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This a PRE-ORDER for Knight Guy in Low-Res World - Castle Days. Once all the printed materials (boxes, manuals, labels, etc.) are in our hands, we will immediately begin shipping orders in the order they were placed. Right now we're looking at the end of February as a reasonable estimate. Updates will be posted in the AtariAge Forum (This message will be updated with a link once the thread has been created).

Knight Guy Castle Days

Your pet has been kidnapped (petnapped?) by an evil dragon. Go to the depths of the evil castle and rescue your best friend! Are you brave enough?


Once you start the game, your objective is to break through multiple rooms plagued with all sorts of perils until you reach room 99, where the evil dragon keeps your pet captive.

You start the game with three lives, but you will increase that amount every time you find a potion. If you find all the potions, you will have a maximum of eight lives. Also, you will find hearts that recover your health, but these do not increase your max lives counter. Every time an enemy or an obstacle touches you, you will lose a life. If you fall through the bottom of the screen, you will also lose a life.

You will also have to race against time: you'll have to exit the castle with your pet in one hour or you'll be kiled by the castle curse. The challenge is not only to rescue your beloved pet, but also do so in the shortest time possible.

The best knights should be able to also find the four secrets hidden in the castle. In some rooms, avoiding the obstacles is enough to reach the exit to the next room.

But the evil dragon is not the only inhabitant of Evil Castle, so before you can face the final boss, you will have to face his minions: The Castle Guardians. These guardians will do everything in their power to foil your attempts to reach the dragon!

Do you have what it takes to conquer the evil guardians, find your pet, and escape the castle in time? Good luck!

Knight Guy Castle Days Box


Knight Guy Castle Days Screenshot Knight Guy Castle Days Screenshot Knight Guy Castle Days Screenshot Knight Guy Castle Days Screenshot Knight Guy Castle Days Screenshot Knight Guy Castle Days Screenshot Knight Guy Castle Days Screenshot Knight Guy Castle Days Screenshot


  • Select your pet (dog or cat)
  • Explore 99 levels!
  • Fight seven types of enemies plus the evil dragon!
  • Find potions and hearts to increase and restore your health!
  • Find the four secrets hidden throughout the castle!

Additional Information

Included with Knight Guy in Low Res World - Castle Days is the game cartridge, full-color 8-page manual, and professionally printed box.

Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick Controller
Cartridge Size 144K
Programming and Design Vladimir Zúñiga
Box, Label, and Manual Artwork/Design Vladimir Zúñiga
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