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Atari 2600 Hacks

Ms. Suc-Man
Ms. Suc-Man
What is a Hack you might ask? In the realm of classic video games and the definition we're using here, a hack is taking an existing game and modifying it in some fashion so that it differs from the original. Almost always this involves just changing the graphics, which is pretty easily done in many games. Some changes are done to make a game more faithful to the original (Space Invaders and Pac-Man seem to get the most attention here), others are done to give a game a different theme entirely and still other hacks, well, we haven't got a clue. And then there are controller hacks that allow you to play games with a different control scheme, or perhaps even using a different controller entirely.

If you'd like to learn more about hacks and how you can hack Atari 2600 games yourself, please visit our Hacks Forum. If you've created a hack and would like it listed here, please feel free to drop us a line. We also have an entire page of 2600 TV Format Conversions.

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TitleOriginal GameAuthor GfxAudFunROMNew
Hang-On ATVEnduromojofltrGraphic Hack   
Red vs. Blue 2600 WarsCombatmojofltrGraphic Hack Functional Hack 
AL#1King Kongneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Alien AttackGremlinsneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Alien MenaceRiver Raidneotokeo2001Graphic Hack  New Hack
Alien PlanetPitfall!neotokeo2001Graphic Hack Functional Hack 
Alient AntsThundergroundneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Ant AttackPepsi Invadersneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Atari ShotCarnivalneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Atari Shot 2005Carnivalneotokeo2001Graphic Hack  New Hack
Atari Shot RemixCarnivalneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Bazooka BillSpace Cavernneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Berzerk NeoBerzerkneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
BK Kaboom!Kaboom!neotokeo2001Graphic Hack  New Hack
Borg Wars PinballMidnight Magicneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
C.I.F.S.Space Invadersneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Chicken CrossingTazneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
City DefenderMissile Commandneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Cosmic BowlingBowlingneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Dawn of the DeadWorm War Ineotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Death RaceRiver Raidneotokeo2001Graphic Hack Functional Hack 
Donkey Kong VectorDonkey Kongneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Dragon ChaseBlueprintneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
ExtinctionDemon Attackneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Fire QueenTron: Deadly Discsneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Hanged Man, TheHangmanneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
HeadhuntersGalaxianneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Intellivision Lives?Megamanianeotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Invader XDemon Attackneotokeo2001Graphic Hack Functional Hack 
InvasionM.A.D.neotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Joust NeoSir Lancelotneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
JoustPong NeoJoustPongneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Loco-RoboAlienneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Mole TankThundergroundneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
MunchMazeMs. Pac-Manneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
NitemareMegamanianeotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
NitemarePinballVideo Pinballneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Pac-zerk Voice EnhancedBerzerkneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
PackratFast Eddieneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Pinky's CircusCircus Atarineotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Pinky's TennisTennisneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Pong 2DTennisneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
PoseidonPhoenixneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
PumpkinheadFrankenstein's Monsterneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Quick Draw XXXBerzerkneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
SharkSub Scanneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
SI PinballMidnight Magicneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
SI Vector WarsStargateneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Space ArmadaSpace Invadersneotokeo2001Graphic Hack   
Space Invaders InvasionMegamanianeotokeo2001Graphic Hack   

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Hack Types:
Graphic Hack Graphic Hack
Audio Hack Audio Hack
Functional Hack Functional Hack