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Atari 2600 Hacks

What is a Hack you might ask? In the realm of classic video games and the definition we're using here, a hack is taking an existing game and modifying it in some fashion so that it differs from the original. Almost always this involves just changing the graphics, which is pretty easily done in many games. Some changes are done to make a game more faithful to the original (Space Invaders and Pac-Man seem to get the most attention here), others are done to give a game a different theme entirely and still other hacks, well, we haven't got a clue. And then there are controller hacks that allow you to play games with a different control scheme, or perhaps even using a different controller entirely.

If you'd like to learn more about hacks and how you can hack Atari 2600 games yourself, please visit our Hacks Forum. If you've created a hack and would like it listed here, please feel free to drop us a line. We also have an entire page of 2600 TV Format Conversions.

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TitleOriginal GameAuthor GfxAudFunROMNew
Roo BallBasketballJamcatGraphic Hack  New Hack
Star Wars GalaxianGalaxianJamcatGraphic Hack  New Hack
Vector JoustJoustJamcatGraphic Hack  New Hack
Beast InvadersSpace InvadersJeff "Yak" MinterGraphic Hack   
GalaxianGalaxianJess RaganGraphic Hack   
Jungle KingJungle HuntJess RaganGraphic Hack   
Kabul!Kaboom!Jess RaganGraphic Hack   
Beanie Baby BashBeany BopperJim GoebelGraphic Hack   
Pac-LawOutlawJim GoebelGraphic Hack   
Kill Dr. PhilSpace InvadersJoey BastardGraphic Hack   
Battle for NabooAtlantisJoshGraphic Hack   
Yar Vs. YarYars' RevengeJustin J. ScottGraphic Hack   
Yar's DefeatYars' RevengeJustin J. ScottGraphic Hack   
DP KongDonkey KongKeirGraphic Hack   
FisticuffsDouble DragonKing AtariGraphic Hack   
Ghostbusters II EasyGhostbusters IIKing AtariGraphic Hack   
Ghostbusters ImprovedGhostbustersKing AtariGraphic Hack   
Lukio Bros.Mario Bros.King AtariGraphic Hack   
Super Space InvadersPhoenixKing AtariGraphic Hack   
Adventure InvadersSpace InvadersKrytolGraphic Hack   
Crazy CombatCombatKrytolGraphic Hack   
Maze InvadersMs. Pac-ManKrytolGraphic Hack   
Ms. GhostMs. Pac-ManKrytolGraphic Hack   
Otto's RevengeBerzerkKrytolGraphic Hack   
Rescue InvadersPick UpKrytolGraphic Hack   
Adventure34AdventureKurt Howe  Functional Hack 
Evil DeadHaunted HouseKyle PittmanGraphic Hack   
Pink FloydAdventures of TronKyle PittmanGraphic Hack   
Rambo II: Streets of AfghanistanDouble DragonKyle PittmanGraphic Hack   
Rambo in AfghanistanRiddle of the SphinxKyle PittmanGraphic Hack   
SpongeBob SquarePantsRevenge of the Beefsteak TomatoesKyle PittmanGraphic Hack   
THX-1138BerzerkKyle PittmanGraphic Hack   
War of the WorldsDefenderKyle PittmanGraphic Hack   
Yellow SubmarineBermuda TriangleKyle PittmanGraphic Hack   
ZeldaAdventureKyle PittmanGraphic Hack   
Super Congo BongoCongo BongoLarry PetitGraphic Hack Functional Hack 
Super Home RunHome RunLarry PetitGraphic Hack   
Xenophobe ArcadeXenophobeLarry PetitGraphic Hack   
X3V0LuXAstroblastLee KruegerGraphic Hack    
Custer's Revenge 2Demon AttackLesser RavenGraphic Hack   
Homestar Runner DKDonkey KongLesser RavenGraphic Hack   
AceCombatManuel Rotschkar  Functional Hack 
Cybergoth GalaxianGalaxianManuel RotschkarGraphic Hack   
A-TeamA-TeamManuel Rotschkar & Fabrizio ZavagliGraphic Hack Functional Hack 
Air Raiders Unlimited AmmoAir RaidersManuel Rotschkar & Thomas Jentzsch  Functional Hack 
Coffee Cup SoccerPele's SoccerMatthias JaapGraphic Hack   
PC InvadersSpace InvadersMatthias JaapGraphic Hack   
Berzerk Voice EnhancedBerzerkMike MikaGraphic HackAudio Hack  
AlienatedSpace InvadersmojofltrGraphic Hack   
Hang-OnEnduromojofltrGraphic Hack   

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Hack Types:
Graphic Hack Graphic Hack
Audio Hack Audio Hack
Functional Hack Functional Hack