...the screams of the crowd shake the arena
as the Title Belt contenders circle one another.
Mad Dog makes the first move smashing his
fists into Skin Head's chest who gasps for air,
then retaliates with a shin cracking kick. Mad
Dog growls and grabbing from behind drags
Skin Head across the ring whipping him around
in an airplane spin; letting go so he flys into the
ropes and bounces back to meet Mad  Dog's
concrete forearm across his neck... a perfectly
executed clothesline. Wasting no time Mad
Dog elbow drops him. Skin Head's face winces
in pain as he fights his way up and staggers to
his corner to tag his partner in. Big Chief takes
the tag, grabs Mad Dog lifting him over his
head and body slams him into the mat. Mad
Dog's stunned, he's not getting up. Big Chief,
looking for the pin, climbs the ropes for a dive.
As he lunges into the air, Mad Dog scrambles
to his feet and Big Chief's sweaty red skinned
body splatters on the empty mat... 1

            I N S T R U C T I O N S

                TO BEGIN 
1. With the power off, insert the TITLE MATCH cartridge
  into your Atari 2600 game system according to
  manufacturer's instructions. 
2. Plug joystick into port labeled "left controller" for
  one player; another into port labeled "right con-
  troller" for two players. 
3. Turn power on.
4. Press "SELECT" to go to the selection screen. The
  number on the scoreboard displays the type of
  match currently selected:

   1 one On One
   2 tag team match (two on two)
   3 one on one computer wrestler (you against the
   4 tag team match-computer wrestlers (your team
     against the computer's team) 

Pressing "SELECT" will cycle you through the  match
selections. Once you have selected a match, choose
your wrestlers beginning with player No. 1  (the person
using the left joystick). Move the joystick to highlight your
Selection and then press the joystick button. Once player      
No. 1 has selected a wrestler, it is player No. 2's turn. In a
tag team match, this selection occurs twice. The con-
tenders are from left to right:

Mad Dog - From Mad Dog, Louisiana, and weighing in at
a whopping 390 Ibs., this redneck husky vows to "chew
up and spit out" anyone who tries to tangle with him. 

Skin Head - Weighing in at 265 lbs., from Cowpoke,              
Idaho, this farmboy was brutally forced to shave his head
after losing in a cow-tipping contest. To overcome his          
humiliation, Skin Head turned to wrestling at the age of
9, and today is one of the most feared wrestlers of our

Mr. Mean - Currently weighing in at 320 lbs., from
Hoboken, New jersey, Mr. Mean acquired virtually all of
his early training  on the streets, defending  himself
against slime.

Big Chief - One part Apache and one part hulk, from Big
River, Utah, he is merciless at 420 Ibs. Big Chief pow
wow doesn't miss a trick - he will crush you without a
second's thought.

5. Once contenders have been chosen, the arena screen
  is displayed and the match can begin. At any point
  during gameplay, pressing " RESET" will restart the cur-
  rently selected match.

             TAKING THE BELT

Each wrestler's strength is displayed by power bars on
the scoreboard. The upper bar represents the strength of
wrestler No. 1 (left joystick), and the lower bar repre- 
sents the strength of wrestler No. 2 (right joystick or
computer).  Your challenge will be to sustain your
strength while depleting your opponent's.  Strength,
used in combination with skillful manuevering  will
enable you to pin your opponent. Next to each wrestler's
power bar is a digit representing how many times the
opposition has fallen. Pinning your opponent for 3
counts will constitute a fall. The rule for winning a match
is best out of three falls.

             YOUR CONTROLS

There are two modes of joystick control used during
gameplay. The first is "joystick mode", which is simply
moving the joystick around. Your wrestler's movement
or pattern will correspond to that of your joystick. The  
second is "button mode". To switch from joystick into     
button mode you must first release the joystick. Then
press the button and use one of the four joystick  
positions to execute a move. To use button mode in
succession, you must release both the button and the
joystick and then press the button and move the joystick
again. The following instructions will refer to button
mode as either "button mode up, down, right or


Once the match begins, your wrestlers can walk around
the ring in joystick mode. Make your wrestler punch with
button mode up, and kick with button mode down.
You can "soften" your opponent with these moves
by knocking down his strength, while maintaining your

              THE BEAR HUG...

With the exception of punching and kicking, you must
first grab your opponent into a bear hug before making a  
move against him. Do this by moving your wrestler right
next to his opponent, release the joystick, and in button
mode, grab by directing the joystick toward the op-
ponent. (To release your opponent you must re-activate
button mode, this time directing the joystick toward
your own wrestler). Once you have captured your op-
ponent in a bear hug, you can drag him around the
ring in joystick mode. Using button mode down, canvas 
slam your opponent.

           "AROUND HE GOES..."

While you have him in a bear hug, direct the joystick
towards your opponent in button mode to swing him
into an airplane spin. Switch to joystick mode by re-
leasing the button and throw your opponent. You can
swing your opponent just a little to bounce him off of the
ropes or swing him around many times and then let go to
send him bouncing into the ropes and then flying back
across the ring! When your opponent bounces off the
ropes, get in his path and press the button before he 
passes you to clothesline him and knock him to the
NOTE: When caught in a bear hug, you must use Muscle
Mode to generate the extra power needed to escape.
See Muscle Mode.

           " HE'S FLYING HIGH! "

To power lift your opponent, get him into a bear hug and
use button mode up. Once he is overhead, use joystick
mode to carry your opponent around the ring. Using
button mode up, you can back drop and pin your op-
ponent. Or - use button mode down for a body slam.
Carry your opponent to one of the top corners of the ring 
and use button mode down to throw him out of the 

              " HE'S DOWN..."

With your opponent down, in joystick mode you can
walk freely around the ring. Position your wrestler right
next to his opponent and use button mode up to power
lift him, or use button mode left or right to grab him into a
bear hug. Use button mode down to elbow drop and pin
your opponent.
NOTE: When a wrestler is down, he can use Muscle
Mode to generate the additional strength needed to get
back up. See Muscle Mode.

         " HE'S UP ON THE ROPES!"

If your opponent is down and you are away from him at 
the very top or very bottom of the ring, you can climb
onto the ropes using button mode up. Once on the
ropes, joystick mode left or right allows you to walk back
and forth. Use button mode down to climb off of the 
ropes, or use button mode up to do a rope dive and pin
your opponent.



When competing in a tag team match, move your wrest-
ler to his corner at the bottom of the ring and use button
mode down to switch with your tag partner. A good time
to do this is when your strength is down, but remember
that your partner must be at maximum strength in order to
switch. You can tell that your partner's strength is up by 
walking near your corner. If your partner attempts to
follow you, then he has fully regained his strength.

              MUSCLE MODE

When your opponent is down or in a bear hug, he can
escape by putting "muscle mode" into action. Muscle
mode is executed by jiggling the joystick left and right
very fast. Jiggling the joystick provides extra strength to
be used in combination with the wrestler's already
existing strength. The following are situations in which
you will find it necessary to utilize muscle mode:

*  When your opponent has gotten you into a bear
   hug - If your strength combined with your extra power
   from using muscle mode exceeds the strength of your
   opponent, you can break away. Example: if you have
   more strength than your opponent and he grabs you, 
   minimal muscle will be needed for you to break 
* To get back up when you are down on the canvas - If
   you already have at least half of your strength, little
   muscle is needed to get back up. With less then half    
   your strength available, you must work harder in mus-
   cle mode to get back up.
* When you are pinned - If your strength combined
  with the extra muscle generated by using muscle
  mode exceeds that of your opponent, you will suc-
  ceed in escaping.
* When you have your opponent pinned - In this
  situation, muscle mode is used offensively. This is
  a muscle mode competition, in which you. the ag-
  gressor, are trying to maintain your pin for three
  seconds, while your opponent is trying to escape.

           FROM THE EXPERTS...

- Keep in mind that certain offensive moves, such as
  power lifting, or holding your opponent in an airplane
  spin for an extended period of time will use up a lot of
  your own strength, while increasing your opponent's.
  Try to use less expensive moves such as punching and
  kicking to soften your opponent, so that when the
  time comes, you will have enough strength to pin

- Pin your opponent unexpectedly to get a head start in
  in Muscle Mode competition.
- In tag team competition, if you know that your op-
  ponent's tag partner is weak, throw your opponent
  out of the ring. This will force his partner into the ring,
  allowing you to take advantage of the competition's
  weakened condition. 
- In tag team competition, if you know that your op-
  ponent is weak, guard his corner to prevent him from 
  switching with his tag team partner.


  Wrestler's                UP        Down      Right     Left
  position      Joystick    Button    Button    Button    Button
                   Mode     Mode      Mode      Mode      Mode
   Free         Walk        Punch     Kick      Crab -    Grab -
                Around                          Bear Hug  Bear Hug

  Holding       Drag Him   Power      Canvas    Towards Opponent -
  Opponent      Around     Lift       Slam       Airplane, Spin
    in           Ring                           Away From Opponent
  Bear Hug                                       Let go of Him      

  Holding       Carry Him   Back       Body
  Opponent      Around      Drop       Slam
  Overhead      Ring
 Swinging       Throw        Continue   Continue    Continue    Continue
 Opponent-      IntoRopes    Airplane   Airplane    Airplane    Airplane
 Airplane       Spin         Spin       Spin        Spin        Spin
 Opponent -     Walk          Power     Elbow Drop    Grab -     Grab -
 Down'          Around        Lift      And Pin      Bear Hug   Bear Hug
                Ring                    Opponent
  Up On         Walk          Rope       Climb
  Ropes         Around        Dive       Down
                Ropes                    From
                Left, Right              Ropes
 Opponent      Muscle       Get up      Get up      Get up      Get up
 Pinned        Mode

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This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance