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Wing War - Imagic - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Wing War - Atari 2600 Game Instructions




  • Hunt and destroy natural enemies to score points and create
    valuable crystals.
  • Gather Fire, Air and Water Crystals to gain more power and defensive strength. Be sure to keep Fire and Water Crystals apart!
  • Create Super crystals by gathering all 3 elements, then make a daring raid through the secret passage to capture a sparkling diamond!
  • Find and bring back Dragon eggs to win extra lives.

To Fly
  • Press Fire button to flap the Dragon's Wings and gain altitude (each time you press a button the wings flap once).
  • The dragon descends when you don't flap its wings.
    • Pull joystick DOWN to descend faster.
  • Pull joystick left or right to set the Dragon's direction.
To Throw Fireballs: Push joystick up and diagonally.

To Pick Up Crystals and Eggs: Move joystick UP while the Dragon's feet touch a Crystal or an Egg.

To Drop Off Crystals and Eggs: The Dragon releases them automatically when it reaches the Den.
  • Fly your Dragon to the outside world to get Eggs and Crystals.
    • Flap its wings and find your way out of the Den.
  • On its quest, the Dragon meets many kinds of enemies...
    • Destroy them with fireballs to score points.
    • Most enemies turn into crystals when they're destroyed.
      • When all fireballs are gone, the Dragon has no way to destroy enemies.
    • Every contact with an enemy makes the Dragon lose some strength.
      • When all the Dragon's strength is gone, the next enemy contact kills the Dragon.
  • Each newly-born Dragon has at least 10 fireballs and enough strength to survive 10 contacts with its enemies.

  SPIDER 1 Nothing
  BAT 1 Air crystal
  BIRD 1 Air crystal
  BEE SWARM 1 Air crystal
  STALACTITE Can't be killed: get out of the way!
  GRIFFIN 1 Water crystal
  ROPER 2 or more** Fire crystal
  BEEHIVE 2 or more** Fire crystal
  FIRE DEMON 2 or more** Fire crystal
  DRAGONFLY 2 or more** Water crystal
  HYDRA 2 or more** Water crystal
  ROCK DEMON 6 Nothing
** It takes more fireballs to destroy these enemies as the game continues.  
  • To create a Super crystal, bring a Fire, Air and Water crystal back to the Den.
    • IMPORTANT: If Fire and Water are brought to the Den, they'll destroy each other, unless you keep them apart with an Air crystal. Get crystals in either of these sequences:
      • Fire...Air...Water, OR
      • Water...Air...Fire

    Super Crystals: These multi-colored crystals are created when the Dragon brings home a Fire, Air and Water crystal.
    • Super crystals increase the range of fireballs, giving the Dragon greater power against its enemies.

       Air ............................    50 points
       Water ..........................    50 points
       Fire ...........................   100 points
       Super ..........................  1000 points
       Diamond ........................  5000 points

� 1983 IMAGIC,
All rights reserved.

Printed in U.S.A.

This video game manual was transcribed by Ben Valdes on
8/16/2001 for the AtariAge 2600 Game Manual Archive.