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Tips, Cheats, and Easter Eggs

Super Skweek

Extra Men and Cash
Choose Normal Game from the options. At the map screen position Skweek (or Skruch) over the "O" in the word GARGOUIL LAND and scale until you can't fly any lower. You will see a snorkeling furball. It may take some positioning, but maneuver yourself over the furball and then press OPT 1 so you can go to the forbidden islands. If you want two extra men, scale onto the small island directly to the right of the WELCOME ISLAND in the upper right corner of the dark blue spot. You will see a Skweek next to a palm tree. Hover over it and push OPT 1 for two extra lives. To gain 3000 extra coins, scale over to the large body of water in the PAGALAGOS ISLAND. You will see a Skweek. Hover over it, push OPT 1 and the cash is yours.

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