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Atari 2600 Manuals

Atari 2600 ManualsMost games for the 2600 really aren't all that difficult to figure out and thus the need for a manual isn't so great. There are some exceptions, for instance, you wouldn't want to have a go at Space Shuttle without the manual (and overlays!), but most 2600 games you can just plug in and go. However, it is nice to have the manuals for reference and of course the completionist will want them for his or her collection. Besides the raw instructions on how to play the game many manuals also contained a back story (really!), colorful artwork and even tips from the game's designer. Most 2600 manuals were printed in full color and were typically delivered in booklet style using staples to keep the pages together.

At present we do not yet have scans of many 2600 manuals online, as it takes some time to scan, crop and resize the large number (hundreds!) of manuals available for the 2600. These will be coming online soon, but in the meantime we do have a sizeable collection of HTML manuals that you can browse.

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TitleCompany ManHTMLProfile
Revenge of the ApesSelf-Published 
RealSports BasketballSelf-Published
Pick UpSelf-Published 
Mental KombatSelf-Published 
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the RingSelf-Published
Holey MoleySelf-Published 
Elevator ActionSelf-Published 
Crazy ValetSelf-Published 
Bugs BunnySelf-Published 
Berzerk Voice EnhancedSelf-Published 
GlibSelchow & Righter 
Up n' DownSega 
Sub ScanSega 
Star Trek: Strategic Operations SimulatorSega 
Spy HunterSega 
Congo BongoSega 
Buck Rogers: Planet of ZoomSega 
Submarine CommanderSears 
Stellar TrackSears 
Speedway IISears 
Outer SpaceSears 
Arcade GolfSears 
Cuttle CartSchell's Electronics 
Pick n PileSalu 
Ghostbusters IISalu 
Stell-A-Sketch / Okie DokieRetroware 
Stell-A-Sketch / Okie DokieRetroware 
UFI und sein gefährlicher EinsatzQuelle 
Top GunQuelle 
Schnapp Die ApfeldiebeQuelle 
Kampf um die SchatzinselQuelle 
Jagd auf Diamanten-FriscoQuelle 
Dschungel BoyQuelle 
Der Hungrige PandaQuelle 
TutankhamParker Brothers
Super CobraParker Brothers 
Strawberry Shortcake Musical MatchupsParker Brothers 
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackParker Brothers 
Star Wars: The Arcade GameParker Brothers 
Star Wars: Jedi ArenaParker Brothers 
Star Wars: Death Star BattleParker Brothers 
Spider-ManParker Brothers
Sky SkipperParker Brothers 
ReactorParker Brothers 
Q*bert's QubesParker Brothers
Q*bertParker Brothers 
PopeyeParker Brothers 
Mr. Do!'s CastleParker Brothers
Montezuma's RevengeParker Brothers 
James Bond 007Parker Brothers 
GyrussParker Brothers 
G.I. Joe - Cobra StrikeParker Brothers 
Frogger II: Threeedeep!Parker Brothers 
FroggerParker Brothers 
AmidarParker Brothers 
Scuba DiverPanda 
Harbor EscapePanda 
Dice PuzzlePanda
Star FoxMythicon 
Fire FlyMythicon 
Custer's RevengeMystique 
Beat 'Em & Eat 'EmMystique 
Bachelor PartyMystique 
Survival RunMilton Bradley 
Tron: Deadly DiscsM Network 
Super Challenge FootballM Network 
Super Challenge BaseballM Network 
Star StrikeM Network 
Space AttackM Network 
Masters of the Universe - He ManM Network 
Lock 'N' ChaseM Network 
Kool Aid ManM Network 
International SoccerM Network 
Frogs and FliesM Network 
Dark CavernM Network 
BurgertimeM Network 
Bump 'n' JumpM Network 
AstroblastM Network 
Armor AmbushM Network 
Air RaidersM Network 
Adventures of TronM Network 
Marine WarsKonami 
Wing WarImagic
Trick ShotImagic 
Star VoyagerImagic 

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