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California Games
 California Games

  Welcome to California.  Home of the most radical sports in the world.
Rad, bad, and aggro.  You're about to hit the beaches, parks and streets
of the Golden State to go for thophies in everything form surfing to
bike racing.  California Games gives you the hottest sports.  And the
most aggro competition.  You even get to pick your own sponsors.
  So pull on those knee pads.  You're about to get into the most fun
you've had since Mom hid your skateboard.  California Games is going to
take you from the surf to the turf.  From the pipe to the parks.  Are you
gonna love it, or what?
  We'll start you off in the heart of San Francisco for the high-flying
Foot Bag and some really wild footwork.  Then we'll rocket down to
Hollywood with skateboards in hot competition on the radical Half Pipe.
  Over at the dirt track, you'll pump the pedals of a BMX racing bike.  And
your moves had better be bad.  You're gonna have your hands full, not to
mention your feet.
  After that, it's down to the beach for one of the coolest sports we've
got in California--Surfing.  As a contender in the king of coastal
competition, you'll be shooting the tube and carving the biggest breakers
  You're about to get into the wildest games of them all...California
Games.  It's only, like, the most totally awesome game in the world! 

  California Games is a challenge of skills for 1 to 8 players.  The
object of the games is to win ribbons in each individual event.  Players
can also compete for the top score in overall competition.
  California Games includes 4 exciting events:  Foot Bag, Half Pipe
Skateboard, BMX Bike Racing, and Surfing.
  Each player chooses a sponsor for the competition.  You are judged on
each event and a record is kept of your score.  Ribbons are awarded to the
scoring competitors.  Improve your skills in each event, compete with your
family and friends and become a California Champion.

Getting Started:
Loading Instructions:
  * Set up your game console and plug in the cartridge.
  * Connect a joystick to the left joystick port.
  * Turn the power switch on. 

Starting Play:
  When the California Games title screen appears, press the fire button on
your joystick to continue to the sponsor select screen.  There are 8
Move the joystick up and down to the sponsor of your choice (blinking),
and press the fire button (only 1 person per sponsor).  To deselect a
sponsor, move back to the highlighted sponsor and press the fire button. 
Select DONE when all contestants have picked their sponsors, and the
events will begin. 
  To start any event, press the fire button.  After each event, "Louie,
Louie" will play to signify the end of the event.  Press the fire button
to go on to the next event.
  When all contestants have completed an event, a ranking screen will
appear.  The contestant with the higest score is listed at the top in blue
(to signify winning a blue ribbon), the second place winner appears in
red, and the third place winner appears in white.  Press the fire button
to exit the ranking screen and return to the events.
  When all contestants have completed an event, a ranking screen will
appear.  The contestant with the highest score is listed at the top in
blue (to signify winning a blue ribbon), the second place winner apppears
in red, and the third placed winner appears in white.  Press the fire
button to exit the ranking screen and return to the events.
  To practice the events before competing:
  * Press the SELECT button to select an event to practice.
  * RESET starts the currently selected event over again and puts it in
    practice mode.

The Games:
Foot Bag:
This is probably the most laid back event, but don't lose your cool, it
isn't easy.  The Foot Bag event is like juggling with your feet.  In the
event, you have to keep a juggling bag in the air for 90 seconds, without
using your hands.  Success is all in the timing.  If you time your kicks
correctly, you'll keep the bag bouncing high in the air.  Score extra
points by performing stunts.  The highest score wins the event.
  Object:  Hacking at the sack with your feet, knees, and head, you must
try to make as many kciks as you can before thime runs out.  And remember,
you get extra points for every stunt you perform.
  * Press the fire button to kick the bag into the air and start the event.
  * As the bag falls back toward the ground, press the fire button to kick
    again just before the bag reaches your foot.
  * To perform a head butt, press the fire button (or UP) just before
    the bag drops below the level of your head.
  * Move the joystick as indicated in the diagram to control other
                Move left <> Move right
                      Turn around (about face)
            Press the fire button to perform a kick.
  * Several types of kicks are possible, including inside kicks, outside
    kicks, jumping reverse kicks, knee kicks and back kicks.
  * To perform different types of kicks, move to new positions underneath
    the back while it's in the air.  For example, ove to the right so the bag
    will drop next to you (but not too far).  Now press the fire button when
    the bag approaches and you'll perform an outside kick.
  * Other kicks are performed by positioning yourself in different ways.
    Discover the ways to perform all the kicks by trying various movements
    during practice.
  Scoring:  You earn points for each stunt or kick performed successfully.
 More difficult stunts, like turning around while the bag is in the air,
earn higher scores.  Simple toe kicks are worth very little.  You also
earn points for consecutive kicks completed without allowing the bag to
touch the ground.  If you do the same kick combination twice in a row, you
double your score for the combination, 3 times triples your score.  The
bottom (blue) score is your score for that run (up to 1000 points).  When
you drop the footbag, that score returns to zero.  The top (yellow) score
is your total accumulative score for all your stunts.  The score for each
kick is added to your blue score and your blue score is added to your
yellow, so it is important to keep the footbag in the air.
  Strategy:  The move complicated kciks and stunts you can complete
without dropping the bag, the higher your score will be.  The to
accumulate high scores without dropping the bag, as early as possible. 
When you only have 5 seconds left, the score strarts flashing. at that
point, go crazy and do some wild stunts to earn even higher scores (you
have little to lose if your drop the bag at that point). 

Half Pipe Skateboarding:
  It's time to get air on the half pipe.  Skateboarding is definitely an
awesome event, combining strength and coordiantion--often with amazing
results.  You'll be riding a skateboard in a specially built half-pipe. 
You'll have a 90 second time period to build up speed and successfully
complete stunts.  Points are awarded for each stunt, and the highest score
wins the event.
  Object:  The object of the half-pipe event is to ride the board back and
forth on the ramp, performing stunts with proper timing and execution.
  * Press the fire button to start the even.
  * To gain speed, "pump" your skater by moving the joystick UP when the
    skater is going up the side of the ramp, then move the stick DOWN when the
    skater is going down.
  * To perform a stunt, move the joystick as shown in the diagram.  Pay
attention to timing, because you'll fall if you move the stick to soon,
too late, or if you hold it too long. 
          Area 1                    Area 4
          Area 2  |               | Area 5
                  |               |
          Area 3  |               | Area 6
                  \               /
    1: Tap joystick right to start Aerial Turn.
    2: Press the fire button to start Hand Plant.
    3: Tap joystick right to start Kick Turn.
    4: Tap joystick left to start Aerial Turn.
    5: Press the fire button to start Hand Plant.
    6: Tap joystick left to start Kick Turn.
  * If you fall and lose momentum, you will be "reset" at the top of the
    ramp after several seconds.  Press the fire button to start skating again.
  Scoring:  You score points for each stunt completed successfully.  Your
score increases with the amount of risk you take.  For example, if you
hold a turn until the last moment, you get more points than if you pull
out early when it's safer.  Some stunts are more difficult and earn higher
scores than others.  If you don't do a turn or stunt while you're on the
ramp, you're doing a "fakie."  Fakies are not worth any points and cous
cause you to fall if you go too high.
       Stunt                Minimum   Maximum
    Kick Turns                120       500
    Aerial Turns              500       800
    Hand Plants                         990
  Strategy:  It's important to build up the right amount of speed before
trying a stunt by pumping.  5 seconds before the end of the event, the
score will sart flashing yo warn you the end of the game is near.  This
event takes experience to get the timing down just right, so be sure to

BMX Bike Bracing:
  BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross.  It alos stants for radical action and
challenging competition.  In this event, riders use strong, lightweight
bicycles to race on an action-packed course down a Cailfornia mountain. 
There are plenty of jumps, bumps, and dips.  You'll need speed, a good
sense of timing and a heavy dose of endurance in this race!
  Object: The object is to cover the course in the fastest possible time,
performing stunts and avoiding or jumping over obstacles.  The fastest
dare-devil will win the event.
  * Press the fire button to start the event.
  * Hold the joystick right to increase your speed.
  * Press the fire button to jump.
  * Move the joystick left to put on the brakes.
  * When you're in the air, use the joysticks to perform stunts:
    - Move the stick down to do a table top.  Hold the stick as long as
      possible then center the joystick to put the bike down.
    - Move the stick up to do a flip.
  * Timing is important to perform stunts and jumps.  You must time the
start and finish of each move to complete it successfully.  If you're not
back in a "centered" position by the time you land, you will crash.
  Scoring:  You will have 30 seconds to complete each of the 7 sections of
the game.  Each section is divided by yellow flags.  As you pass each
yellow flag, the number of seconds you have left (out of 30) will be
multiplied by 100 and added to your score.  You are also awarded an
additional 400 points if you finish the section before time runs out.  as
you race be sure to pick up (ride over) the blue bonus flags worth 400
points each (jumping over them does not count).  There are 10 of them, and
another 4000 bonus points if you get them all.
  The faster your time the higher your score will be.  You also get points
for each stunt, with bonus points for holding stunts as long as possible. 
For each stunt, you must land correctly to earn the points shown below:
      Stunt               Points
    Single Filp            300
    Double Flip            900
    Triple Flip            1800
    Table Top              Variable depends on timing
    Jump                   Variable depends on length.
  If you finish the whole course without crashing, you earn an extra 10000
  Strategy:  When you complete the course, you get 100points for each
second left in the time limit.  So finishing the course in the fastest
possible time is important, but the highest scores  go to the riders who
perform the most daring stunts.  Pay close attention to the course:  Use
ther ramp and cluiffs to flip in the air.  Avoid rocks, cow skulls, and
tree stumps, the can casue you to crash.  Moss and bumps and make you lose
control.  Keep your eye open for other obstacle that can slow you down,
like bushes, cactus, and mud.  You can ride under trees, or jump over them
(but it's got to be a pretty high jump!).  And remember to center your
joystick before landing!

  Surfing began as the sport of Hawaiian kings; now it rules the
California coastline.  From Santa Cruz to Rincon Point, surfers and their
colorful boards dot the miles of sun-splashed beaches.  And you're about
to join them.  You'll shoot the curl, shred the tube and probably even eat
a little sand (when you wipe out).  It's going to be hot.  YOu'll be
there.  And you'll be awesome.
  Object:  Competition surfing is a game of staying near the curl of the
wave and maneuvering your board smoothly at high speeds.  Ride the face of
the wave, moving back and forth, in and out of the tube.  Use as much of
the wave as you can beofre your ride comes to an end.
  * Press the fire button to catch a wave and start the event.
  * To steer the board to the surfer's left, move the joystick up.
  * To steer the board to the surfer's right, move the joystick down.
  * Hold the fire button down to make sharper, faster turns
  * Press the joystick right to "hang 10" but remember to hold the board
  * If you go too close to the bottom of the wave, you'll end your ride by
    leaving the wave.
  * If you go over the top of the wave and turn your board around in the
    air, you can catch the wave again with the nose of your board down a
    little.  (You'll wipe out if you come back down at a steep angle.)
  * For extra points when you're in the air, spin your board completely
    around by holding the joystick up or down.
  * You'll get 90 seconds for the event.  You earn more points for longer
    rides, so try to ride each wave as long as you possibly can.
  Scoring:  You earn the most points for doing the most imaginative tricks
on your board.  Each time you perform a trick, you hear "Ta-Da" and can
repeat the same trick up to 10 times.  After 10 repeats, you don't earn
any points for the trick, and you no longer hear the "Ta-Da" sound. 
However, big bonus points are still awarded for high jumps off the wave,
even if you repeat the trick more than 10 times.
  Strategy:  Do as many ticks as possible in the 90 seconds you have to
ride the wave.  When your time is up, you will automatically lose control
of your board and wipe out.  Anytime you wipe out, it takes several
seconds for your surfer to get back on his board.  Be patient while he
catches the next wave.  It doesn't matter what order you do your tricks
in, just don't be boring!

California Games scoring:
Awards Ceremony:
  After every event, ribbons are awarded with the sponsor names of the top
finishers in the order they placed.
Champion Ceremony:
  If the players compete in all 4 California Games events, a final ribbon
is awarded to the Champion of the games based on the total number of
points awarded:
   Blue Ribbons = 5 points
   Red Ribbons = 3 points
   White Ribbons = 2 points
  The points are totaled after all events have been completed, and the
player with the most points is the California Champion with an overall Blue

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