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In the city of the Spectars, the heroic Wummel continues the crusade against evil and injustice. Scream around hairpin turns while avoiding enemy cruisers! Blast your way through to grab the energy stars and clear that city sector! This city is more dangerous than New York in the 1970's so grab your joystick and enter the world of SPECTAR.

Scott Huggins has crafted his second masterpiece for the ColecoVision, this time bringing the classic arcade game Spectar to the system. As with Scott Huggin's first ColecoVision game (Astro Invader), Scott's done an excellent job of recreating this arcade classic on the ColecoVision, a system that already has a large library of great arcade ports. How many levels can YOUR heroic Wummel clear?

Includes cartridge and manual. Label and manual artwork designed by Joe Kollar.

Author Scott Huggins
Number of Players 1 - 2
Controller Joystick Controller
Cartridge Size 32K
Label and Manual Design Joe Kollar
Chris Elkin on 10/01/2020 06:36am
Finally picked this one up, and it's a perfect addition to the CV library. I remember playing Targ as a kid, but am enjoying Spectar as it's far superior IMHO. The AI ramp up makes the game quite challenging if you shoot too many of the Ramships. Great replay value too. So great to see another 'vaporware' CV game see the light of day!
VectorGamer on 08/17/2017 11:29am
An excellent translation of the Exidy arcade smash hit. I love this game! Very fun, challenging and gets repeat plays.
Gerry Brophy on 01/29/2015 08:57am
I can't believe this excellent homebrew was here all along and I assumed it was sold out. Comes exactly as pictured and the game is excellent and quite hard. Sound fx are good and graphics too.

Bruce Consolazio on 10/19/2006 02:19pm
Well, here it is- Spectar.

Long anticipated, but, like Tunnels and Trolls, never delivered, at last Scott Huggins has made a version available for the ColecoVision. The last time I played the arcade version was in a pub...in England...in 1982. Long before the technocrats infested the place with those damned cameras.

So, how is it?

As far as the graphics go, absolutely splendid. The explosions are especially satisfying. This game uses a different background color than the arcade version, but this is because visibility would have been awful otherwise. A black background was the only way to do this on a regular television screen; clearly, Mr. Huggins knows about this.

Sound is also excellent. The simple but effective sounds from the arcade version have been reproduced faithfully (as far as I can remember!), and that's all that's needed. Of course, the theme is here, too.

And the little sequence of your Wummel on a mostly blank screen is here, too!

Gameplay is good, largely because of the excellent control, but it does have one flaw: there is a way to beat it.

The problem is the Spectar Smuggler. These enemies appear along with the regular Ramcars, and they can shoot. They appear one at a time. The problem is, if you eliminate all of the Ramcars but do not gather all of the energy stars, it is not difficult to "hunt" for the Smugglers, usually by waiting for them, in order to ambush them. With this method, I was able to rack up over 20ꯠ points on the first screen before finishing up.

Also, the upper level of difficulty should be higher (enemies move faster). This is a home game; unlike arcade games, which you may have a chance of playing a few dozen times, here you can play it many hundreds of times.

Perhaps the point system could be altered to allow you to only score for the first 6 or so Smugglers/screen. This would make extended hunting for them pointless (get it, "pointless," oh, well...), forcing you to move on to the next screen, unless you are one of those people who extends a game of Galaxian by dodging the final alien over and over...

But the level of programming skill displayed by this game is nothing short of amazing. This game is at least as good, and no doubt better, than what we could've expected from Coleco in 1983. CV owners have yet another homebrewer to watch for.

As for Spectar? A superb effort. The ColecoVision lives again!
Joseph Kollar on 08/31/2006 03:03pm
This is an excellent port of the arcade classic. Player control is very well done and the overall pesentation is good too. It's the little touches that make this one a must have for the CV owner. The graphics are good but the sound is even better. The difficulty is just right, not too hard, not too easy but it's one of those games that you get quietly addicted to. You'll find yourself starting a new game immediately after you end one and before you know it, 2 hours have passed. Once again, Scott Huggins has done a great job of bringing the coin-op home on the CV.
Lowell Duncan on 03/17/2006 02:33pm
I have never had a chance to play the arcade version of this game, so this was the first chance to give this game a try. The game play can be very quick and at times it makes you wonder if you are playing the game OR is the game playing you, which to me makes it one of those games that is hard to put down. Player control is good, as well as the sound and game play. Everything must have a bad point and that would be that it took so long to be released! I would recommend this game to any Colecovision gamer.

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