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Tutankham - Parker Brothers - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   



Under License from Konami Industry Co., Ltd.


Rules (C) 1983 Parker Brothers, Beverly, MA 01915 Printed in U.S.A.
(C) 1983 Konami Industry Co., Ltd., and used by Parker Brothers under

Inside King Tut's tomb are treasures beyond your wildest dreams.  They can be
yours...if you dare to take them.  Supernatural creatures roam the mazes of the
tomb guarding the treasures at all costs.  Your only defenses against them are
your laser gun...and your wits.  Blast away, snatch the loot, escape through
secret passageway before it's too late!  And when you see a key, take that,
too.  It will unlock the door to the next chanber and the next adventure.  Enter
King Tut's tomb and see what awaits you...if you dare.


To score as many points as you can by recovering treasures and defeating the
guardians of the tomb.


1. Select a game level number (see GAME SELECTION on back page) by pressing
down on the GAME SELECT switch.  The game number will appear at the bottom of
the screen.

2. Press down the GAME RESET switch and you're ready to start the action.


Plug the Joystick controllers firmly into the jacks at the back of your video
system.  Use the LEFT controller jack for one-player games.  Use the Joystick
to move your archeologist left, right, up, or down.  To fire your laser gun,
press the fire button and--at the same time--move the Joystick either left or
right to fire in that direction.  To create a laser flash, hold down the fire
button and--at the same time--move the Joystick up.


When the game begins, you're an archeologist with three "lives."  You're in the
first of four burial chambers inside King Tut's tomb.  Take a minute to look
at the illustration to the left.

As soon as you press RESET, start moving the archeologist through the maze.
These are the things you must do:

Find the Key.  Inside each chamber is a key.  As soon as you see it, go after
it.  You'll need it in order to enter the next chamber at the end of the maze.
Once you have the key you'll see it in the archeologist's hand.

Watch out for Creature Nests.  Throughout the maze are creatures' nests.
Creatures of varying speeds and species can spring fromthem at any time.  Just
before they do, however, you'll hear a "slurp-like" sound.  When you hear it,
get ready to fire at the approaching creature!

To fire your laser gun: press the fire button while you move the Joystick
either left or right, depending on the direction in which you wish to fire.
You cannot fire up or down.

If you're in a tight spot and can't seem to fire your way out, you can activate
the laser flash.  Just hold down the fire button while you move the Joystick
up.  The laser flash will cause all the creatures on the screen to disappear...
just long enough for you to escape.  You'll start with three flashes, so use 
them wisely!

Pick up Treasure.  Various kinds of exotic and priceless treasures are located
throughout the maze.  You'll find them tucked away in alcoves.  Just remember
that you don't have to go after each one--especially if it's too risky.  As the
astute archeologist knows, some treasures are more valuable than others. (The
list is on p. 7.)  It's up to you to decide which ones you most desire.  Good

Find the Secret Passageways.  Secret passageways let you zip from one side of
the chamber to the other.  They can let you escape dangerous situations.
Oftentimes it's the only way to continue through the maze.  Because a secret is
a secret, it's up to you to find out where each one is located.

Watch the Time Band.  The time band monitors the amount of ammunition in your
laser gun.  The longer you remain in the maze, the faster the ammo is used up.
So try to complete the maze as quickly as you can.  Your ammo supply replenishes
with each new chamber.

Open the Door.  At the end of each maze, you'll find a door.  As long as the
archeologist has the key in hand, he'll unlock that door when he reaches it.
Behind it lies another fabulous treasure and the entrance to the next
chamber!  If the archeologist has no key when he reaches the door, he must go
back and get it.


The game ends when you've lost the last of your three "lives."  To play again
at the same level, press RESET.


There are four levels of difficulty.  Each level is comprised of the four
different chambers.  If you complete the four chambers of Level One with at
least one remaining "life," you'll proceed to the first chamber of Level Two.
If you complete the four chambers of Level Two with at least one remaining
"life," you'll proceed to the first chamber of Level Three, and so on.  Complete
all four chambers of Level Four, and you'll repeat Level One.


As you forge deeper into the tomb, you'll see that inside each chamber is a
different maze, each one a bit more difficult than the last; different
treasures; and different creatures...


The creatures you'll find here are:

Royal Cobra Snakes...spirits of the goddess Wadjet.

Desert Scorpions...sacred animals of the goddess Selket.

Giant Bats...they've been locked inside the tomb for generations.

The treasures you'll find here are:

Silver Crown of Ramses II

Royal Ring...worn by Pharaohs of the Eighteenth Dynasty

Ruby...thought to have been dropped by a previous explorer who never emerged
from the tomb and whose remains have never been found

Gold Chalice...used by Thutmoses III in ceremonies to the god Amon-Ra

Gold Crown...believed to have been worn by Queen Teye

Behind the unlocked door lies the map that shows the way through Chamber Two


The creatures you'll find here are:

Turtles...a vicious breed that made a home inside the tomb when the Nile River
overflowed in the 10th century

Jackels...spirits of Anubis, the jackel-headed god of death

Blue Condors...protectors of the great sky god Horus

The treasures you'll find here are:

Gold Crown...probably worn by a young prince of the 20th Dynasty

Ring...reported to have magical powers

Emerald...plunder from the battle at Kandesh during war with the Hittites

Goblet...used in ceremonies to command the forces of nature

Bust...head of Amon-Ra, the sun god

Behind the unlocked door lies a vase used to carry sacred Nile River water in
coronation ceremonies


The creatures you'll find here are:

Desert snakes...spirits of the snake goddess Merseger, protector of desert

Lion heads...spirits of Sekhmet, lioness-headed goddess of war

Killer Moths...this ancient species is gigantic and poisonous

The treasures you'll find here are:

Neck Ring...thought to have belonged to a high born Nubian slave

Amulet...used to ward off evil spirits

Palm fan...used to keep Queen Nefretiti cool

Crystal...believed to be from the glass furnaces of Thebes

Blue Zircon...very rare...favorite jewel of Queen Nefertari, wife of Ramses II

Dagger...used in ancient ceremonial killings

Behind the unlocked door lies the most coveted treasure of all...the death
mask of Tutankham, himself!


| CREATURES/POINTS | Snake     1 | Turtle    1 | Snake       1 | Virus      1 |
|                  | Scorpion  2 | Jackel    2 | Lion        2 | Monkey     2 |
|                  | Bat       3 | Condor    3 | Moth        3 | Mystery      |
|                  |             |             |               | Weapon     3 |
| TREASURES/POINTS | Key      20 | Key      40 | Key        60 | Key       55 |
|                  | Crown    15 | Ring     30 | Trident    35 | Ring      40 |
|                  | Ring     25 | Crown    25 | Ring       30 | Amulet    25 |
|                  | Ruby     25 | Emerald  40 | Herb       25 | Fan       80 |
|                  | Chalice  20 | Goblet   20 | Diamond    30 | Crystal   20 |
|                  | Crown    45 | Bust     20 | Candelabra  5 | Zircon    40 |
|                  |             |             |               | Dagger    35 |

Bonus points for completing each chamber: depends on amount of ammunition left.


TUTANKHAM has eight game selections.  Games 1, 2, 3, and 4 are one-player games.
Games 5, 6, 7, and 8 are two-player games.  In the two-player games, the left
player goes first; players then alternate turns.  Your turn ends when you lose
a "life."  The game ends when both players have lost three "lives."

|       LEVEL NUMBER         |     LEVEL VARIATION        |
| one-player    two-player   |        easiest             |
|     1             5        |           |                |
|     2             6        |           |                |
|     3             7        |          \|/               |
|     4             8        |        toughest            |

This document was typed and converted to html by [email protected].

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance