Last Chance! Sale Information

Due the the sheer volume of orders placed in our recent "Last Chance!" sale, it is going to take several months to build and ship those orders. We have already placed orders for additional parts we'll need to fulfill these orders (cartridge shells, circuit boards, chips and other parts to populate those boards, protective cartridge and manual bags for shipping, and so forth), some of which we already have on-hand. We'll also be ordering more boxes for some games, as we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to buy boxed versions of games if that's what they wanted.

We will be sending out periodic emails to update everyone with the status of these orders. If you have any questions about your order (or orders!), please use the contact form to drop us a line, and will respond quickly to your inquiry.

Defender of the Crown Back In Stock!

After a long hiatus, we now have more copies of Defender of the Crown for the Atari Jaguar back in stock! Defender of the Crown is a classic computer game by Cinemaware, with its debut on the Amiga in 1986, followed by releases on the Atari ST, Commodore 64, Apple IIgs, and several other platforms over time. The Atari Jaguar version of Defender of the Crown is based on the Atari ST version, but includes a high-quality orchestral soundtrack originally released on CD.

Included with Defender of the Crown is a the game cartridge, box, 32-page manual, poster, and Defender of the Crown sticker, all professionally printed."

Defender of the Crown

Lynx GameDrives In Stock!

We now have new stock of the Lynx GameDrive! The Lynx GameDrive allows you to play your favorite Lynx games from a single cartridge using an SD card. This updated version of the Lynx GameDrive cartridge has support for EEPROM save games as used by some homebrew software as well as improved game load time (no longer than one second for even the largest games), and an improved game selection menu.

The Lynx GameDrive also serves as an invaluable development tool for those developing new Lynx games!

Lynx GameDrive