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Zaxxon - Coleco - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

	The Official
	Z A X X O N
	by SEGA
	Cartridge Instructions
For use with the Atari 2600 Video Computer System and Sears Video Arcade.

- For one or two players
- For color or black and white TV
- Select from four skill levels

	Game Description
Coleco's ZAXXON is a stunning 3-D space game that takes you across alien
asteroid fortresses on a special mission.  The evil robot ZAXXON and its
fierce armies have conquered an asteroid belt.  You must stop them before
they enslave the entire galaxy!  Pass the barrier on the first asteroid,
then dive to the enemy surface.  Evade fire from gun turrets and mobots as
you search for the Robot Warrior.  Once you successfully cross the asteroid
fortress, you must fly through deep space.  Avoid the enemy squadron combing
the galaxy in search of your fighter!  Can you defeat the evil Zaxxon?

	Getting Ready To Play
-	Make sure the Video Computer System is connected to the TV, and the power
supply is plugged in.
-	Be sure that you have plugged the controllers into the jacks at the rear
of the Video Computer System.
-	Insert cartridge as shown, then turn On/Off switch to On. (ALWAYS TURN THE

[Diagram of proper connection of an Atari VCS to a television set.]

	Using Your Controls
For a one-player game, use the left controller.  For a two-player game,
Player 1 uses the left controller; Player 2 uses the right controller.
Always hold controller with the Red Button to your upper left (toward the TV).

1. CONTROL STICK: Push the Control Stick away from you to make your fighter
move down.  Pull the Control Stick toward you to make your fighter move up.
Push the Control Stick away from you and to the right or left to move your
fighter down-right or down-left.  Pull the Control Stick toward you and to
the right or left to make your fighter move up-right or up-left.  Push the
Control Stick left or right to make your fighter move left or right.

2. RED BUTTON: Press the Red Button to make your fighter fire an energy blast.

Note: The left and right Difficulty Switches are not used for ZAXXON.

	Here's How To Play

STEP 1: Choose Your game.
Press Game Select until the Game Option number you want appears at the top
of the screen, according to the following:
1 = Skill 1 / One Player
2 = Skill 2 / One Player
3 = Skill 3 / One Player
4 = Skill 4 / One Player
5 = Skill 1 / Two Players
6 = Skill 2 / Two Players
7 = Skill 3 / Two Players
8 = Skill 4 / Two Players

Then press Game Reset to begin the first phase.

[Fortress Screen Diagram: Score Indicator top centre, Altitude Indicator bar
on side left, Fuel Remaining Indicator bottom centre, Fighters Remaining
Indicator - the number beside Fuel Remaining, Fighter, Barrier, Gun Turret,
Fuel Tank, Mobot and Radar Tower.]

STEP 2: To battle!
Your fighter approaches Zaxxon's first asteroid base.  Fly high to avoid
crashing into the first wall!  Then swoop down to attack enemy targets.
Watch out for return fire from turrets and dodger guns.

STEP 3: Running out of fuel.
Careful!  Your fighter guzzles fuel as you zoom over Zaxxon's territory.
Keep an eye on your fuel gauge.  Fire at fuel tanks to fill up.  Then slip
over the gap in the wall at the end of the asteroid base and prepare for a
battle in space.

[Space Battle Screen Diagram: Enemy Planes, Enemy Blast, Fighter and Fighter

STEP 4: Attack in space.
You've made it past Zaxxon's first ground force.  Now try your skill against
Zaxxon's planes in space.  They can dive at you from above, below or hit you
head on.  Eliminate as many planes as you can in this sudden attack.

STEP 5: More asteroid action.
You're heading toward another asteroid.  In games played at skills 2-4, some
targets are protected by electronic barriers.  Slip through gaps in the
barriers to avoid the deadly electronic beams.

[Zaxxon Confrontation Screen Diagram: Robot Zaxxon, Robot Missile and your

STEP 6: Meet the robot Zaxxon.
Pass the final barrier and your fighter no longer moves forward.  A deadly
force holds it back!  But fortunately, you can still move up, down and
sideways.  Suddenly, the robot Zaxxon approaches.  Only one spot on Zaxxon
is vulnerable - the missile under its arm.  To eliminate Zaxxon, you must
shoot its missile repeatedly before it fires.  If you fail, you still have a
chance to hit the speeding missile and proceed to the next round of play.
If you don't eliminate the missile, your fighter will be eliminated.

It takes several hits to eliminate Zaxxon's missile:
Skill Level 1........3 hits
Skill Level 2........4 hits
Skill Level 3........5 hits
Skill Level 4........6 hits

STEP 7: Onward through the galaxy!
Once you've gone past the robot Zaxxon, another asteroid challenges your
skill and coordination.  Then it's back into deep space to confront another
wave of enemy fighters.

STEP 8: Starting over.
Keep defending the universe until you run out of fighters.  To replay the
Game Option that you have been playing, press Reset.  To select another Game
Option, press Game Select, then press Reset.

Enemy Plane			200 points
Fuel Tank				300 points
Gun Turret			400 points
Mobot				400 points
Dodger Gun			500 points
Radar Tower			1000 points
Robot Zaxxon's Missile	1000 points
Robot Zaxxon			5000 points

Each player receives five fighters per game.  You receive a bonus fighter if
your score reaches 10,000 points.

	The Fun of Discovery
This instruction booklet will provide the basic information you need to get
started playing ZAXXON, but it is only the beginning!  You will find that
this cartridge is full of special features to make ZAXXON exciting every
time you play.  Experiment with different techniques - and enjoy the game!

	90 Day Limited Warranty

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance