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7800 GameDrive by RetroHQ

The RetroHQ 7800 GameDrive cartridge allows you to play all your Atari 7800 games and homebrew directly from a memory card with many other extras built in!

The 7800GD has all the additional audio chips you'll ever need, including 2 POKEY chips for DUAL POKEY music, a YM2151, COVOX audio for sampled sound and BupChip for blasting sampled music.

The 7800GD also features a unique RGB video and audio out port on the cartridge iteself allowing you to play your 7800 (and 2600) games in glorious RGB using a compatible Mega Drive 2 style video cable!*

As if all of this wasn't enough, the 7800GD also allows you to break into your games, save your state, load previous states, enable cheats or just return to the game menu and load another game. And to make all of this even easier, there is also the Mega 7800 which allows you to use Mega Drive and MasterSystem controllers on the 7800 and access game breaking features at the touch of a button!

And for the software developers among us, there is a serial port on the side which allows you to upload and run code directly from your PC. 7800Basic has support for uploading to the 7800GD and will have support for using the Mega 7800 within your own homebrew games!

* Please note: many modern televisions have issues with video signals from old consoles like the 7800, for best compatibility a CRT is recommended or a good quality up-scaler such as the RetroTink5x Pro when used with a modern television. Other upscalers can work, but will be very dependent on your specific television.

7800 GameDrive

Hardware Compatibility

  • Atari 7800, NTSC and PAL
  • FAT16 or FAT32 memory cards
  • High Score Cartridge (HSC) Support
  • POKEY audio
  • YM2151 audio
  • COVOX audio
  • BupChip audio
  • Mega 7800 support
  • Serial debug port for developers
  • CRT's and good upscalers (RetroTink5x Pro recommended)

Software Compatibility

  • All 7800 retail games and the majority of homebrew
  • The majority of 2600 retail games and non-ARM based homebrew

Additional Information

The 7800 GameDrive comes with the 7800 GameDrive cartridge and instruction manual. You can optionally add the Mega 7800 above.

MrZarniwoop on 11/04/2023 07:10pm
This is the 7800 flash cart with 2600 game support we've been waiting for plus RGB video out! Great compatibility with all Atari 7800 games, original and newer homebrew, including Rikki & Vikki. Also supports all of the old Atari 2600 games I've tried, but some newer homebrews are not currently supported where they expect a Melody board or Superbank. Definitely get the Mega 7800 adapter, as the break functions with a Sega controller to save/restore and cheats for 7800 games bring new fun to old classics.
Espadinha on 08/11/2023 06:38am
Hi !
Horray , here the catridge i"m wating many years !
Is this 100 % working withe atari 7800 french scart version ?

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