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Atari 2600 Reviews

Would you like to get some feedback about a particular game before you attempt to hunt it down? Are you curious what others might have said about your favorite game? We've gathered together a large number of links to reviews on other gaming sites and linked them directly to our database. You can browse these reviews by game, website, reviewer and score (click on a column header to sort by that column--click again to reverse the sort). You will also find these reviews linked to each game's profile page, along with an average score for each game.

All review scores have been converted into a 0 - 100% score. While this works well in most cases, a similar score from one site may not always correspond well with the same score on another site. We suggest reading the full review for games you're interested in, instead of relying on the scores alone. If you know of other websites with reviews for Atari games that we have not yet included, please contact us and we'll work on getting them added.

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TitleSiteReviewed byScore Profile
SeawolfMicro MartShaun Bebbington70%
Secret QuestGameFAQsJason Owens70%
Shootin' GalleryAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
Skate Boardin'The 26 HunterJess Ragan70%
Sky DiverGameFAQsJason Owens70%
Sky JinksAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
Smurfs: Rescue in Gargamel's CastleThe 26 HunterJess Ragan70%
Sneak n' PeekAtari 2600 LandfillJoel D. Park70%
Snoopy and the Red BaronAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
Snoopy and the Red BaronLe geekBen Langberg70%
SolarisRage GamesJay McGavren70%
Space InstigatorsThe Atari TimesGregory D. George70%
Space InvadersRage GamesJay McGavren70%
Space JockeyThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles70%
Squeeze BoxAtari 2600 LandfillJoel D. Park70%
Star Trek: Strategic Operations SimulatorOld School Gamer ReviewEric T. Schuetz70%
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackChad Polenz's ProfileChad Polenz70%
StarmasterAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
Swordquest: EarthworldRage GamesJay McGavren70%
ThresholdAtari Gaming HeadquartersKeita Iida70%
VanguardPlanet Atari (German)Sebastian Patting70%
VentureRage GamesJay McGavren70%
Video CheckersGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36570%
Video OlympicsRage GamesJay McGavren70%
Winter GamesLe geekBen Langberg70%
Yars' RevengeThe Atari TimesCraig Lutas70%
Dodge 'EmGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36571%
Elk (German)Azel71%
GalaxianGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36571%
Vault AssaultPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund71%
Alfred ChallengeVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
AmidarVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
BasketballVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
CentipedeThe Atari TimesRyan Genno72%
Criminal PursuitPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund72%
DragsterTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba72%
E.T. The Extra-TerrestrialTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba72%
GopherTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba72%
InfiltrateVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
JoustGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36572%
KLAXGamezone (German)RAMS-es72%
KrullVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Laser BlastPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund72%
London BlitzVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Masters of the Universe - He ManVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Mega ForceVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Name This GameTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba72%
Name This GameVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Omega RaceVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
PolarisVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Robin HoodTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba72%
Save the WhalesVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Shark AttackTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba72%
Shark AttackVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Shootin' GalleryVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
SkeletonVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Snoopy and the Red BaronVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Space AttackVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Space CavernVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Spacemaster X-7Video Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Strategy XVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Swordquest: EarthworldTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba72%
Task ForceTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba72%
Time PilotVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Towering InfernoVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
WarplockVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
W├╝stenschlachtPlanet Atari (German)Sebastian Patting72%
ZaxxonVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek72%
Adventures of TronGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36573%
AStarPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund73%
BerzerkGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36573%
CommandoPlanet Atari (German)Sebastian Patting73%
FreewayGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36573%
Phantom II / PiratePlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund73%
Planet PatrolPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund73%
Star RaidersJoseQ's Emu ViewsCrossbow73%
ThresholdPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund73%
Video PinballGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36573%
BlackjackGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36574%
Bumper BashPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund74%
Cosmic ArkPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund74%
MegamaniaPlanet Atari (German)Sebastian Patting74%
Mountain ManPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund74%
Rainbow InvadersPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund74%
Worm War IPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund74%
A-VCS-tec ChallengeVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
AmidarTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba75%
Beat 'Em & Eat 'EmThe Atari TimesBrian C. Rittmeyer75%
CentipedeGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36575%
CentipedePlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund75%
Chuck Norris SuperkicksVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Circus AtariThe Atari TimesDarryl Brundage75%
CoconutsTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba75%
CommandoVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Commando RaidVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Cosmic CommuterThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles75%
Cosmic CreepsThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles75%
Crystal CastlesTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba75%
Dark CavernVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Defender IIThe Atari TimesJess LaFleur75%

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