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Atari 2600 - Atari - Gray Label Variation

Except for Pole Position II, all games Atari produced for the 7800 have a gray background. At the top of the label is the 7800 logo in black. Under that is a grayscale graphic unique to each game. Copyright text appears in black placed under the image. The end label is also gray, with the title text in black, followed by "ATARI 7800" also in black text underneath the title in a smaller font. Some games also have the model number in black text on the end label.
TitleModel #Label NotesYearCartRarity  TV 
AsteroidsCX7802 1987
CentipedeCX7801 1987
Dig DugCX7803 1987
GalagaCX7805 1987
JoustCX7806 1987
Ms. Pac-ManCX7807 1987
XeviousCX7810 1988
Food FightCX7804 1987
Robotron: 2084CX7809 1986
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