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The Gizzle Wap and the Strange Red Tree

Deep in the J’Thainian forest, in the clearing where the Zazzle Flies play, a Strange Red Tree took root overnight. It made an unsettling hum and gave off a noxious odor, poisoning many of the flies. Camy, the strongest of his brood sought help from the defender of the woods, a small bouncing creature known as the Gizzle Wap.

He would know what to do.

The Gizzle Wap’s solution was simple: Remove the Strange Red Tree. But there was another problem. Coinciding with the appearance of the Red Tree came the Myrmica a race of mindless insects that feed upon the inhabitants of the forest. Even worse the Myrmica never come alone. They serve the Invicta. Unlike the Myrmica, the Invicta are cunning and tenacious. They will not be satisfied until they control the entire forest or see its destruction.

The tree is most certainly their machination.

The plan to remove the tree and defeat the Invicta was not simple. The only creatures strong enough to pull the tree out of the ground are the Pegsi. The Gizzle Wap would attract the Pegsi to the clearing with Cloud Fruit and convince them to remove the Red Tree. Once the tree had been removed, the Invicta’s magic will have been weakened and the Invicta’s lair will be revealed. The final step would then be to confront the Invicta.


You control the Gizzle Wap and Camy the Zazzle Fly. Travel through the J’Thainian woods collecting Cloud Fruit, returning occasionally to the Zazzle clearing to drop off your fruit. Along the way you will need to fight off the swarms of Myrmica, by using Camy to fight and defend against their attacks. Once you collect enough fruit you will see the Pegsi pull the tree from the ground. Now you will need to seek out the Invicta. Look for anything out of place; a tree branch, rock or stone. Once you find it, the Invicta’s lair will be revealed. Enter to confront him. There are eight Invicta, each one gets progressively harder. There are two kinds of Invicta, a first stage insect, typically called the Invicta Minor and a second stage known as the Invicta Prime.

The Gizzle Wap


The Gizzle Wap Screenshot The Gizzle Wap Screenshot
The Gizzle Wap Screenshot The Gizzle Wap Screenshot
The Gizzle Wap Screenshot The Gizzle Wap Screenshot

MelodyAdditional Information

The Gizzle Wap is a Melody-enhanced game that takes full advantage of the DPC+ mode in the Melody. The Gizzle Wap includes game cartridge and full-color, 8-page manual. The Gizzle Wap is only available in the NTSC television format.

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Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick
Cartridge Size 32K DPC+
Programming and Music Jeff Smith
Characters & Story Sarah Smith, Jeff Smith
Manual & Label Design Zoie Davis

StanJr on 10/03/2017 03:59pm
The Gizzle Wap and the Strange Red Tree is a smartly designed adventure game with a variety of game play elements that is only held back by its frustratingly inaccurate combat controls. If the zazzle fly was easier to control this game would be nearly perfect, but the game relies heavily on its combat elements and those are weaker than they should be and create a larger learning curve than I think the game needs. If you are willing to spend some time getting past, and forgiving, the frustrating combat controls, then there is a really nice little game here to enjoy. And I will unashamedly admit that this game gets major bonus points from me solely on the back of its inspiration. I would LOVE to see more adventures of the Gizzle Wap, just with better controls.

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