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Atari 2600 Reviews

Would you like to get some feedback about a particular game before you attempt to hunt it down? Are you curious what others might have said about your favorite game? We've gathered together a large number of links to reviews on other gaming sites and linked them directly to our database. You can browse these reviews by game, website, reviewer and score (click on a column header to sort by that column--click again to reverse the sort). You will also find these reviews linked to each game's profile page, along with an average score for each game.

All review scores have been converted into a 0 - 100% score. While this works well in most cases, a similar score from one site may not always correspond well with the same score on another site. We suggest reading the full review for games you're interested in, instead of relying on the scores alone. If you know of other websites with reviews for Atari games that we have not yet included, please contact us and we'll work on getting them added.

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TitleSite Reviewed byScoreProfile
JoustAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida40%
Jungle HuntAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida60%
Lost LuggageAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida40%
Phaser PatrolAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
PhoenixAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida80%
Pigs in SpaceAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida60%
Planet PatrolAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida60%
PolarisAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida50%
ReactorAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
RealSports BasketballAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida60%
Room of DoomAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida80%
Shootin' GalleryAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
SkiingAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida60%
Sky JinksAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
Sky SkipperAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida60%
Snoopy and the Red BaronAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
Solar FoxAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida90%
Spider FighterAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida50%
SpringerAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida60%
StampedeAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida80%
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida80%
StarmasterAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
Strawberry Shortcake Musical MatchupsAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida60%
Sub ScanAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida40%
SubterraneaAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida80%
Super BreakoutAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida100%
Super Challenge BaseballAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida60%
Super CobraAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida30%
TapewormAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida40%
ThresholdAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
ThrustAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida80%
Worm War IAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida50%
X-ManAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida60%
XenophobeAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida80%
Title Match Pro WrestlingAtari Gaming HeadquartersMatthew Lippart20%
Yars' RevengeAtari Gaming HeadquartersRobert Lavallie100%
Go Fish!AtariAge StoreAarne Jernstrom100%
Conquest of MarsAtariAge StoreAce List100%
Hunchy IIAtariAge StoreAce List100%
Star FireAtariAge StoreAce List100%
Dark MageAtariAge StoreBen Langberg80%
Marble CrazeAtariAge StoreBen Valdes100%
2005 Minigame MulticartAtariAge StoreBrad Barratt80%
Strat-O-Gems DeluxeAtariAge StoreBrad Barratt100%
TestcartAtariAge StoreBrian Banta100%
Go Fish!AtariAge StoreBrian C. Rittmeyer80%
Lady BugAtariAge StoreBrian C. Rittmeyer100%
Marble CrazeAtariAge StoreBrian Clark100%
Star FireAtariAge StoreBrian Clark100%
GunfightAtariAge StoreChris Folkerts100%
OystronAtariAge StoreChris Folkerts80%
Marble CrazeAtariAge StoreChris Larkin100%
Hunchy IIAtariAge StoreColin Hodder100%
Ultra SCSIcideAtariAge StoreDaniel Zuccarelli80%
SynthcartAtariAge StoreDavid Boeser100%
Fall DownAtariAge StoreDavid Exton100%
Space Treat DeluxeAtariAge StoreDennis Debro80%
Allia QuestAtariAge StoreEthan C. Nobles80%
Go Fish!AtariAge StoreEthan C. Nobles100%
SeawolfAtariAge StoreEthan C. Nobles100%
Star FireAtariAge StoreEthan C. Nobles100%
Strat-O-Gems DeluxeAtariAge StoreGlenn Saunders100%
Conquest of MarsAtariAge StoreGregg Lemke100%
Okie DokieAtariAge StoreJason Haimerl100%
SCSIcideAtariAge StoreJason Haimerl100%
Lady BugAtariAge StoreJason Jenkins100%
Rainbow InvadersAtariAge StoreJason Jenkins60%
Star FireAtariAge StoreJeff Drost100%
Hunchy IIAtariAge StoreJeffrey Crouch100%
QbAtariAge StoreJim Croniger100%
BLiP FootballAtariAge StoreJohn Champeau80%
RealSports BaseballAtariAge StoreJohn Daigle80%
Crazy BalloonAtariAge StoreJohn Gaither100%
Lady BugAtariAge StoreJohn Gaither100%
This Planet SucksAtariAge StoreJohn Gaither80%
Phantom II / PirateAtariAge StoreJohn Harvey80%
BackfireAtariAge StoreJohn Mezzacappa60%
Dark MageAtariAge StoreJohn Payson60%
PescoAtariAge StoreJohn Payson60%
Star FireAtariAge StoreJohn Payson100%
Thrust+ PlatinumAtariAge StoreJohn Payson100%
A-VCS-tec ChallengeAtariAge StoreJoseph Kollar100%
Alligator PeopleAtariAge StoreJoseph Kollar100%
Hunchy IIAtariAge StoreJoseph Kollar100%
Phantom II / PirateAtariAge StoreJoseph Kollar80%
Power Off!AtariAge StoreJoseph Kollar100%
This Planet SucksAtariAge StoreJoseph Kollar100%
Fall DownAtariAge StoreJoseph Till100%
Lady BugAtariAge StoreJoseph Till100%
Fall DownAtariAge StoreJozef Wincis100%
Cat TraxAtariAge StoreKai Kohl40%
Funky FishAtariAge StoreKai Kohl20%
PleiadesAtariAge StoreKai Kohl80%
2005 Minigame MulticartAtariAge StoreMatthew Davis100%
Hunchy IIAtariAge StoreMatthew Davis100%
Skeleton+AtariAge StoreMatthew Davis100%
GunfightAtariAge StoreMatthew Johnson100%
Space InstigatorsAtariAge StoreMatthew Johnson80%
Star FireAtariAge StoreMatthew Johnson100%
Go Fish!AtariAge StoreMatthew Thomas100%

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