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Video Reflex
Video Reflex

By Exus 

REFLEX is the ultimate conditioner. Unless you are in tip physical shape, it is suggested that you 
spend the first month on a daily regime of JOGGER before working out with REFLEX.

Be sure, when working out, that the colors of the REFLEX pattern on the TV screen are as follows, 
clockwise from top left: BLUE, ORANGE, GREEN, YELLOW with RED in the center.

Select a program level of difficulty (1-9) by stepping on the RED dot of the Foot Craz Activity 
Pad. See below:

		Level 1-3		Random Bugs with Butterfly
		Level $&6		Sequential Bugs in Increasing Order
		Level 5			Sequential Bugs in Decreasing Order
		Level 7-9		Combination Bugs in Increasing Order

Next, step on the GREEN dot of the Foot Craz Activity Pad to begin the program.

There are five squares displayed on the screen, each with a different color. When you see a "bug" 
appear on one of the colored squares, you have a limited time (one to three seconds, depending 
on the level) to step on the corresponding colored dot of the Foot Craz Activity Pad.

To train your reflexes further, a "bug" can appear on more than one colored square at the same 
time. You get a point for each correct hit.

The level of difficulty increases every twenty points.

There are eight "lives" per program. A life is lost each time you step on the wrong color or 
delay too long in hitting the dot.

You should not step on a colored square when a BUTTERFLY appears. If you do, it takes one of 
your "lives."

REFLEX is the ideal trainer for those participating in aerobics, jazzercise, tennis, soccer, 
football, track and field, and snow and water skiing.

When you work out on REFLEX, develop a steady bouncing rhythm, and memorize the colored dot 
pattern on the Foot Craz Activity Pad.

Unless you are in excellent physical condition, limit your exercise sessions on REFLEX to 
three (3) minutes, once a day for the first two (2) weeks.

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance