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Atari 2600 Reviews

Would you like to get some feedback about a particular game before you attempt to hunt it down? Are you curious what others might have said about your favorite game? We've gathered together a large number of links to reviews on other gaming sites and linked them directly to our database. You can browse these reviews by game, website, reviewer and score (click on a column header to sort by that column--click again to reverse the sort). You will also find these reviews linked to each game's profile page, along with an average score for each game.

All review scores have been converted into a 0 - 100% score. While this works well in most cases, a similar score from one site may not always correspond well with the same score on another site. We suggest reading the full review for games you're interested in, instead of relying on the scores alone. If you know of other websites with reviews for Atari games that we have not yet included, please contact us and we'll work on getting them added.

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TitleSiteReviewed byScore Profile
DolphinVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Double DunkVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
DragsterVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Dschungel BoyPlanet Atari (German)Sebastian Patting75%
Fire FighterTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba75%
FreewayThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles75%
FreewayTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba75%
GorfVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Grand PrixVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
GravitarThe Atari TimesBrendan Onfrichuk75%
JammedPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund75%
Kung Fu SuperkicksVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Laser GatesVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Lock 'N' ChaseThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles75%
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the RingThe Atari TimesDan Loosen75%
M*A*S*HVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Maze CrazeGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36575%
MegamaniaVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Missile CommandGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36575%
No Escape!Video Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Off The WallVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
OutlawVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Phantom-PanzerPlanet Atari (German)Sebastian Patting75%
Pick n PileZogging HellUnknown75%
Pick UpVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Piece o' CakeVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Plaque AttackVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
PolarisThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles75%
Rabbit TransitVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Raft RiderVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Raiders of the Lost ArkThe Atari TimesRebecca Pinkoski75%
Raiders of the Lost ArkVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
RealSports SoccerVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Revenge of the ApesVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Roc N RopeVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
SpacechaseThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles75%
Star RaidersVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Star StrikeVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
StargateThe Atari TimesJess LaFleur75%
Swordquest: EarthworldThe Atari TimesBrendan Onfrichuk75%
TapewormVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
TazTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba75%
Time WarpThe Atari TimesRob Adair75%
Towering InfernoThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles75%
VanguardThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles75%
VanguardVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
Video OlympicsVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek75%
WabbitThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles75%
WabbitTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba75%
Yars' RevengeFlying Omelette's KitchenFlying Omelette75%
ZaxxonTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba75%
AlienPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund76%
Bank HeistPlanet Atari (German)Sebastian Patting76%
EncavedPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund76%
EnduroPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund76%
Grand PrixGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36576%
PengoThe Atari TimesJess LaFleur76%
Reindeer RescuePlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund76%
Dodge 'EmThe Atari TimesEthan C. Nobles77%
InfiltrateThe Atari TimesJess LaFleur77%
Jungle HuntGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36577%
Kool Aid ManGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36577%
Super-Cowboy beim RodeoPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund77%
Air RaidersGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36578%
AlienTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba78%
Alligator PeopleVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
AsterixTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba78%
AsteroidsTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba78%
Atari Video CubeVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
BackgammonVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
BarnstormingVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
BowlingTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba78%
BreakoutVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
Canyon BomberVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
CentipedeTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba78%
CoconutsVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
Condor AttackTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba78%
Congo BongoVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
Cosmic ArkGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36578%
Crash DiveVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
Cross ForceGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36578%
Dark MageVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
Demons to DiamondsVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
DragonfireTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba78%
Earth Dies ScreamingTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba78%
Fishing DerbyTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba78%
FreewayVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
Gingerbread ManVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
Go Fish!Planet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund78%
Ice HockeyGame Freaks 365Martin @ Game Freaks 36578%
Lock 'N' ChaseVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
M.A.D.The Atari TimesDarryl Brundage78%
Marine WarsVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
Moon PatrolTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba78%
Moon PatrolVideoGames101Unknown78%
Pepsi InvadersTomorrow's HeroesTom Zjaba78%
PleiadesVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
Riddle of the SphinxVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%
SeawolfPlanet Atari (German)Michael Tausendpfund78%
Space ShuttleVideo Game CriticDavid Mrozek78%

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