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Atari 2600 Reviews

Would you like to get some feedback about a particular game before you attempt to hunt it down? Are you curious what others might have said about your favorite game? We've gathered together a large number of links to reviews on other gaming sites and linked them directly to our database. You can browse these reviews by game, website, reviewer and score (click on a column header to sort by that column--click again to reverse the sort). You will also find these reviews linked to each game's profile page, along with an average score for each game.

All review scores have been converted into a 0 - 100% score. While this works well in most cases, a similar score from one site may not always correspond well with the same score on another site. We suggest reading the full review for games you're interested in, instead of relying on the scores alone. If you know of other websites with reviews for Atari games that we have not yet included, please contact us and we'll work on getting them added.

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Title SiteReviewed byScoreProfile
Cosmic CommuterThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles75%
Cosmic CreepsAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida40%
Cosmic CreepsRetro ViewJay85%
Cosmic CreepsThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles75%
Cosmic CreepsVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek68%
Cosmic SwarmAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida60%
Crack'edThe 26 HunterJess Ragan70%
CrackpotsLe geekBen Langberg90%
CrackpotsPhosphor Dot FossilsEarl Green80%
CrackpotsVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek58%
Crash DiveAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida20%
Crash DiveThe Atari TimesLee & Lori Krueger80%
Crash DiveTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba85%
Crash DiveVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
Crazy BalloonAtariAge StoreJohn Gaither100%
Crazy BalloonAtariAge StoreNathan Strum80%
Crazy BalloonAtariAge StoreRaul Torres100%
Crazy BalloonAtariAge StoreStan Dean100%
Crazy ClimberAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
Crazy ClimberPhosphor Dot FossilsEarl Green40%
Crazy ClimberVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek82%
Crazy ValetVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek68%
Criminal PursuitPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund72%
Cross ForceGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36578%
Cross ForceVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek88%
CrossbowGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36569%
CrossbowVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek85%
Cruise MissileVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek58%
Crypts of ChaosThe 26 HunterJess Ragan60%
Crypts of ChaosVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek68%
Crystal CastlesGameFAQsJason Owens100%
Crystal CastlesRage GamesJay McGavren50%
Crystal CastlesThe 26 HunterJess Ragan90%
Crystal CastlesThe Atari TimesBrendan Onfrichuk90%
Crystal CastlesTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba75%
Crystal CastlesVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek95%
Cubicolor2600 ConnectionTim Duarte--
Custer's RevengePhosphor Dot FossilsEarl Green10%
Dark CavernPhosphor Dot FossilsEarl Green80%
Dark CavernVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Dark ChambersPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund58%
Dark ChambersScott's Vintage Video Game RevivalScott Anderson60%
Dark ChambersVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek62%
Dark MageAtariAge StoreBen Langberg80%
Dark MageAtariAge StoreJohn Payson60%
Dark MageLe geekBen Langberg70%
Dark MageVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
Deadly DuckAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida50%
Deadly DuckVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek65%
Death TrapThe 26 HunterJess Ragan40%
DefenderAtari Gaming HeadquartersAdam King60%
DefenderGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36583%
DefenderGameFAQsJason Owens90%
DefenderOld School Gamer ReviewEric T. Schuetz50%
DefenderPhosphor Dot FossilsEarl Green40%
DefenderPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund63%
DefenderRage GamesJay McGavren80%
DefenderThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles80%
DefenderVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek65%
DefenderZogging HellUnknown86%
Defender IIThe Atari TimesJess LaFleur75%
Demon AttackAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
Demon AttackGameFAQsJason Owens80%
Demon AttackPlanet Atari (German)Marco65%
Demon AttackRage GamesJay McGavren90%
Demon AttackThe Atari TimesDan Loosen95%
Demon AttackThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles98%
Demon AttackVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek85%
Demons to DiamondsVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
Desert FalconRage GamesJay McGavren50%
Desert FalconThe 26 HunterJess Ragan70%
Desert FalconVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek58%
Die Hungrigen FroschePlanet Atari (German)Sebastian Patting49%
Dig DugChad Polenz's ProfileChad Polenz40%
Dig DugGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36570%
Dig DugGameFAQsJason Owens90%
Dig DugLe geekBen Langberg90%
Dig DugPlanet Atari (German)Team neXGam88%
Dig DugThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles95%
Dig DugVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek92%
DishasterScott's Vintage Video Game RevivalScott Anderson20%
Dodge 'EmAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida80%
Dodge 'EmGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36571%
Dodge 'EmThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles77%
Dodge 'EmVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek82%
DolphinAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida80%
DolphinVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Donkey Kong2600 ConnectionDave Giarusso--
Donkey KongGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36570%
Donkey KongGameFAQsJason Owens70%
Donkey KongGamer Nation UKMichael Claffey80%
Donkey KongOld School Gamer ReviewEric T. Schuetz60%
Donkey KongPhosphor Dot FossilsEarl Green40%
Donkey KongRage GamesJay McGavren90%
Donkey KongScott's Vintage Video Game RevivalScott Anderson60%
Donkey KongVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek82%
Donkey Kong Junior2600 ConnectionDave Giarusso--
Donkey Kong JuniorAtari Gaming HeadquartersAdam King30%
Donkey Kong JuniorGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36569%
Donkey Kong JuniorGameFAQsJason Owens70%

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