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Atari 2600 Cartridge ScansThe Atari 2600 saw more than 500 games released over a period of more than 10 years in North America alone. And of those 500+ games, each title frequently had one or more label variations. That doesn't even take into account the additional hundreds (thousands?) of pirates, clones, and variations found throughout the rest of the world. When you consider all that, the number of different cartridge labels out there is simply staggering.

What we've tried to do is focus on North American games including the major label variations found within. Labels often changed over time as companies developed new logos, newer styles, or they changed their packaging in order to cut costs. We've tried to hit all the highlights, but be sure to contact us if you think we're missing something important.

Some of the label artwork is simply fantastic and it's a shame that the originals are probably long gone. Of special note is some of the artwork from Atari, Sears, Tigervision, and Mythicon. If anyone owns original game artwork, or you know anyone who created original artwork for classic video games, please contact us.

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TitleLabelCompany Profile
Defender Digitel
WarplockStandardData Age
SssnakeStandardData Age
Secret Agent Data Age
Journey EscapeStandardData Age
Frankenstein's MonsterStandardData Age
Encounter at L5StandardData Age
BugsStandardData Age
Bermuda TriangleStandardData Age
AirlockStandardData Age
4-in-1 Dactar
4-in-1 Dactar
4-in-1 Dactar
4-in-1 Dactar
Seaquest Cosmovision
King Kong Cosmovision
Frostbite Cosmovision
Video LifeStandardCommaVid
Room of DoomStandardCommaVid
Mines of MinosStandardCommaVid
Cosmic SwarmStandardCommaVid
Turbo Coleco
Time PilotStandardColeco
Smurfs: Rescue in Gargamel's CastleStandardColeco
Smurfs Save the DayStandardColeco
Roc N RopeStandardColeco
Mr. Do!StandardColeco
Mouse TrapStandardColeco
Front LineStandardColeco
Donkey Kong JuniorStandardColeco
Donkey KongStandardColeco
Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures in the Park Coleco
Berenstain BearsStandardColeco
Superman CCE
Stone Age CCE
Space Invaders CCE
Sneak'N Peak CCE
Pac Man CCE
Jaw Breaker CCE
Frogger CCE
Football CCE
Bank Heist CCE
Atlantis CCE
Air Raiders CCE
ZaxxonUK WhiteCBS Electronics
Wizard of WorGerman ColorCBS Electronics
Wizard of WorUK ColorCBS Electronics
Wizard of WorStandardCBS Electronics
Wizard of WorStandardCBS Electronics
VentureGerman ColorCBS Electronics
Tunnel RunnerStandardCBS Electronics
Solar FoxUK ColorCBS Electronics
Solar FoxUK WhiteCBS Electronics
Solar FoxStandardCBS Electronics
SmurfGerman ColorCBS Electronics
SmurfUK ColorCBS Electronics
SmurfUK WhiteCBS Electronics
Roc 'N RopeUK WhiteCBS Electronics
Omega RaceStandardCBS Electronics
Mr. Do!UK ColorCBS Electronics
Mr. Do!UK WhiteCBS Electronics
Mouse TrapUK ColorCBS Electronics
Mouse TrapUK WhiteCBS Electronics
Mountain KingStandardCBS Electronics
GorfGerman ColorCBS Electronics
GorfUK BlackCBS Electronics
GorfStandardCBS Electronics
Donkey KongUK ColorCBS Electronics
Donkey KongUK WhiteCBS Electronics
CarnivalGerman ColorCBS Electronics
CarnivalUK ColorCBS Electronics
BlueprintGerman ColorCBS Electronics
BlueprintStandardCBS Electronics
Space Jockey Carrere Video
Picnic Carrere Video
Octopus Carrere Video
M.A.D. Carrere Video
Commando Raid Carrere Video
Wall DefenderStandardBomb
Great EscapeStandardBomb
Weltraum-TunnelGermanBit Corp
Weltraum-TunnelRe-releaseBit Corp
Tanzende TellerGermanBit Corp
Tanzende TellerRe-releaseBit Corp
Snail Against SquirrelEnglishBit Corp
Sesam, Offne DichGermanBit Corp
Sesam, Offne DichRe-releaseBit Corp
See-MonsterRe-releaseBit Corp
See MonsterGermanBit Corp
Schnecke Und EichhörnchenGermanBit Corp
Schnecke Gegen EichhornchenRe-releaseBit Corp

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