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Tips, Cheats, and Easter Eggs


Maximum Power-Ups
These codes transport you to the beginning of each level with maximum power-ups and allow you to shoot at the hoop in any level:
Level 1-1: 999Q             Level 2-1: PP9T                Level 3-1: 9PPW
Level 1-2: P99R             Level 2-2: 99PU                Level 3-2: PPPX
Level 1-3: 9P9S             Level 2-3: P9PV                Level 3-3: 999I
Level 4-1: P99J             Level 5-1: 99PM
Level 4-2: 9P9K             Level 5-2: P9PN
Level 4-3: PP9L             Level 5-3: 9PPO

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